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Unifury Wooden Ornament Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & Our Verdict

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Our Final Verdict

We give the Unifury Wooden Ornament a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Artistry: 5/5
Materials: 4.8/5
Value: 4.7/5

The holidays are such a special time of year for the whole family – including our pets! With our four-legged best friends being the light of our lives, it is only natural for them to be well-represented during the season. As such, custom gifts (whether to ourselves, our family, or our friends) are a real treat, and even better with their sweet faces on them. Unifury is a custom gift company that is happy to put your pup or kitty’s face on a slew of beautiful product designs!


About Unifury

Unifury Wooden Ornament - product with string

Unifury is made up of a team of designers, with each design hand-drawn and custom-created for your enjoyment. Offering hundreds of adorable options, Unifury helps make gift-giving a breeze with something specially made. Knowing that pets are an essential part of the equation, Unifury has a ton of options to include your pup or kitty – or both for multi-pet households!

The Unifury Wooden Ornament, in particular, is an adorable and unique custom offering from the company. Made of plywood, you just submit your pet’s face and Unifury will turn that sweet smile into a cute cartoon drawing. The package also includes three different strings, ensuring this ornament sits beautifully on any Christmas tree.


Priced at $27.95 for the ornament and the box, it almost feels like a steal for such a custom piece! The price is very apt for what you receive, if anything, it might even be on the low side compared to other ornaments. Choosing between having one pet drawn on the ornament or two does not change the price, another nice touch.


The illustration is hand-drawn digitally by an artist working with Unifury. This makes each piece completely custom to your pet.

Ornament Materials

Made of plywood, the ornament is a nice wood that doesn’t have a scent, is durable, and a very nice neutral color.


Shipping is free if ordering over $80 worth of product, otherwise, the shipping fee starts from $7.65, depending on the state and shipping method you choose. It takes about three days to make the ornament, so most come within a week.

In Summary

  • Absolutely gorgeous artistry, great likeness of my pet
  • The wood material is thick and sturdy
  • The sealing to protect the art is strong
  • Lightweight ornament that is great for hanging
  • Different hanger options included
  • Beautiful presentation when opening the package
  • The ornament box was cardboard, so box longevity may be an issue
  • The ornament strings were wrapped too tightly to easily undo


Key Features

Unifury Wooden Ornament - female hand holding the product


The quality of the ornament itself is top-notch, a piece that will definitely last for a very long time. The wood itself is nicely sealed to prevent the illustration from eroding over time. The thickness of the ornament is also a testament to its good quality.

Build Material

Made of plywood, the material feels very nice. The strings that come in the package are gold metallic, red ribbon, jute twine, and metal beads.

Representation of your Pet

This is truly where Unifury shines – the drawing of my dog was absolutely perfect. The artist even captured little details of her, such as her feathered ears! The glint in the eyes are a very beautiful touch.

Custom Box

The box itself was a lovely design for a gift, but may not be something that can store the ornament long-term as it is made of cardboard.


Is the Unifury Wooden Ornament a Good Value?

As a whole, I absolutely found the Unifury Wooden Ornament to be a great value. It’s hard to put a price on a custom piece of your pet, and the artistry involved is absolutely tremendous. That alone is well worth the price! The added value is also the high quality of the ornament itself, made of a good wood and designed immaculately.

Unifury Wooden Ornament - product on the table



How Long Does It Take To Make and Ship My Ornament?

Unifury is quite fast, but it does still take 3 – 5 business days to make the ornament and about 4 – 8 business days to ship it. You can track your order on the Unifury website.

Can You Have Multiple Pets in One Design?

Yes! The wooden ornament lets you have up to two pets, but most of the other product designs allow you to have up to 5.

Refund Policy?

You can cancel your order within 2 hours of placing the order and not be charged. If the product came damaged, or defective, or you accidentally got someone else’s pet (oops!), you should contact Unifury within 20 days of receiving your order. The funds will be returned to the payment method that the payer initially used to make the purchase.

Unifury Wooden Ornament - thank you note in the box


Our Experience With the Unifury Wooden Ornament

Even though it isn’t quite the holidays yet, it sure felt like it when this beautiful ornament came home to me!

Upon placing the order, Unifury sent a prompt email notifying me that the company is working on my wooden masterpiece and that I’ll have it soon. Within a week, I had a lovely package waiting on my doorstep!

The Unifury package was very small and discreet, yet quite neatly done. Once the shipping cardboard was off, I was left with a small little box. Upon opening, I was met with colorful red present shreddings and some sweet notes from the company themself! This little decorative touch really made an impression, as presentation is just as important as the product itself.

The ornament was laid face down, so the surprise was even more gratifying. When turning it over, I let out quite an audible gasp. The artist that had drawn my pup captured her likeness perfectly! Even the glint in Lorelei’s eye was wonderfully represented in this wooden ornament. The lines are so clean in the drawing as well. Honestly, my favorite representation of my beloved pup!

I was really surprised at how light yet durable the ornament itself felt. I admit, I have never had a wooden ornament before – so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect here. However, the wood felt really satisfying in my hands (if that makes sense), predominantly because it had a smoother finish to it. This makes a lot of sense as the painting itself needed to be sealed into the wood.

The package also included various hangers, from metal beads to a variety of strings! My only (minor) complaint is that the strings were bound so tightly to one another that it was extremely difficult to separate them. I believe it was twine that was used to tight them all together! This didn’t impact my enjoyment of the beautiful ornament, just something to note.

One other little comment is that the ornament box is made of cardboard, which although beautifully done, I don’t think will survive terribly long if kept the way most people keep their holiday ornaments – in a garage or on a shelf. This wasn’t a big deal for me because I’m not actually displaying the ornament on a tree, it’s hanging as a decoration above my dog’s kennel.

All in all, I think the wooden ornament from Unifury was absolutely wonderful, and we’ve already received so many compliments on it from friends and family! The artists that draw for Unifury are truly so talented!

Unifury Wooden Ornament on Cage



In conclusion, the Unifury Wooden Ornament makes for a lovely addition in my home, and I absolutely cannot stop staring at the gorgeous artwork. It is quite difficult to truly capture the likeness of one’s pet but the artist who drew Lorelei did an absolutely fantastic job. I will definitely be using Unifury to order gifts for my friends as well, everyone deserves to have their pet memorialized in such a beautiful way!

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