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21 Black Cat Breeds with Beautiful Black Coats (with Pictures)

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In the past, black cats were sometimes thought of as a symbol of bad luck, but there’s nothing better than having a beautiful black kitty in your life. Indeed, British sailors used to believe that a black cat on their ship brought good luck. In Scotland, when a black cat walks across your path, it’s believed to bring prosperity.

If you know you’d love to welcome a black cat into your home but are unsure what breed to look at, we’ve rounded up 21 different types of stunning black cat breeds to tempt you!

Many of these breeds can be seen in other coat colors, but cats with a black coat are both eye-catching and possibly also healthier than other colors.

With a black cat in the family, you also have the perfect opportunity to celebrate both the ASPCA Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17 and National Black Cat Day on October 27.


The 21 Most Popular Black Cat Breeds:

1. Bombay Cat

bombay cat_Viktor Sergeevich_Shutterstock
Image By: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

Beautiful Bombay Cats are almost always black! There’s occasionally a sable-colored kitten in a litter, but these are rare. The Bombay is relaxed yet energetic, and they love spending time with their families, including other pets. They can be talkative and enjoy learning tricks.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat
Image Credit: Elisa Putti, Shutterstock

The large Norwegian Forest Cat can grow up to 12 pounds, yet they’re a sweet and gentle breed despite their large size. They love finding a high spot to watch the world go by. They’re a reasonably independent breed, so they won’t always be looking for attention.

3. Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon cat
Image Credit: Veda Wildfire, Shutterstock

Maine Coons are a hardy cat breed who are friendly and gentle with their humans. Their most common coat color is tabby, but a fully black Maine Coon is a sight to behold! Their huge paws and ears are both covered with tufts of fur to help protect them from cold and snowy conditions.

4. Japanese Bobtail

black japanese bobtail
Image Credit: NANCY AYUMI KUNIHIRO, Shutterstock

These cheeky cats are one of the oldest cat breeds and are a symbol of good luck throughout their native Japan. They can be either long or short-haired, but all cats of this breed will have that cute bobbed tail. Japanese Bobtails love playing games and can be trained to fetch, sit, and more!

5. Devon Rex

Black Devon Rex
Image Credit: PxHere

These small cats have a curly coat and will wag their tails like dogs! Their pixie-shaped face makes them an adorable addition to any family. Devon Rex cats are curious and highly sociable, so you can expect this cat to follow you around the house, asking for attention.

6. Scottish Fold

Black Scottish Fold
Image Credit: AnnaGorbenko, Shutterstock

These sweet cats have distinctive folded ears that give the breed their name. All Scottish Fold cats can trace their lineage back to Susie, the first cat known to have folded ears. These playful and sociable cats love the company of humans, so they won’t enjoy being left home alone all day.

7. Sphynx

black sphynx under covers
Image Credit: forvideoost, Shutterstock

The Sphynx could be called a shadow cat for how they’ll follow their owners around. While they’re called a hairless breed, they do have a fine layer of fluff. Sphynx cats need wiping down or bathing to remove the oils that build up on their skin.

8. Chantilly-Tiffany

black chantilly tiffany cat home
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

These sociable and vocal cats love to chat away to their owners using a series of sweet chirrups and small meows. They have a medium-length coat that requires daily brushing. These playful cats prefer the company of humans rather than being left alone all day.

9. American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a clever and playful breed, so you’ll never be bored with this cat in your house! Their short tails measure between 1 and 4 inches long. The American Bobtail makes a great family cat and even enjoys walks out on a leash and harness.

10. British Shorthair

Black british shorthair kitten
Image Credit: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

These laidback cats enjoy spending time with their families, but they’re just as content to curl up for a nap while you’re all out of the house. These chunky cats are the oldest British breed and are thought to be derived from Egyptian cats imported to England.

11. Siberian

black siberian cat
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

These large cats enjoy playing plenty of games and can easily be taught tricks. They also enjoy playing in water, as well as finding a high perch to watch the action. They get along equally well with strangers and make a great choice for a household with dogs, other cats, and children.

12. American Curl

American curl black cat
Image Credit: Bobbii Art, Shutterstock

These cute cats have distinctive curled ears and are sometimes called the “Peter Pan” cat because they retain a playful and kittenish personality even as they grow older. They’re attached to their families, so they will enjoy living in a home where their humans are always present.

13. American Shorthair

Black American Shorthair
Image Credit: Tony Campbell, Shutterstock

American Shorthairs are adaptable and not worried by a busy household with plenty of comings and goings. They’re excellent hunting cats with an independent streak. They may choose to come and curl up next to you, but they’ll also be quite happy to do their own thing all day.

14. Cornish Rex

black cornish rex kitten
Image Credit: Bobbii Art, Shutterstock

The Cornish Rex combines a wavy coat and extremely large ears into a distinctive and adorable appearance. These playful cats love to be part of an active household with plenty of opportunities for games and interactions with humans.

15. Exotic Shorthair

Black exotic shorthair cat
Image Credit: Akifyeva S, Shutterstock

The chunky Exotic Shorthair is also known as the “lazy man’s Persian” thanks to their similar appearance to Persians, minus the high-maintenance coat. These cats are sensitive and enjoy living in a quieter home.

16. Oriental

Domestic cat - oriental shorthair
Image Credit: Jolanta Jd, Shutterstock

This breed is derived from the Siamese and can have either long or short-haired coats. Orientals are attached to their humans and love living in a home where they can get unlimited attention. Black-coated Orientals are known as “ebony” in color and will be advertised as such.

17. Persian

black persian cat on a cafe
Image Credit: RebaSpike, Pixabay

These fluffy black cats sure do require a great deal of grooming! They can be playful but will generally be happier curling up for a nap. While they love affection, they can be quite fussy about whom they choose to bond with. They’re best suited to a quiet family home.

18. Selkirk Rex

two black Selkirk Rex kittens
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

The Selkirk Rex has a soft and curly coat and is one of the more recent natural breeds to be discovered. A kind and patient breed, these cats love spending time with people and get along well with dogs and other cats.

19. Turkish Angora

black turkish angora
Image Credit: Ekaterina Kramarenko, Shutterstock

The beautiful Turkish Angora has a silky coat and a graceful, slender body. They’re beautiful and they know it! You can expect your Turkish Angora to enjoy being the center of attention and to be treated like the queen or king they know they are.

20. Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffins are a large breed that is full of character. They can easily be trained to learn a range of tricks, including fetch, sit, and beg. They love attention and cuddles, making them a great choice for families with younger children.

21. A Rescue Cat

black and white cat on the floor playing with a toy mouse
Image credit: MonikaDesigns, Pixabay

Last but by no means least, a black rescue cat from a shelter is a great option if none of the breeds above catch your eye. Black kitties can have a harder time getting adopted into their forever home than cats of other colors because of the stigma surrounding them.

Those are 21 stunning black cat breeds to choose from! What’s even better is that if you believe in the folklore of certain countries, you’ll be treated to plenty of good luck by having a black cat in your house!

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