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Top 5 Office Pets for Happy Workplaces (With Pictures)

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Work can be a grind but having pets in the office brightens up the space and makes everyone happy. Plenty of research indicates that pets in the workplace is great for employee morale. They can reduce stress, increase productivity, encourage collaboration, and promote good health, helping companies retain employees.

Which animals are best for the office? Check out the top 5 office pets for happy workplaces.


The Top 5 Office Pets For a Happy Workplace

1. Fish

aquarium with cichlids
Image Credit: Frantisek Czanner, Shutterstock

Aquariums are excellent for stress relief and physical health. Studies show1 that aquariums can improve people’s moods and lower blood pressure and heart rates, which is excellent for fast-paced, stressful workplaces.

Best of all, you have a wide range of options for an aquarium in the workplace. Depending on space, sunlight, and budget, you can opt for a huge saltwater aquarium, and indoor pond, or a small aquarium with freshwater fish. Betta fish are among the most popular office fish, but keep in mind that they can’t be housed with other betta fish.

Fish are easy to maintain as well, since they typically require only a few feedings each week and weekly cleanings. More complex aquariums may require a little more maintenance, however.

  • Easy to take care of
  • Many aquaria options
  • Visually appealing
  • Not terribly interactive

2. Rabbits

mini lop rabbit
Image Credit: FiledIMAGE, Shutterstock

Rabbits are highly social, inquisitive, playful, and intelligent animals that many people enjoy playing with and watching. As an office pet, a rabbit is medium maintenance and can be trained to use a litter box for cleanliness.

A rabbit’s diet consists of hay and grass, and it needs access to fresh, clean water. Rabbits should be exercised each day to stay fit and healthy, however. If you plan to keep a rabbit in the office, you can designate employees to play with the rabbit each day.

  • Trainable
  • Fun and cuddy
  • Easy to feed
  • Needs daily interaction
  • Higher maintenance than fish

3. Geckos

gecko eating_Faizal Zakaria_Pixabay
Image By: Faizal Zakaria, Pixabay

Leopard geckos are cute lizards with docile personalities and minimal environmental needs. Native to arid environments, leopard geckos require low humidity and high heat, which can be supplied with a heat mat, and a small terrarium.

Feeding geckos is easy – they eat live insects like mealworms and crickets. They should also have calcium powder to support their bone health. Beyond that, geckos are easy to care for and a unique office pet.

  • Interesting
  • Easy to feed
  • Needs special climate
  • Higher maintenance than fish

4. Cats

cat in office
Image By: Studio-Lannach, Pixabay

If no one in the office is uncomfortable with cats or allergic, cats can be a great addition to the workplace. Plenty of companies keep an office cat (or many!) to roam around and spread joy among workers.

Cats are a little high maintenance compared to other pets on the list, but they’re adorable and entertaining. All they need is food, water, a litter box, and toys, so they’re not in the way or a hassle during busy workdays.

  • Entertaining
  • Independent
  • Higher care requirements
  • May not work for people with allergies

5. Dogs

dog in the office
Image By: sugarfoot67, Pixabay

Like cats, dogs are beloved companion animals that are great for the office, provided no one is allergic or afraid of them. Dogs are loyal, friendly, silly, and fun, keeping the office lighthearted and enjoyable.

Dogs are high maintenance, however. Dogs will need frequent walks, access to food and water daily, and plenty of attention. You’ll probably need to rotate who takes the dog home as well, unless you have a suitable office environment for a dog to stay in all the time.

  • Closest thing to a human mascot
  • Great companions
  • Trainable
  • Very high maintenance


What’s Your Office Mascot?

With this list of fun and unique office pets, you’re ready to brighten up your workplace with its own animal mascot. Before you choose a pet, however, be sure to check with your office mates to ensure no one has debilitating fears, allergies, or other reasonable concerns with the particular animal. Also, do your research to make sure your office and coworkers can provide the animal with its necessary space, diet, exercise, and lighting requirements.

Featured Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

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