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Top 25 Pet Blogs for Animal Lovers in 2023

top pet blogs

Even the most seasoned pet owners could use a tip now and then. That’s where we come in! To help you find the best pet advice, funny videos, and cute pictures, we’ve put together this list of the top 25 pet blogs of this year. Whether you have a goldfish, parrot, or Siamese cat, these great blogs can offer you advice, support, or just a good laugh.


1. Adopt A Pet

Adopt a Pet blog

This non-profit pet organization helps rescued pets get adopted. But if you already have a houseful of pets, you’ll still want to check it out! Adopt A Pet’s blog offers tips on training, health, safety, nutrition, and more for cats and dogs.

2. Dogalize

Dogalize pet blog

Dogalize is an informative blog with advice for cat and dog owners. Want to know how to interpret your cat’s ears? Interested in the art history of Renaissance dogs? Just looking for cute puppy pictures? You can find all that on this blog.

3. PetKeen

PetKeen pet blog

We can’t put together a list of the best pet blogs without including our blog, PetKeen! We cover all kinds of pets—cats, dogs, fish, birds, and reptiles—and offer tips on everything from building hamster cages (surprisingly easy) to whether your guinea pig can eat broccoli (yes, but in small amounts).

4. Ultra Modern Pet

Ultra Modern Pet blog

Tired of your boring dog house or aquarium? Take a look at Ultra Modern Pet, a modern pet store featuring some of the coolest (and most stylish) pet products on the market. Even if you don’t need a new cat tree or birdhouse, we think you’ll enjoy browsing this unusual blog.

5. Walkin’ Pets

Walkin' Pets blog

Walkin’ Pets is a blog run by Handicapped Pets, an organization that brings awareness to the needs of pets with disabilities. Here you can find expert advice on caring for your disabled pet, plus inspirational stories about turkeys in wheelchairs and communities that come together to support injured dogs. Whether or not you have a handicapped pet, there’s plenty of great information and inspiration to be found here!

6. Wide Open Pets

Wide Open Pets blog

Want to read about pets from the Heartland? Wide Open Pets features stories on farm, ranch, and country pets like chickens and goats, plus some more exotic animals like kangaroos and parrots. If you’ve ever lived on a farm (or wanted to), you’ll love this blog.

7. Champion of My Heart

Champion of My Heart blog

Writer Roxanne Hawn founded the Champion of My Heart blog back in 2007. She calls it a “real-time canine memoir,” and focuses on her rescue dogs, Clover Lee and Tori Autumn, plus trends in the dog world and discussions of veterinary medicine.

8. Pet Life Today

Pet Life Today blog

Pet Life Today is mostly focused on dogs and cats, though you can find articles on rabbits and other pets. They offer extensive product guides and a certified veterinarian board of advisors. Have a specific question? Try their Ask the Vet feature!

9. Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly Take Paws pet blog

Want to travel with your pet but not sure where to start? Go Pet Friendly is for you! Their Take Paws blog is all about traveling with pets. They offer lists of pet-friendly hotels and campgrounds, road trip planners, and packing guides.

10. I Can Has Cheezburger?

I Can Has Cheezburger? pet blog

I Can Has Cheezburger? is a classic source of hilarious pet memes. Look for comics, funny videos, crafting tips, and Instagram roundups of every kind of pet imaginable! Come for the jokes and stick around for the adorable hedgehogs.

11. Champion of My Heart

Champion of My Heart pet blog

Champion of My Heart, run by blogger Roxanne Hawn, calls itself a “real-time canine memoir.” Roxanne covers book and product reviews, plus informative posts on veterinary hospitals, trends in the pet world, and insights into the training process.

12. Rascal and Rocco

Rascall and Rocco pet blog

Looking for tips from fellow cat owners? Check out Rascal and Rocco! Here you can order custom pet portraits, read about how to build cat gardens, and learn all about Rascal, Rocco, and Max, the adopted pets behind this fun blog.

13. Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog pets blog

Want to take a trip with a beagle named Maggie? Of course you do! Through Wag the Dog, you can join Maggie on trips through places like France, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Look for pet travel tips and food advice.

14. The Furrtographer

The Furrtographer pet blog

The Furrtographer takes pictures of all things four-legged, including celebrity animals like Grumpy Cat and Jarvis P. Weasley. Trust us, you’ll be entertained for hours scrolling through these hilarious professional pet photos!

15. Smart Dog University

Smart Dog University blog

Smart Dog University is run by a dog lover and expert named Laurie Luck. She aims to help you bond with your new puppy so you can live together well. Expect movie reviews, service dog training tips, and coverage of dog DNA tests.

16. Keeping Exotic Pets

Keeping Exotic Pets blog

Bored of the usual cats and dogs? Here’s a pet blog that focuses on tarantulas, insects, and reptiles. On Keeping Exotic Pets, you can learn all about raising praying mantises and what you should feed poison dart frogs!

17. Irresistible Pets

Irresistible Pets pet blog

Irresistible Pets focuses on Chihuahuas, but there’s plenty here for owners of other pets. Read about how to productively work at home with your dog or throw him the perfect birthday party!

18. Simon’s Cat

Looking for a little pet-related fun? Simon’s Cat features funny animated videos of Cat’s adventures with dogs, kittens, crushes, staircases, and more. A word of warning, though: you could spend hours watching these hilarious animations!

19. Petopia

Petopia pet blog

Barn owls, puppies, tortoises…this blog has something for every pet owner! On Petopia, you can catch up on all the latest animal news, from pet Zoom calls and red hawk rescues to tortoise birthday parties.

20. Wag ‘n Woof Pets

Wag 'n Woof Pets blog

Founder Jan Keefe is a farmer with a dog and a flock of 37 chickens and guinea hens. On Wag ‘n Woof’s blog, you can read all about the adventures of these pets and the farm life.

21. Pet Bucket

Petbucket pet blog

Pet Bucket offers health, safety, and training tips for dogs and cats. Learn about behavior quirks, what you should consider before adopting a new pet, and how to help your pet through common ailments.

22. Pet Food Industry

PetfoodIndustry blog

Have questions about pet food? You’ll want to take a look at Pet Food Industry, a website that covers all things pet food. That includes discussions of pet food trends, individual company information, and all the latest health studies.

23. Pet Loves Best

Pet Loves Best blog

The Pet Loves Best blog does a great job of covering all kinds of pets. You can find reviews of everything from ferret cages to cat muzzles, plus advice on dog costumes, aquarium fish care, and plenty more.

24. The Animal Foundation

The Animal Foundation pet blog

The Animal Foundation is a non-profit spay and neuter clinic based in Las Vegas that specializes in treating all kinds of sick and injured pets. Their blog offers tips on training, pet health, safety, and more!

25. We’re All About Cats

We're All About Cats blog

As you can tell from the name, this blog is focused on cats. We’re All About Cats is a popular cat blog that offers advice on cat behavior and common ailments, the best food and toys, and whether you should consider pet insurance.


There you have it: the 25 best pet blogs of this year No matter which you choose, we know you’ll be entertained and informed about your beloved pets. These blogs cover everything you need to know: service animals, training tips, caring for disabled pets, choosing a modern birdcage, and building a hamster wheel!

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