15 Types of Betta Fish: An Overview in 2021 (with Pictures)

Last Updated: February 24, 2021

Few fish have captured the interest of so many people from around the globe than the Betta, or more correctly, the Siamese Fighting Fish. Its aggressive behavior with its flaring gills is striking enough on its own. However, selective breeding has taken this aquatic denizen into new realms of colors, types, and patterns that are just as dazzling.


1. Veiltail

Veiltail Betta Fish
Image Credit: Julia Vashurina, Shutterstock

If you’ve ever owned a Betta, it was probably a Veiltail. The distinctive feature of this fish is its long flowing tail fin. It’s even more attractive if it is a lovely color, such as Super Red or Super Blue. This tail allows the Betta to swim seemingly effortless in your tank.

2. Delta Tail

Delta Tail
Image Credit: Khairil Azhar Junos, Shutterstock

The Delta Tail resembles a folding fan, with its narrowest point at the tail and flowing around the back of the fish nearly 180 degrees. It is not as long or flowing at the Veil Tail. Nevertheless, it is still a gorgeous variation on this theme.

3. Super Delta

Super Delta
Image Credit: Saurabh797, Shutterstock

The Super Delta takes the previous type and adds more fin that makes it look as if it’s going to fold itself around the fish. The dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins also extend further out from the body of the Betta to earn the name super.

4. Comb Tail

Comb Tail Betta Fish
Image Credit: Shutterman70, Shutterstock

The Comb Tail is an unusual variation on the Veil Tail. It has larger fins, too. However, there are also extended rays on all the fins that look like, well, a comb, and hence, the name. You might even think that something is wrong with the fish because of its appearance.

5. Crowntail

Crowntail Betta Fish
Image Credit: arif saifuloh, Shutterstock

The Crowntail is quite similar to the previous type. However, the length of the rays is noticeably less but still evident on the fish. All the fins have these extensions, too. The overall look resembles the points on a crown. When compared to the Comb Tail, it looks neater as if the rays were trimmed.

6. Spade Tail

Spade Tail Betta Fish
Image Credit: Sean McVey, Shutterstock

There’s no mistaking the Spade Tail when you first see one. The tail or caudal fin looks just like a spade from a deck of cards. The pelvic and anal fins extend downward like a veil. The dorsal fin is pointed and sweeps back toward the tail of the fish.

7. Double Tail

Double Tail Betta Fish
Image Credit: Buddy BIGPhotographer, Shutterstock

Sometimes called the Full Moon, the Double Tail Betta has two tail fins that are longer than the one of the Veil Tail. Both the anal and dorsal fins extend back toward the tail, giving it a fully rounded appearance.

8. Rose Tail

Rose Tail Betta Fish
Image Credit: happymay, Shutterstock

It’s almost hard to tell where the body of the fish ends and the tail and fins begin with the Rose Tail Betta. They form a half-circle toward the back with extended rays that add elegance to the appearance of this fish. It’s most compelling when it is bi-colored.

9. Dumbo

Dumbo Betta Fish
Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock

The Dumbo or Elephant Ear Betta almost doesn’t even look like this species of fish. Its tail fin is relatively small when compared to the previous variations. Instead, it has larger pectoral fins near the head of the fish that give it its unique, albeit fitting, name. Often these appendages are paler in color, which completes the look.

10. Dragon Scale

Dragon Scale Betta Fish
Image Credit: GolF2532, Shutterstock

The Dragon Scale Betta is worthy of its name. The dorsal, anal, and tail fins are all elongated and form a half-circle around the back of the fish. This variation often is black with metallic coloration. Together, these features give it a formidable look.

11. Half Moon

Half Moon Betta Fish
Image Credit: at.rma, Shutterstock

The Half Moon Betta is another unusual type with a distinctive appearance that is quite eye-catching. As the name implies, the tail fin is a definite half-moon shape of 180 degrees. The anal fin extends downward, looking like a skirt with visible rays. The dorsal is also elongated and sweeps back toward the back of the fish.

12. Plakat

Plakat Betta Fish
Image Credit: surachet khamsuk, Shutterstock

The name, Plakat, is a nod toward the Betta’s native Thailand with the moniker the people use there for the Siamese Fighting Fish. This one differs from the others we’ve discussed because of its short fins. They have a rounded appearance that makes them look like one continuous appendage. It won’t be difficult to mistake it for a Goldfish, especially if it is Koi or Orange colored.

13. Over Half Moon

Over Half Moon Betta Fish
Image Credit: 3623, Shutterstock

If you thought the other types had long fins, wait till you see the Over Half Moon Betta. The tail fin extends along the back and belly of the fish in a pattern that is more than 180 degrees. The dorsal and anal fins are also longer but not as large as the sweeping tail.

14. Black Orchid

Black Orchid Betta Fish
Image Credit: Bitberyl, Shutterstock

The name Black Orchid describes both the color and appearance of the fins. They also extend around the back of the fish, with a neat appearance. As the name implies, the fish is dark with lighter white rays extending from the tail. It looks just like a flower in bloom.

15. Thai Flag

Thai Flag Betta Fish
Image Credit: Ekachai Sathittaweechai, Shutterstock

We saved the best one for the last. Thai Flag describes both a palette and pattern of colors, depicting red, white, and blue. Each one appears in bands in all the fins. Small rays extend from them, which complements the markings. The selective breeding of this specific fish is fitting, given that the Siamese Fighting Fish is Thailand’s national aquatic animal.


Final Thoughts About Betta Fish

If you thought Bettas were boring, think again! As you’ve seen, there are gorgeous variations of this familiar aquarium fish that are sure to turn heads. The range of colors and patterns has also grown to include lavender, copper, and marble. In all its glory, the Siamese Fighting Fish is worthy of a tank with just one fish to showcase its beauty.

Featured Image: Hadrani Hasan, Shutterstock