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290 Spanish Cat Names: Classic Options for Your Cat (With Meanings)

Spanish Cat Names

Do you have a new kitten who needs a name? Maybe you just adopted an adult cat that needs something unique to go by? Giving your feline a Spanish name gives them a fun, spicey flare that all cats deserve.

Not only that, but a classic Spanish name makes an American cat seem cool and popular amongst their kitty pals; and isn’t that the whole point?

In the article below, we will give you all the Spanish name options we could think of, plus a few more. We will also share the meaning for each one, so you can find the perfect name for your puss.divider-cat

How to Name Your Cat

There are so many cat name options that we could write an entire book on the subject. The classic English names have been used over and over, however. This is why many cat lovers have opted for Spanish names. It gives you the opportunity to find something classic while still being unique.

To find the perfect name, you have to do a little thinking. First, check out your cat’s personality. Does anything stand out? Are they playful, shy, stand-offish, creepy? You can also take their looks into account, or someone they look like; think fictional characters, classic figures, or generic figures like a policeman or hippie.

If those things don’t add up to anything, think about your own hobbies, interests, careers, or just things you’re naturally attracted to like thunderstorms, plush grass, taffy pulls, or monster trucks. Anything you can think of to give your purring friend a unique name will work!

The 290+ Spanish Cat Names

totie cat in bed
Image Credit: Piqsels

Adorable Spanish Cat Names

Do you have a cat this is nothing but cute and cuddly? These Spanish names are perfect for the pretty (or handsome) kitty in your life that needs a name to boost their natural adorableness.

Take a look at the names and their meanings below to see if there is one that suits your pet. Whether you have a male or female, there is bound to be something here to describe your adorable feline.

  • Alegría: Joy
  • Amada: Darling
  • Amante: Lover
  • Amor: Love
  • Baya: Berry
  • Bella: Beautiful
  • Biele: Dance
  • Bigotes: Whiskers
  • Bombon: Sweetie
  • Bonita: Pretty woman
  • Buena: Good
  • Caramela: Sweet as candy
  • Chica: Girl
  • Chico: Boy
  • Chiquilla: Little girl
  • Churro: Fritter
  • Dulce: Sweet
  • Emelda: Battle
  • Esponjosa: Fluffy
  • Felicidad: Lucky
  • Feliz: Happy
  • Flor: Flower
  • Florita: Flower or blossom
  • Gaspar: Treasure
  • Gato: Cat
  • Gordo: Fat
  • Gustavo: Staff of Geats
  • Hermoso: Beautiful
  • Joven: Young
  • Leonora: Bright
  • Lindo: Lovely
  • Lita: Gladly
  • Lucita: Little light
  • Maite: Lady of the house
  • Muñeca: Doll
  • Niña: Little girl
  • Niño: Little boy
  • Oro: Gold
  • Osa: Female bear
  • Oslo: Meadow
  • Peludo: Furry
  • Pequeño: Small
  • Perla: Pearl
  • Reina: Queen
  • Ronroneo: Purr
  • Rosita: Little rose
  • Suave: Soft
  • Zelia: Ardent

Scrappy Spanish Cat Names

Black exotic shorthair cat
Image By: Akifyeva S, Shutterstock

Most cats have a little scrap in them, and if you are adopting a feline from a shelter, chances are they have a lot of scrap. If that is the case, what better (and cuter) way to name them than by choosing a Spanish name that brings out their wily nature.

Take a look at some of our favorites below.

  • Acacia: Thorny
  • Acacia: Comets
  • Alta: High or tall
  • Alwar: Guardian of all
  • Andres: Manly; brave
  • Bernardino: Brave
  • Berto: Intelligent
  • Brunilda: Ready for battle
  • Bruja: Witch
  • Caliente: Hot
  • Cazador: Hunter
  • Daunte: Enduring
  • Eriella: Lioness
  • Fernando: Bold
  • Feroz: Fierce
  • Fidel: Faithful
  • Fuerte: Strong; firm
  • Gitana: Gypsy or wanderer
  • Guerrero: Warrior
  • Helio: Sun
  • Herculano: Glory of Hera
  • Latoya: Victorious
  • Lión: Lion
  • Lobo: Timber wolf
  • Loco: Crazy
  • Lupe: Wolf
  • Mija: Sea of bitterness
  • Montaña: Mountain
  • Noche: Night
  • Reyes: King
  • Selva: Jungle
  • Silvi: From the woods
  • Sombra: Shadow
  • Suerte: Luck
  • Tequila: Alcoholic spirits
  • Tigre: Tiger
  • Tiburon: Shark
  • Valiente: Brave


Meaningful Spanish Cat Names

Cute cat in the bathtub
Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

Sometimes a cute name or a scrappy name is not enough. This is especially true if you have a special bond with your cat. In this case, a meaningful name could be the better way to go. There are various ways to go about it. You can give your kitty the Spanish name of someone important to you, or you can choose a meaningful word that has significance in your life.

Take a look at our list for some inspiration on meaningful Spanish names for your cat.

  • Aldo: Elder
  • Allegro: Music
  • Alwar: Guardian of all
  • Amata: Loved
  • Angel: Angel
  • Brisa: Breeze
  • Candela: Candle
  • Carmelita: Little garden
  • Cascada: Waterfall
  • Casimiro: Peace bringer
  • Cielito: Little sky
  • Cielo: Heaven
  • Corazón: Heart
  • Divina: Divine
  • Emelda: Battle
  • Esabella: Devoted to God
  • Estrella: Star
  • Fantasia: Fantasy
  • Faustina: Lucky woman
  • Felipa: A woman who is friendly with horses
  • Felisa: Lucky and successful
  • Fidel: Faithful
  • Frida: Peace
  • Grecia: Graceful
  • Giselle: Beautiful like the stars
  • Gustavo: Staff of Geats
  • Helio: Sun
  • Herculano: Glory of Hera
  • Hija: Daughter
  • Honoratas: Honor
  • Jacinda or Jacinta: Hyacinth flower
  • Latoya: Victorious
  • Katia: Pure
  • Lela: Black beauty
  • Leta: Gladly
  • Leya: Loyalty
  • Lluvia: Rain
  • Luza: Light
  • Madra: Mother
  • Margarita: Cluster of blossoms
  • Maria: Mother of Jesus
  • Mariposa: Like a butterfly
  • Nieve: Snow
  • Paloma: Dove
  • Paquito: Free man
  • Pia: Pious
  • Playa: Beach
  • Querida: Beloved
  • Quin: Counsel
  • Reyes: Kings
  • Rico: Rich
  • Rio: River
  • Sabella: God’s promise
  • Safira: Sapphire
  • Salsa: Dance
  • Santina: Little saint
  • Seguro: Safe
  • Selena: Moon goddess
  • Sergio: To serve
  • Tierra: Earth
  • Tipo: Kind
  • Valentino: Strength
  • Vida: Life
  • Vivo: Alive
  • Zelia: Ardent

Silly and Fun Cat Names in Spanish

Domestic Longhair Cat
Image Credit: brisch27, Pixabay

Sometimes, the best names are just fun and silly. They can be anything you like from a funny word, favorite color, favorite character, or your happy place. Regardless, have fun with the Spanish words you come up with. Some of them may even sound dull in English but take on a whole new meaning in Spanish.

Check out our list below to get you started.

  • Abrazo: Hug
  • Abril: April
  • Aconcia: Comets
  • Agosto: August
  • Alta: High or tall
  • Amarillo: Yellow
  • Anaranjado: Orange
  • Aurelia: Golden
  • Azúcar: Sugar
  • Azul: Blue
  • Bacán: Cool; awesome
  • Baja: Short woman
  • Bárbaro: Barbarian
  • Beso: Kiss
  • Biele: Dance
  • Blanca: White
  • Cantar: To sing
  • Cartero: Mailman
  • Cerveza: Beer
  • Churro: Fritter
  • Desear: To wish
  • Dia: Day
  • Diamante: Diamond
  • Diciembre: December
  • Dinero: Money
  • Domingo: Sunday
  • El hallazgo: Discovery
  • Encantar: To enchant
  • Enero: January
  • Entretenerse: Self-entertainment
  • Fatima: Captivating
  • Febrero: February
  • Fuego: Fire
  • Ivette: Yew
  • Joven: Young
  • Jueves: Thursday
  • Julio: July
  • Junio: June
  • Lora: Like the laurel
  • Lunes: Monday
  • Margarita: A delicious drink, a daisy flower
  • Martes: Tuesday
  • Marzo: March
  • Mayo: May
  • Miércoles: Wednesday
  • Morado: Purple
  • Nacho: Cheese & chips
  • Niebla: Fog
  • Noviembre: November
  • Octubre: October
  • Pequeño: Small
  • Precioso: Precious/beautiful
  • Profesora: Female teacher
  • Rica: Rich/delicious
  • Rojo: Red
  • Rosado: Pink
  • Sábado: Saturday
  • Seda: Silk
  • Segundo: Second
  • Septiembre: September
  • Sonreîr: To smile
  • Tierra: Earth
  • Toli: Farmer
  • Verde: Green
  • Viernes: Friday
  • Yago: Supplanter


Common Spanish Cat Names

Domestic Longhair Cat
Image Credit: Pictureman2014, Pixabay

Of course, there is something to be said for normal, human names. Find a name you like, one that has meaning, or one you have never heard of before. Calling your cat by a human name always has an element of silly to it, but it can also go deeper than that.

Regardless of your reasoning, here are some classic Spanish names for you to try on your feline to see how they fit.

Female Spanish Cat Names

  • Agustina
  • Ana
  • Alejandra
  • Ana Sofia
  • Antonia
  • Ariana
  • Bricia
  • Camila
  • Carmen
  • Delfina
  • Dolores
  • Elena
  • Emilia
  • Fabiana
  • Fátima
  • Florencia
  • Guadalupe
  • Isabella
  • Ivanna
  • Josefa
  • Juana
  • Juanita
  • Julieta
  • Lucía
  • Luana
  • Magdalena
  • María
  • Marí
  • Martina
  • Mía
  • Micaela
  • Natalia
  • Sofía
  • Sophie
  • Valentina

Male Spanish Cat Names

balinese cat in the garden
Image Credit: Fazlyeva Kamilla, Shutterstock
  • Ángel
  • Antonio
  • Carlito
  • Cristóbal
  • Damián
  • Eduardo
  • Felipe
  • Francisco
  • Franco
  • Hugo
  • Ivan
  • Javier
  • Joaquín
  • José
  • Juan
  • Lelías
  • Lorenzo
  • Lucas
  • Luciano
  • Mateo
  • Matías
  • Máximo
  • Maximiliano
  • Miguel
  • Pablo
  • Pedro
  • Ricardo
  • Santiago
  • Sebastián
  • Sergio
  • Valentino
  • Vicente


Final Thoughts

There are so many Spanish names that are waiting to be picked out especially for your new kitty. It is up to you to determine whether you want something sweet, cute, salty, meaningful, funny, or just plain ironically human. Regardless, you are bound to find the perfect name for your new tabby.

Just make sure it’s something you love as your cat is going to have it for the rest of its life, and there is no word (Spanish or otherwise) for the misery of clever cat payback.

Featured Image Credit: Max Simonov, Unsplash

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