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Tractive Cat GPS Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Tractive Cat GPS - Featured Image

Our Final Verdict

We give Tractive Cat GPS a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Function: 5/5
Design: 4/5
Value: 4.5/5

A lost cat can be extremely challenging and nearly impossible to find. If you allow your cat any outdoor time without supervision, you might wonder about the safety and whereabouts of your feline friend. But what if there was a way that you could always track your outdoor adventurer?

That’s exactly what Tractive Cat GPS aims to do. This product allows you to have peace of mind knowing where your cat is, and if they’re safe. But is this subscription service right for you? We checked out this cat GPS and know all the details. This is what we found.


What Is the Tractive Cat GPS? How Does It Work?

The Tractive Cat GPS is a small, sleek device that fastens onto your cat’s collar, traveling with them on the go. This GPS is an ideal solution to keep track of where your feline is always with comprehensive 365 history coverage—plus lots of extra perks if you choose to take advantage.

You can get live updates anytime, anywhere on the globe. It works no matter what—while it is charged, of course. It comes with an attachment to securely place it onto their existing collar for total protection.

Browse plan perks, choose the one that works, order your cat’s GPS, and protect your cat every time they exit the home.

black tractive gps cat tracker

Tractive Cat GPS – A Quick Look

  • 365 history coverage
  • 7-day charge
  • Snag-free curved design for protection
  • Two silicone collar attachments included
  • Comprehensive plan options
  • Works in 175 countries
  • Might not work with all budgets
  • Could stand to be slightly smaller


Tractive Cat GPS Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we absolutely think that the Tractive Cat GPS is worth every single penny. The pricing is a small fee to keep your cat as safe as possible and to know where they are at all times. The limitless range itself is well worth the money. We were delighted with our purchase.

We want to clarify that you have to buy the GPS as an individual item plus pay for the subscription that you choose. So, be expecting that extra cost.

You can also choose to add a collar with the tracker, which cuts out you having to make an additional purchase if your cat doesn’t have one yet, which doesn’t tack on too much extra with your subscription bill.


What to Expect from Tractive Cat GPS

When your cat leaves the house wearing the Tractive Cat GPS, you can expect complete peace of mind. You can be ready for their new adventure, smartphone in hand, with the app pulled up. You can check out where your cat is at all times with no issues.

The Tractive Cat GPS is shipped in a simple package and arrived quickly. The box is small enough to fit large enough to fit the GPS, instruction manuals, and silicone sheaths for the device. We personally got a GPS without the collar because our cats already had their own.

The contents of the box are very straightforward without any confusing parts. There is a set of instructions in several languages for anyone to use. You can read about how to set up the tracker on the website, taking advantage of the plan you choose.

Once you have it all set up per the instructions in your manual, you can get your cat online using the code on the device. You can check in using the app anytime to see where your cat is off to. If you got the upgraded plan, you could also view much more information relating to your cat’s behavior.

The device has a seven-day charge, perfect for felines that spend a day or two away from home at a time. It is weatherproof, making it back home totally functional and in one piece—and so will your cat.

Tractive Cat GPS Contents

  • GPS Operational Manual
  • Silicone sleeves
  • GPS tracker
  • Cat collar (optional)

tractive gps cat tracker and manuals


An In-Depth Look at Tractive Cat GPS

This comprehensive little tracker does everything you’d hope it will. It has amazing battery life, extensive location history, and live mode updates. Let’s dig into the details!

Physical Properties

Let’s go over the design composition to know what to expect.


You won’t have to worry about losing track of your cat due to water damage in the rain, sleet, snow, or water sources.

The entire design is waterproof, staving off the outdoor elements without a problem. It has no creases or crevices that would allow water into the internal compartments of the design.

Magnetic Clasp Charging

This GPS has an innovative magnetic charging system rather than plugging into a charging port that eventually wears out. The charger automatically attaches once it gets close enough for a hassle-free charge.

white charger for the tractive gps cat tracker

Silicone Collar Attachments

This little box comes with two silicone collar attachments. The device fits snugly and comfortably into the silicone without sliding and slips effortlessly onto any cat collar.

Long Battery Life

Just one charge can last up to seven days of normal use. So, if your cat escapes, you have quite a while to track them down before it dies.

Unique Shape

The shape of the tracker is specifically designed for a cat’s neck. It has a slight curve, nicely cupping along the side without irritating your cat or getting in the way.

It’s also small enough not to pose much risk when out in brush and briar. Though, we do recommend always using breakaway-style collars for outdoor cats.

GPS Function

When it comes to overall function, here’s what we found.

Unfathomable Reach

This GPS works wherever your cat is in the whole world—permitting the battery is on. It works in over 175 countries worldwide!

Smartphone and Online View

You can use the app that comes with the Tractive Cat GPS, or you can view your cat’s location online. It shows you live updates that only have a two to three-second delay.

Certain features are only available to premium customers.

Larger Than Expected

The sleek, curved design fits the cat’s neck smoothly. It’s slightly bulky, and our cats took a minute to get used to the extra weight. However, we personally felt the device would be better if it were a bit smaller.

back view of the tractive gps cat tracker


Tractive has monthly, yearly, two-year, and five-year plans to choose from in basic and premium plan options. Here are the features of each.



GPS Tracking



Unlimited LIVE



Public & Family Sharing



Worldwide Coverage



365-day Location History



GPS Data Export



PREMIUM Customer Service



Customer Service Response Team

We were extremely impressed with the effort of the customer service team attractive. They were extremely supportive throughout the entire setup process, quickly there to answer any questions about the product.

It seems that the company really cares about the effectiveness of its product. We are confident that the team stands behind what they’re putting out, knowing that you’re getting an honest and accurate GPS made by animal lovers just like you.



How far can the GPS reach?

The Tractive GPS can reach anywhere globally, as they have satellite updates in real-time. It is available for use in 175 countries worldwide.

What happens if the GPS dies?

If the GPS device dies, it will show the last known location.

How long does the GPS device last on average?

The Tractive Cat GPS lasts an average of seven days on a single charge. As the product ages, you can expect typically battery function to decrease.

What the Users Say

When it comes to getting an honest opinion about a product, we go straight to the user. We tracked down opinions of those who have purchased the Tractive GPS for their cats. The consensus is that this product provides complete relief for owners with outdoor kitties—part-time or full-time.

Overall, we liked the design, the fit, and the overall functionality of the product. Looking around, it seems that people agree the product is easy to wear and ultra-reliable. It really is a great resource. However, in the future, a smaller device might be better.




If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, getting the Tractive Cat GPS is a terrific way to have some peace of mind about where they’re wandering off to. The unlimited range alone gives you full power to find your kitty. And the long battery life ensures that the device won’t go dead when they’re out on the run.

Overall, we give the Tractive Cat GPS a big paws-up! If you use the product as intended and charge when needed, it will work like a charm. But forgetting to charge this device could cause it to die while your cat is out, defeating the purpose.

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