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6 Fluffy Rabbit Breeds (With Pictures)

white angora rabbit

There’s something almost irresistible about a fluffy rabbit: You just want to pet them, pick them up, hold them, and brush them!

It’s this squishable quality combined with many fluffy rabbit breeds’ winning personalities that encourages many prospective rabbit owners to search out the best fluffy breed for their needs.

Today, we’re going to be covering all our favorite fluffy rabbit breeds, as recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). If you’re ready to see a selection of rabbits from just barely fluffy to outrageously fuzzy, read on!


The 6 Fluffy Rabbit Breeds

1-4 The Angora Rabbit Family

Two little angora rabbits
Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Originally hailing from Angora, Turkey (now known as Ankara), the Angora rabbit family may be the longest-running breed of fluffy rabbit still alive today. Their wool has been used in commercial production for centuries, making everything from sweaters to scarves and mittens.

Four breeds of Angora are recognized by the ARBA:

  1. English Angora: High maintenance, but extremely soft wool.
  2. French Angora: Lower maintenance and a delightfully fuzz-free face.
  3. Giant Angora: Bred for wool production, they are the fluffiest of all Angoras!
  4. Satin Angora: Cross-bred with a particularly silky rabbit, their coat is glossy and highly prized

For more in-depth information on each of these breeds, check out our article on:

5. Jersey Wooly Rabbits

fluffy Jersey Wooly rabbit
Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

In the 1970s, breeder Bonnie Seeley from High Bridge, New Jersey, set out to make a smaller breed of fluffy rabbit with a coat that required less maintenance than Angoras. In a complex, multi-generational breeding program, she used Angoras, Chinchillas, a particularly small Silver Marten, and Netherland Dwarfs to achieve her desired outcome: The Jersey Wooly!

Often weighing in at less than 3 pounds, the Jersey Wooly has a friendly disposition and plenty of energy. Made almost exclusively for the pet trade, it is an ideal companion for homes of all shapes and sizes.

Because of their varied heritage, they come in a wide array of colors, divided into 6 groups: Agouti, Pointed, Broken, Self, Shaded, and Tan Pattern. In these groups, you can find Woolies of every shade from black to ruby-eyed white.

6. Lionhead Rabbits

Lionhead rabbit sitting in the grass
Image by: Camraw26, Pixabay

Being named after the King of the Jungle may seem a funny thing for this rabbit that maxes out at just under 4 pounds at show weight… But once you get to know their personalities, you’ll see that their leonine name refers to more than just their crested mane of fluff!

It may be surprising to learn that the Lionhead was only admitted as a recognized breed by the ARBA circa 2014. They are available in a variety of colors, from chocolate to Siamese to ruby-eyed white and more.

With a mild-mannered temperament and friendly nature, Lionheads make perfectly wonderful pets. While you should be prepared to trim their manes somewhat regularly, their fur does not pose as much of a health risk to them as the fluffier Angora breeds or even Jersey Woolies – making them a much more suitable start pet in the category of fluffy rabbits.


How to Take Care of Fluffy Rabbits

Aside from the usual necessities of caring for your pet rabbit such as proper nutrition and sanitary bedding conditions, there are some special measures you must take to help keep your fluffy rabbit in peak health.

If you’re thinking of getting a fluffy rabbit as a pet, you should be prepared to groom them almost daily. While you can get away with less in the case of Lionheads, leaving Angoras or Jersey Woolies ungroomed can lead to mats and skin infections.

Consider whether you’ll be able to trim your fluffy rabbit’s fur on your own, or whether you’ll need professional help to keep them looking their best. Rabbits aren’t covered in most standard veterinary clinics or grooming parlors, meaning that you’ll need to find an exotic animal vet who will help you maintain their grooming.


Final Thoughts

Fluffy rabbits are, without a doubt, a joy to keep as pets. If you want to go the extra step of harvesting their wool and learning to weave it into fiber goods, they can easily be a great return on whatever initial investment you made. We hope that this article has introduced you to all the excellent fluffy rabbit breeds out there, and helped you to decide whether they are right for you!

Featured Image Credit: Waranya Mooldee on Unsplash

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