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7 Popular Types of Pet Finches (With Pictures)


Finches are beautiful birds that display vibrant colors of many kinds, but not all types of finches should be kept as pets. Some are too wild to enjoy the company of human companions and will simply disengage from daily interactions and become depressed. Out of hundreds of different types of finches that are in existence, only a few are suitable for captive living. Most of these striking birds are best left undisturbed in the wild. Here are 7 of the best types of finches to keep as pets this year and beyond.divider-birds

The 7 Popular Types of Pet Finches

1. The Spice Finch

Spice Finch_Karel Bartik_shutterstock
Image by: Karel Bartik, Shutterstock

The majority of the Spice Finch is brown while displaying a scaly pattern on their chest. These are larger than most other domesticated finches, getting up to 5 inches tall and weighing in at up to 10 grams – which is quite hefty for a finch. These birds are sociable and can get along well with other bird species given that they have their own personal space to spend time in.

Spice Finches, also referred to as Nutmeg and Mascot Finches, are not easy to breed and do not talk or sing much, if at all. Still, they are a popular pet finch option among households throughout the world today.

2. The Zebra Finch

zebra finch-pixabay
Image by: monikabaechle, Pixabay

Zebra Finches are arguably the most popular finch pets in existence. They are hardy, resilient, and interactive, which are traits loved by kids and adults alike. They can grow up to 4 inches tall and weigh in at about 19 grams when fully matured. They feature a striped black-and-white pattern on their tails and/or heads but display a white chest and patches of color on the cheeks that resemble chestnuts.

These birds are social but territorial and may find it tough to get along with other birds unless they grow up with them.

3. The Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finch-pixabay
Image by: vinsky2002, Pixabay

As the name suggests, this type of finch features bright red feathers. The feathers may have black markings, and almost always have white specks that resemble the specks on a growing strawberry. These finches are more of the shy type, taking time to acquaint themselves with their surroundings before reaching out for some human-to-bird interaction. They can be 3.5 inches tall and about 7 grams in weight when fully grown. It is hard to tell the males from the females, however, which makes them tougher than others to breed in a commercial setting.

4. The Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch-pixabay
Image by: Arkin54, Pixabay

With vibrant yellow undersides and intense purple chests, the Gouldian Finch is one of the most colorful finch species in existence. Their faces are typically bright red or orange, and their wings can be anything from dark green to intense blue. Their amazing coloration makes them super popular among finch lovers in the world. These are sociable, passive birds that do not tend to show dominance when around other birds. They can grow to be about 17 grams in weight and 4 inches tall once adults.

5. The Owl Finch

owl finch bird_Four Oaks_shutterstock
Image: Four Oaks, Shutterstock

These little birds have markings that resemble the owl, hence their name. They have dark bodies, lighter heads, and sometimes some markings on the face and tail. Their wings tend to be darker than the rest of the body and their faces are usually completely white, aside from a dark black ring that separates their face from their head. Their beaks are blue-grey in color, and they feature black bands across their chests. They can weigh up to 17 grams and grow up to 4 inches tall as adults. They are a rare species, so they tend to be more expensive than many of the other options on our list.

6. The Society Finch

Society Finches-pixabayy
Image by: timokefoto, Pixabay

These finches live up to their names and tend to socialize with any person or other bird that is within their vicinity. They love to breed, which makes them readily available for pet lovers around the world. They also love to sing and talk, which makes them annoying to some households that prefer peace and quiet.

The Society Finch tends to learn its songs from its parents and so passes their songs down to their offspring, making for a unique family-themed song that is unique from other lineages within their species.

7. The Star Finch

male star finch_Susan Flashman_shutterstock
Image by: Susan Flashman, Shutterstock

The Star Finch is famous for its olive or green/yellow coloring. They feature white splotches on their necks and chests, and they have vibrant red faces that are unforgettable. These birds sing beautifully, but they are quiet compared to other finches so you may have to listen with an intense ear while the family is active inside the house. They are not aggressive or territorial, making them perfect companions for other birds of almost any type.

divider-multiprintFinal Thoughts

Finches are remarkably smart, curious, affectionate, and independent. As is displayed here, there are many different types of finches to consider adopting as pets. The question is, which type of finch do you think would do the best in your household? Feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas, recommendations, and feedback in our comments section down below.

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Featured Image Credit: TheOtherKev, Pixabay

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