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Taylor Swift’s Cats: Names, Breeds, Facts, Ages & Net Worth

Scottish fold cat lies on the bed

Ever since Taylor Swift hit the music scene, she’s been known for not only her music but her warm, inviting personality. That’s not the only thing Taylor’s known for, however, as she’s also famous for her love of cats.

Her cats are a huge part of her life, and she’s even talked about them in interviews, spoken of them in her songs, and had them in her music videos. Beyond being mentioned in the lyrics of Taylor’s songs, they have become stars in their own rights, and all of them are named for stars or characters most of us know and love.

If you’ve ever wondered who Taylor Swift’s cats are, we’ll answer all of your questions in the article below.


Taylor Swift’s Cats

1. Olivia Benson

Breed Scottish Fold
Age Appx. 8 years old
Net Worth $97 million

Olivia Benson has a net worth of $97 million and is a Scottish Fold. She was born in 2014 and is approximately 8 years old; she was adopted by Taylor in June of that year. You might recognize the name of this cat, as she’s named after a Sargent and Commanding Officer in the popular TV show Law and Order.

Olivia is named after the character played by Mariska Hargitay. The cat has had a great life. She flies first-class with Taylor appears in a diet Coke commercial, and is in a music video. Olivia has met Mariska Hargitay as well. The cat also has a modeling contract and is one of the wealthiest cats in the world, with a net worth of over $97 million and counting.

2. Meredith Grey

Breed Scottish Fold
Age Appx. 11 years old
Net Worth Rumored to be $97 million, like Olivia

Meredith Grey is also a Scottish Fold and rumored to have a net worth of around the same amount as her feline pal, Olivia. Meredith is approximately 11 years old and was born in 2011. She is named after Ellen Pompanos’ character, Meredith Grey, on Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for several years, and Meredith is one of the most popular characters.

Meredith, the cat, is a bit more private than Olivia is but has starred in some of Taylor’s work, such as her “ME” video and her “1989” tour. Meredith is said to be more camera-shy and private than Taylor’s other cats as many cats tend to be.

3. Benjamin Button

Breed Ragdoll
Age Appx. 3 years old
Net Worth Not available

Benjamin Button is the newest addition to Taylor’s little cat family and is approximately 3 years old and was born in 2019. The cat is a Ragdoll breed and is named after Brad Pitt’s character, Benjamin Button, in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This cute as a button cat can be seen in Taylor’s Amazon music ad and “ME” video. What’s not to love about this little Ragdoll kitten? Nothing at all if you love cats the way Taylor does, and we do as well.


Facts About Taylor Swift’s Cats You Might Not Know

Now that you know the names, breeds, ages, and net worth of Taylor’s three cats, we’ll give you some facts you may not know.

Benjamin Button Was Adopted on the Set of “ME”

Many of Taylor Swift’s fans don’t realize that the Ragdoll kitten Benjamin Button was adopted by Taylor on the set of “ME.” She said she fell in love with the fluffy ball of fur when the handler gave him to her to hold.

She revealed that she had adopted the Ragdoll and introduced him on her Instagram Live on April 26, 2019. The cat was welcomed wholeheartedly by Taylor and the other cats.

The Cats Inspired Taylor’s First Movie Role

Taylor has a few movie credits to her name, but her first major role was in the 2019 motion picture Cats. She says that when the opportunity to take on the role in Cats came about, she took it because of her cats and how much she adores them.

The Cats Also Inspired a Character in the Movie

While Taylor couldn’t model herself after the cats she adores, her co-star in the movie Cats was able to. Rebel Wilson modeled herself off of Taylor’s cats instead, to roaring success. Taylor’s cats are fuzzy and round and look like little bears, according to her and the pictures we’ve found.

These are just a few of the top facts about Taylor Swift’s cats that her fans might want to know about. Who doesn’t love cats? Taylor certainly does, and we do too.



Taylor Swift is a music star and a huge lover of cats and everything to do with them. Her three cats, Meredith, Olivia, and the newest addition to the family, Benjamin, are spoiled, loved, and pampered beyond belief. These cats are part of Taylor’s family and are treated as such. Olivia is rich in her own right, with a net worth of over $97 million. If you love cats, you won’t be able to help but adore these little cats too.

Featured Image Credit: zossia, Shutterstock

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