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Tarantulas For Sale in the USA: 2024 Breeders List & Tips

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Pet Keen advocates for adopting before shopping. We understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder, though, so we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally investigated all of the breeders below, rather, we have gathered their details for you to get in touch and ask all the right questions before you decide. Learn more about our position and how to choose a breeder here.

Tarantulas are fascinating exotic pets that are become increasingly popular in the USA due to their beauty, interesting features, and long lifespan. There are over 850 of these nocturnal arachnids. This gives you plenty of options to choose from and there is an ideal species for every tarantula owner. From the striking blue tarantula to the large bird-eating species, all tarantulas differ in appearance and personality.

With so many different tarantulas to choose from, you want to ensure that you are aware of different reputable sources to purchase or adopt your tarantula from. This article will provide you with a complete list of some of the best places to get a high-quality tarantula from while giving you allowing you to choose from many different species that these sources have available for purchase or adoption.divider-spider

Tarantula Breeders in the USA

Getting a tarantula from an ethical breeder is the best option if you are looking for a tarantula of a specific species, size, coloration, and temperament. These tarantula breeders take pride in their collections and are willing to answer any questions you have on the type of tarantulas they have for sale.

  • Fear Not Tarantulas – This breeder has a wide variety of arboreal and terrestrial tarantulas in the form of spiderlings, juveniles, sub-adults, and adult tarantulas. It is their mission to spur interest in these creatures to positively impact the tarantula community.
  • Micro Wilderness – They have rare, new-world, and old-world tarantulas for sale with a section dedicated to female tarantulas. Their collection is large which gives you many different tarantula species to choose from.
  • Ken The Bug Guy – This breeder specializes in selling quality tarantulas, millipedes, and scorpions. This site offers auctions, sales, and imports of high-quality tarantulas with plenty of options to choose from.
  • M&T Exotics – Tom is a well-known tarantula breeder who has a large collection available for sale. Here you can find happy and healthy spiders. Tom also encourages buyers to contact him if have any questions where he can give expert knowledge on his tarantula’s husbandry and detailed info on his specific tarantulas.
  • Deen’s Tarantulas – This is a licensed and certified dealer of invertebrates with over twenty years of experience in tarantula keeping. Deen is willing to share his knowledge on the wide variety of tarantulas for sale.
  • Swifts Invertebrates – A respected dealer of tarantulas, centipedes, and scorpions. A freebie is included in your order and there are many tarantulas to choose from on the website.
  • Jamie’s Tarantulas – This tarantula breeder sells high-quality tarantulas and even includes beginner specials. Enclosures are also sold on this website so you can purchase a good habitat at the same time you buy your tarantula.
  • Strictly Reptiles – This breeder mainly sells reptiles, but they have a hefty selection of tarantulas and spiders for sale from spiderlings to sub-adults.
  • Morph Market – The website has a wide range of tarantulas for sale from thousands of breeders worldwide.
  • Simply Spider – Dustin breeds and sells captive-bred tarantulas. He focuses on selling captive species and distributing them throughout the USA.
Costa rican zebra tarantula
Image Credit: Milan Zygmut, Shutterstock

Tarantula Breeders Near Me

  • Chicago – Docile Pet Tarantulas – This tarantula breeder ships from Riverside California via FedEx. All species have been produced by the breeder. One species available for sale is the Caribena Versicolor which is a metallic blue color. The Idiothele Mira, Avicularia Peru Purple, Psalmopoeus Victori, Avicularia Braunshauseni, Hapalopus Columbia, and the Poecilotheria Regals tarantula. These are colorful tarantulas with a docile nature which makes them ideal for beginners.
  • Big Apple Herp – US – They have a large selection of new world tarantulas available such as the Cobalt blue, pink toe, and the Mexican red knee tarantula to name a few.

Tarantula Breeders That Ship

  • Tarantula Canada – This breeder ships to USA customers who have a US fish and wildlife license. They have a huge selection of healthy tarantulas, from slings to adults of many different species.
  • Toms Big Spiders – Tom has many new and old world tarantulas in his collection that he ships and sells throughout the USA. This online vendor’s main priority is to provide buyers and tarantula hobbyists with an unlimited number of tarantula species to keep the hobby going.

Tarantula Breeders Registered with U.S Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Deen’s Tarantulas – A certified invertebrate dealer that sells tarantulas and other exotic creatures. Not only do they legally distribute tarantulas throughout the United States, but they also do shows at Coweta County School to share correct knowledge on these magnificent arachnids.

How Much Does a Tarantula Cost?

The tarantula hobby itself may be fairly low cost in terms of maintenance and habitation, however, tarantulas are not cheap themselves. You can expect the average price for a beginner tarantula to be between $60 to $100. The price range for adult tarantulas can range from $150 to $300. Some rare adult tarantulas can be priced as high as $500, especially if they are female since they live longer. Slings and spiderlings under 1 year of age will be cheaper in comparison to juveniles and adults.

salmon pink tarantula_Rares_Reptilis_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Rares_Reptilis, Shutterstock

Things to Ask a Tarantula Breeder

The first most important question to ask a tarantula breeder is the age and gender of the specific tarantula. Most hobbyists have a gender preference, mainly because males and females can differ greatly in terms of lifespan, appearance, and care. Finding out the gender of the tarantula is important because you will get a general idea of how long you can expect to have the tarantula in your care. The age should be considered because an adult tarantula will have different care requirements than a sling or juvenile.

You should also speak to the breeder about the tarantulas’ current conditions. The breeder will typically have a more than ideal setup for the species in question and they should be willing to provide you with picture references and details as to how the tarantula should be kept.

Lastly, speak to the breeder about any warranties that come with the tarantulas. This can include the dead-on-arrival warranty or a warranty that allows you to swap and correct any orders that were of the breeder’s fault. A refund policy may also be issued if your tarantula arrived dead and you do not want a replacement.

pink toe tarantula crawling_Piqsels
Image By: Piqsels


The 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Tarantula

1. Species and Size

Each species of tarantula has a different care requirement. It is important to understand the individual needs of your preferred tarantula before purchasing one. Some tarantulas require more humidity and a higher temperature, while others will die in such conditions. There is also a major difference between arboreal (climbing) and territorial (land-dwelling) tarantula habitats.

If you purchase a sling, they will require a much simpler and smaller habitat in comparison to adults or juveniles.

western desert tarantula_Ryan M. Bolton_Shutterstock
Image By: Ryan M. Bolton, Shutterstock

2. Gender

Female tarantulas live longer and grow much slower than males. A healthy female can reach between 15 to 20 years of age in your care, whereas males rarely live more than 6 or 7 years. Female tarantulas are an exceptionally long commitment, and you need to be sure that you can care for a female for nearly two decades.

3. Handling

Tarantulas are more of a watch than a handle pet. Only experienced keepers should attempt to handle their tarantula. If you are looking for a cuddly and interactive pet, the tarantula is not right for you. Handling is more of a risk for the tarantula than you because if they were to be dropped or fall from even a short distance, their abdomen will rupture which results in death.

Brazilian Black Tarantula in person's hand
Image By: Willem Van Zyl, Shutterstock

4. Habitation and Maintenance

If you choose to house your tarantula in a species-appropriate home like a critter keeper or reptile breeding box, it will be pricier than If you were to use a temporary plastic tub with holes drilled in. The species will determine the type of enclosure your tarantula needs and choosing the right one is essential for their survival. That being said, slings and spiderlings will need a much smaller and cheaper form of housing while they are still growing. Some keepers may find it difficult to clean their tarantula’s habitat because they are fearful of them. Keep in mind you will also have to clean and refill the water dish multiple times a week as well as provide them with daily misting.

5. Diet

Tarantulas do not eat food that comes in pellet form, and you will have to feed them live foods such as crickets, super worms, and roaches. This means buying live feeders from a pet store and housing them in a separate container. Tarantulas only eat once or every second week, so these feeders will be in your home for quite a while.



Tarantulas can make loveable pets for older children and adults. If you can care for a tarantula properly and do extensive research on the species you plan to keep, you should have a thriving tarantula in your care for years to come. Now that you have discovered different reputable breeders and rescues in your area, you can begin the exciting journey of purchasing your tarantula.

Featured Image Credit: Jake Heckey, Pixabay

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