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Top 26 Pet Blogs for Animal Lovers in 2024

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Pet blogs are an excellent way for pet and animal lovers to find useful resources. Many are led by expert veterinarians to ensure you are getting correct and appropriate information. When it comes to pets, no one wants to be (or should be) misinformed about their pets’ care and needs, and pet blogs enable pet lovers to find information fast.

In this post, we’ll list 26 pet blogs for animal lovers to help you find the information you need.


Top 26 Pet Blogs

1. Adopt A Pet

adopt a pet site

Adopt A Pet is a one-stop-shop for everything animals. Whether you need advice on nutrition, training, health, safety, and tips, Adopt A Pet has you covered. What’s more, this non-profit pet adoption web service helps dogs and cats get adopted, with access to over 15,000 rescues and shelters. While not a rescue or shelter, this blog helps people find a suitable pet for a perfect match for their family. They can even help you rehome a pet if need be.

2. Take Paws Blog

Go Pet Friendly Take Paws pet blog

Take Paws Blog is offered through Go Pet Friendly and has many blogs discussing pet-friendly places you can travel with your fur baby. They have a pet travel perks link that offers info on pet-friendly hotels, pet gear, food, and more. This blog is an excellent resource to use if you travel with your pet cross-country or even on short road trips. From national parks to cities to beaches to mountain getaways to unique attractions, this blog has you covered.

3. Pet Keen

Pet Keen blog

You may realize Pet Keen is our own website; nonetheless, we feel mentioning our own site is worthy. Here at Pet Keen, we are meticulous about providing readers with accurate and trustworthy information regarding all types of animal species, such as dogs, cats, reptiles, small animals, horses, and even fish. Our articles are fact-checked by our team of veterinarians to ensure you’re getting correct information about your beloved pet—our veterinarian team writes articles too!

4. Hepper

Hepper blog

Hepper is a blog site offering tremendous information for just about anything you may be looking for. For example, you can search for “Can cats eat spiders” or “The best cat toys in 2024.” The site is laid out well, with specific links to cats, dogs, and even food recalls. They also have articles written by their own veterinary team to provide you with useful and accurate information.

5. Excited Cats

Excited Cats blog

Excited Cats should be every cat owner’s go-to to find expert information about cats. They provide some of the best blogs out there for cat owners, and their veterinary team of writers provides valuable information to ensure your cat is healthy and safe. The site is laid out nicely to enable you to find what you need fast. The site offers blogs about cat food, breeds, cat care, cat litter, recall alerts, and more.

6. The Conscious Cat

The Conscious Cat blog

The Conscious Cat is a blog discussing cat nutrition, behavior, and health. It even has a product guide featuring the best cat condos, scratching posts, window perches, litter boxes, and more. You’ll find helpful tips and overall valuable information on this website.

7. The Dogington Post

The Dogington Post blog

The Dogington Post (cute name) has a clever website layout that mimics a newspaper, except all the articles are about dogs and not gloom and doom. You can find just about any topic on the website, including nutrition, training tips, entertainment articles, and much more. Their team of expert writers provides valuable information, and they even include various topics regarding adoption, such as uplifting success stories and other awesome material.

8. Freshpet

Freshpet blog

Freshpet is a company that makes fresh and healthy dog and cat food crafted with high-quality and fresh ingredients, but that’s not all they do. The company’s blog section offers nutritional information, grooming tips, how to mentally stimulate your pet, and much more. They also provide valuable information on how fresh pet food can improve your pet’s life and health.

9. Dogster

Dogster blog

Dogster is a bi-monthly magazine and website for dog lovers and owners. If you like to hold reading material rather than reading exclusively from a website or other device, Dogster should be your go-to for reading about dogs. They offer information on nutrition, food, training, dog breeds, and more. They even have a bookstore link on the website where you can purchase books about dogs regarding various subjects.

10. Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets blog

Handicapped pets should have the opportunity to live great lives too, and this is why we love Walkin’ Pets. This blog offers information on how to choose the correct products for your pet’s specific disability, like wheelchairs, dog halos for blind pets, and other accessories.

11. Pango Pets

Pango Pets blog

Pango Pets offers thoroughly researched news and tips about various companion animals, like dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, and much more. This free resource enables you to ask a veterinarian a particular question, as well as blogs written by veterinarians, so you know you are getting expert information. It even offers DIY blogs, the best beaches to take your pets, and many other useful blogs.

12. I Heart Dogs

I Heart Dogs blog

I Heart Dogs writes blogs about pet health, dog breeds, dog food, product reviews, news, puppies, seniors, and, well, you name it. This company’s philosophy is that every dog matters, and they have the drive to celebrate dogs and ensure they are genuinely cared for. They post excellent blogs providing a wide range of topics, such as best pet foods, home goods, dog supplies, apparel, and even jewelry. They have health blogs related to senior dog care, mobility issues, allergies, and other ailments.

13. Dog Tipper

Dog Tipper blog

Dog Tipper has blogs about year-round pet holidays, recipes for homemade dog treats, tips on traveling with your dog, dog names, and other fun information. You can even check out dog quotes for a quick laugh or smile.

14. Oh My Dog

Oh My Dog blog

Oh My Dog delivers blogs via email once or twice a week; all you have to do is sign up to receive blogs about training tips, DIY projects, how-to’s, pet-related stories, reviews, and the list goes on. By subscribing to this free service, you’ll receive free downloads and resources on a wide range of topics. Cats are occasionally included in blogs too. Any products or services they recommend come from first-hand experience, courtesy of the blog owner’s rescued pets.

15. Wide Open Pets

Wide Open Pets blog

Wide Open Pets offers blogs about broad topics regarding many different pets, such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, chickens, turtles, pigs, hamsters, gerbils, goats, rabbits, snakes, and even spiders. The blogs involve grooming, health and wellness, gear, toys, different dog and cat breeds, and more. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive blogs via email.

16. Champion of My Heart

Champion of My Heart blog

Champion of My Heart contains blogs written by Roxanne Hawn, a respected journalist that has been in the veterinary writing business for over 25 years. She launched this website in 2007, and her blogs involve up-to-date trends and veterinary medicine information. She also focuses on stories about her rescue dogs.

17. Blog Paws

Blog Paws blog

Blog Paws is an excellent resource for anyone considering entering into the pet industry. It is a pet business education company focusing on high-quality content regarding owning an online pet business. This blog site can be invaluable to those seeking this career field, and you can subscribe via email to receive blog posts.

18. Life with Dogs

Life with Dogs blog

Life with Dogs offers informative articles, videos, and photos. You can find product reviews, tips on leash and potty training, dog facts, and information about a wide array of dog breeds. You can also search within the site if you have something in particular in mind you’d like to know.

19. I Can Has Cheezeburger

I Can Has Cheezeburger blog

I Can Has Cheezeburger is a fun blog site that offers funny cat memes, cat comedy, and other funny cat pics and videos. This blog site is not intended for those seeking informative blogs; this one is just to put a smile on your face.

20. Pet Bucket

Pet Bucket

Pet Bucket is an online shop for cats and dogs, offering heartworm medications, flea and tick medications, and medication to treat intestinal worms—they also have a blog link on the website that gives grooming and dental hygiene tips, caring for seniors, and other informative pieces about the health of your pet.

21. Pet Food Industry

Pet Food Industry

We all want to feed our pets with the best pet food out there, and Pet Food Industry can come in handy to learn about pet food trends and what to watch out for. They discuss pet food innovations and stay on top of current events regarding pets.

22. blog

For cat owners, is all about cats. You’ll find nothing but cats, cats, and more cats on this site! They review cat products and provide blogs written by veterinarians, so you know you’re getting trustworthy information. You’ll learn about cat health, cat breeds, cat behavior, litter boxes, and more.

23. My Dog Likes

My Dog Likes blog

My Dog Likes posts blogs about dog ownership, product reviews, and dog-friendly places to take your dog, such as towns, parks, and events. This type of information benefits dog owners who often travel with their dogs, so this site is worth checking out, especially if you have travel plans with your canine kiddo.

24. Best Friends

Best Friends blog

Best Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating no-kill shelters and promoting the well-being of all animals. Julie Castle, the chief executor of Best Friends Animal Society, posts blogs to the site containing uplifting stories, as well as the progress they are making in preventing animals from being put down in shelters. They do remarkable work, and it’s all done by passionate people with the mission of helping animals.

25. All About Birds

All About Birds blog

All About Birds is for the bird lover. This website gives excellent information about all species of birds, from habitat to food to nesting sites to behavior and conservation. This website will tell you anything and everything you want to know about a particular bird species. Even though most birds on the site are usually not pets, birds are still admired by many all over the world.

26. Here Bird

Here Bird blog

Since our last entry was geared toward wild birds, we thought we’d list a website with pet bird blogs and information. Here Bird is an excellent site for learning and reading about parrots, macaws, cockatoos, dusky conures, and other birds commonly kept as pets. You can read reviews of bird cages, nutrition, training tips, and other valuable info you need to know to provide the best care for your pet bird.



Pet and animal blogs can be extremely useful resources regarding your pets’ health and safety. While some are strictly informational, a few offer funny stories and memes to start your day off with a smile. Whether you need to know if your dog can eat watermelon or if your cat can overdose on catnip, you can use the Internet to find valuable information; just ensure the site is legit and offers veterinary advice on health issues, like many blogs mentioned above.

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