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5 Spanish Horse Breeds (With Pictures)

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Spain is the epitome of everything that you want in a country: fine weather, friendly people, and good wine. Additionally, this region is home to some of the world’s most spectacular horses. Spanish horses are especially renowned for their strength and endurance, which is why they are among the most sought-after horse breeds in the world.

Are you interested in Spanish horses? Here are the top five Spanish horse breeds that you should know about.


The 5 Spanish Horse Breeds

1. The Andalusian

Andalusian horse
Image Credit: Octavia Castilla, Pixabay

The Andalusian is arguably the most famous Spanish horse in the world. Named after the Andalusian region from where they hail, this breed is a descendant of ancient horses that roamed the Iberian Peninsula. It is believed that the Andalusian came about from the breeding of native horses with those that explorers brought along with them in the 1400s.

This breed is mind-blowingly fast and agile. This is why they are a staple in European royalty stables. Measuring 15.1 hands tall and weighing between 900 and 1,100 pounds, the Andalusian packs tremendous strength and agility in a compact frame, making them a good option for disciplines like driving, dressage, and jumping.

The typical Andalusian sports a gray coat with a long, flowing mane and tail. You can also tell an Andalusian just by how they move, as they have an animated, elevated, and elegant gait.

Due to their superior physical attributes, the Andalusian is one of the most utilized breeds in the making of Thoroughbreds.

2. The Paso Fino

Paso Fino horse
Image Credit: greb, Pixabay

This breed owes their modern heritage to the numerous horse breeds that Christopher Columbus brought to the Dominican Republic, such as Andalusians, Barbs, and Spanish Jennets. The Paso Fino quickly became a favorite among landowners due to their smooth gait that allowed for comfortable long-distance travel.

Averaging a height of 14 hands and weighing up to 1,000 pounds, the Paso Fino is a compact, robust, and athletic horse that is best suited for shows and endurance riding.

3. The Peruvian

Peruvian horse
Image Credit: fioregonzalezg, Pixabay

Despite their name, this breed originated in Spain before ending up in Peru during Spanish voyages to the New World. The Peruvian is a medium-sized horse that stands between 14 and 15 hands tall while weighing up to 1,100 pounds. It is believed that Peruvians resulted from crossing various Spanish and Panamanian breeds.

The Peruvian’s ambling gait is the reason behind their popularity, as it allows for pleasant and comfortable riding. They are especially popular among riders with back pain, as they may not be able to endure rides from breeds that tend to trot.

Their pleasant temperament is another reason that people love Peruvians, as they are easy to work with.

4. The Galician

Purebred Galician Horse playing
Image Credit: TamaraLSanchez, Shutterstock

Hailing from Galicia in Northwest Spain, this breed is a descendant of Celtic horses that came with immigrants around 500 B.C. The hardy nature and surefootedness of the Galician made them tremendously popular among locals, as they were able to traverse Galicia’s rugged terrain with ease.

Standing an average of 13 hands tall and weighing a maximum of 660 pounds, this breed is on the smaller side. However, they are an excellent option for trail and pleasure riding.

5. The Colonial Spanish

Colonial Spanish horse
Image Credit: Jenn Dixon, Pixabay

The Colonial Spanish is a product of breeding farms set up in Mexico and the Caribbean. Also known as the Spanish Mustang, this breed was developed for conquistadors to use in their expeditions. But due to poor management, many Colonial Spanish horses went feral, only to be captured and tamed by Native Americans.

The Colonial Spanish is renowned for their stamina and hardiness, making them one of the best breeds for endurance riding. This horse stands between 13 and 14 hands tall and weighs up to 800 pounds.

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Wrapping Up

Spanish horse breeds are among the finest horses that you can find. But looks and athletic talent aside, a horse’s temperament is arguably their most important quality, as it influences the animal’s trainability and the bond that you form with them. Fortunately, the breeds discussed in this article are incredibly well-mannered. Check them out and let us know what you think. Do you have a new favorite breed?

Featured Image: EvitaS, Pixabay

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