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150+ Unique Female Dog Names with Meanings

Unique Female Dog Names with Meanings

When you adopt a dog, you’re responsible for a lot of things, like food, exercise, veterinary care, and housing. But one of your more fun responsibilities is choosing a great name for your furry friend. You can always go for classic dog girl names like Ginger, Daisy, or Alice, but why not choose a powerful name with a fascinating meaning?

To help you find the perfect name for your new dog, we’ve gathered the best puppy girl names with meanings. We’re drawing from world languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, plus ancient goddesses, warrior princesses, and more. Whether your furball is unique, strong, or cool, you’ll find an amazing name on this list — with a meaning that you’ll love! Let’s get started:


Unique Female Dog Names With Meanings

female french bulldog playing ball_
Image Credit: Piqsels

When it comes to great dog girl names, you can’t go wrong with something unique. You won’t regret choosing a name as unusual and special as your female dog! Why not try one of the Hawaiian, Arabic, or Norwegian puppy girl names on this list?

  • Ayesha: Alive (Arabic)
  • Malia: Beloved (Hawaiian)
  • Reveka: Captivating (Hebrew)
  • Abigail: Father’s joy (Hebrew)
  • Wangchuk: In power (Tibetan)
  • Perdita: Lost one, mother dog in 101 Dalmatians (Latin)
  • Aloha: Hello and goodbye (Hawaiian)
  • Keava: Gentle, kind (Scottish)
  • Samantha: Listener (Hebrew)
  • Claire: Brilliant, clear (Latin)
  • Vivian: Lively (Latin)
  • Edan: Fiery (Irish)
  • Constantia: Steadfast, constant (Latin)
  • Grace: Generous (Latin)
  • Leilani: Royal child (Hawaiian)
  • Eleanor: Shining one (Greek)
  • Maeve: Intoxicating, alluring (Irish)
  • Alexandra: Helper (Greek)
  • Cinderella: From the ashes, classic fairytale character (English)
  • Zahra: Flower (Arabic)
  • Della: Noble (German)
  • Ruth: Friend (Hebrew)
  • Anne: Favored by God (Hebrew)
  • Manu: Bird (Hawaiian)
  • Kaitlyn: Pure (Greek)
  • Oriane: Sunrise (French)
  • Sigrid: Beautiful victory (Norwegian)
  • Stella: Star (Greek)
  • Hannah: Favored one (Hebrew)
  • Avery: Wise (French)
  • Eilidh: Radiant (Scottish)
  • Kalila: Beloved (Arabic)
  • Sophia: Wisdom (Greek)
  • Faye: Faith, loyalty (French)
  • Celestia: Heavenly (Latin)
  • Jocelyn: Joyful (Latin)
  • Arabella: Elegant (Latin)
  • Electra: Shining (Greek)
  • Farrah: Happy (Arabic)
  • Circe: Bird (Greek)
  • Cora: Girl, daughter, related to Persephone (Greek)
  • Layla: Dark beauty (Egyptian)
  • Naila: Successful (Arabic)
  • Mila: Hardworking (Russian)
  • Catira: Blonde (Caribbean)
  • Adina: Delicate (Hebrew)
  • Dorit: Gift from God (Danish)
  • Alice: Kind (English)
  • Shayna: Beautiful, God is good (Yiddish)
  • Aisling: Dream (Irish)
  • Aiofe: Beauty (Irish)
  • Benoîte: Blessed (French)
  • Amelia: Industrious (German)
  • Cordula: Heart (German)
  • Cassia: Cinnamon (Latin)
  • Mackenzie: Child of the wise leader, born of fire (Gaelic)
  • Darlene: Darling (English)
  • Nevaeh: Heaven spelled backward (English)
  • Ella: Fairy maiden (English)
  • Esme: Beloved, esteemed (French)
  • Luna: Moon (Latin)
  • Althea: With healing power (Greek)
  • Faye: Fairy (English)
  • Jocosa: Merry (English)
  • Cynthia: Moon goddess (Greek)
  • Isi: Deer (Choctaw)
  • Evangeline: Bearer of good news (Greek)
  • Ophelia: Help (Greek)
  • Ingrid: Beautiful (Scandinavian)
  • Kerensa: Love (Cornish)
  • Elvire: True (French)
  • Delilah: Delight or flirt (Hebrew)
  • Astrid: Divinely beautiful (Scandinavian)
  • Callie: Most beautiful (Greek)
  • Ilda: Friend (Innuit)
  • Eira: Snow (Welsh)
  • Evadne: Pleasing (Greek)
  • Nanea: Fascinating, intriguing (Hawaiian)
  • Arcadia: Peace, heaven (Greek)
  • Ilona: Joy (Finnish)
  • Fleurette: Flower (Dutch)
  • Perrine: Stone (French)
  • Freyde: Joy (Yiddish)
  • Eva: Life (Hebrew)
  • Gwendolen: White ring (Welsh)


Strong Female Dog Names With Meanings

Image Credit: Ricantimages, Shutterstock

If your puppy has the heart of a lion, you’ll want a strong name for her! Here are 45 great names for tough female dogs. Whether you opt for a Hawaiian, Chinese, or Gaelic name, your little warrior will love living up to her name.

  • Baldey: Strong, bold (Icelandic)
  • Balwinder: Mighty, related to Indra, the Hindu god of thunderbolts (Indian)
  • Mia: Mine (Latin)
  • Bellatrix: Female warrior (Latin)
  • Kaimana: Powerful ocean (Hawaiian)
  • Valencia: Vigor (Latin)
  • Nora: Shining light (Greek)
  • Araminta: Defender (English)
  • Charlotte: Warrior (French)
  • Hilda: Battle (German)
  • Chike: God’s power (Nigerian)
  • Bellisent: King Arthur’s half-sister, proper and strong (English)
  • Isabelle: Devoted (Hebrew)
  • Reina: Queen (Spanish)
  • Harlow: Army (German)
  • Hera: Hero (Greek)
  • Brígh: Powerful, bright (Irish)
  • Meja: Strength (Swedish)
  • Audree: Strength, nobility (French)
  • Erica: Always mighty (Swedish)
  • Reagan: Little ruler (Irish)
  • Souzan: Passionate (Persian)
  • Anala: Fire (Hindu)
  • Carla: Warrior (German)
  • Etana: Strong (Swahili)
  • Millie: Free, determined (Latin)
  • Apollonia: Related to Apollo, god of the sun (Greek)
  • Gabriella: Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  • Seraphina: Fiery, ardent (Hebrew)
  • Kalama: Flaming torch (Hawaiian)
  • Alessia: Defending warrior (Italian)
  • Sarah: Princess (Hebrew)
  • Tanwen: Holy fire (Welsh)
  • Fallon: Leader (Irish)
  • Calynn: Powerful in war (Gaelic)
  • Arianna: Holy (Greek)
  • Muirgen: Born of the ocean (Irish)
  • Fiamma: Flame (Italian)
  • Yi: Resolute (Chinese)
  • Amara: Strong, beautiful (Latin)
  • Titania: Great one (Greek)
  • Geesi: Brave (Somali)
  • Rathnait: Prosperity (Irish)
  • Ariel: Lion of God (Hebrew)
  • Aithne: Fire (Irish)

divider-dog paw

Cool Female Dog Names With Meanings

Belgian Tervuren dogs
Image Credit: SnottyBoggins, Pixabay

Is your new dog a little too cool for school? We recommend giving her one of these cool female dog names, drawn from famous goddesses and historical figures.

  • Diana: Goddess of the moon (Latin)
  • Charvi: Beautiful (Sanskrit)
  • Zoe: Life (Greek)
  • Persephone: Bringer of death, ancient goddess of the underworld (Greek)
  • Antheia: Goddess of gardens and marshes (Greek)
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love (Greek)
  • Artemis: Goddess of the hunt (Greek)
  • Cleopatra: Glory of the father, famous Egyptian queen (Egyptian)
  • Flora: Goddess of flowers (Latin)
  • Calypso: She who hides (Greek)
  • Aalish: Flame (Persian)
  • Freja: Lady, goddess of beauty and death (Norwegian)
  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom, art, and war strategy (Greek)
  • Galatea: Milk white, mythical statue come to life (Greek)
  • Calliope: Wise muse of epic poetry (Greek)
  • Fiadh: Wild, untamed (Irish)
  • Aurora: Goddess of the dawn (Latin)
  • Elham: Inspiration (Persian)
  • Phoenix: Mythical regenerating bird (Greek)
  • Potentia: Power (Latin)
  • Iris: Goddess of rainbows (Greek)
  • Daphne: Laurel tree, nymph (Greek)
  • Kartini: Act or deed, prominent women’s rights activist (Indonesian)
  • Saga: Story, journey (Swedish)
  • Ember: Burning coal (English)
  • Yennenga: Slim, ancient princess warrior (Burkina Faso)


Wrapping Up

Have you found the perfect dog girl name? We hope you enjoy choosing a unique, strong, or cool name with an interesting meaning. Name your puppy after a Greek or Roman goddess, opt for a powerful warrior name, or try on intriguing puppy girl names from around the world. Forget those popular dog names and pick a meaningful option for your favorite furball!

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