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Victor Dog Food vs Bully Max: Our 2024 Comparison – Pros, Cons, and What to Choose

Victor vs Bully Max Dog Food - Featured Image

With the number of dog food brands out there, you’re bound to stumble across two — or more — incredibly similar brands in your search for the best option. At first glance, it seems that only the packaging is different, while the ingredients, nutrition, and price are almost identical. Knowing whether the food will suit your dog means looking deeper into what makes the products different.

High-protein dog food brands like Victor Dog Food and Bully Max are aimed at most breeds and ages, so comparing them can be confusing. That’s why we examined their similarities and differences, to help you decide which option is best suited for your dog and their dietary requirements.

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A Sneak Peek at the Winner: Victor Dog Food

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula
  • 5-, 15-, 40-, or 50-pound bags to support single or multi-dog households
  • Supports the health of dogs at all life stages
  • Prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health
  • Runner-up
    Second place
    Bully Max High-Performance Premium Dog Food Bully Max High-Performance Premium Dog Food
  • Triple-check system to avoid food recalls
  • Uses real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Natural ingredients for a healthy diet
  • Both Victor Dog Food and Bully Max are known for their high protein levels and impeccable safety records. That said, we found that Victor Dog Food was the most advantageous. It offers a broader variety of recipes for dogs with a range of dietary requirements and even caters to cats, so you can do your multi-pet shopping all in one place. Victor Dog Food also stands out as the better value for money.


    About Victor Dog Food

    Striving to provide high-quality dog food, Victor uses locally sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers. It also relies on extensive testing to ensure that the products meet their standards for quality. The ingredients are tested before and after arriving at the facility, and the final product is tested too.

    As a result of this diligence, Victor has a pristine record with no recalls to date. However, the high quality of the products and the natural ingredients do make this brand one of the more expensive dog food options.

    Each recipe follows scientific research on the best nutritional needs for working dogs and is formulated to support high levels of activity. The recipes are also designed to be easy to digest and improve immune health.

    Where Is Victor Dog Food Made?

    Based in Mount Pleasant, Texas, Victor Dog Food is owned by Mid America Pet Food. Both the dog food and cat food products are made on site at the facility in Mt. Pleasant. The ingredients are sourced from local farms within a day’s drive of the facility to ensure that the products are as fresh as possible.

    What Are the Ingredients?

    Victor Dog Food has at least 20 recipes to its name. Each formula is carefully constructed to support a wide range of active dogs with a variety of different health and nutritional needs. While most of the ingredients change depending on the recipe that you choose — the meat or fish ingredients in particular — there are a few things that stay the same.

    Mineral Complexes

    No nutritional diet is complete without essential minerals. Victor Dog Food has mineral complexes to improve a dog’s various systems, both inside and out. The iron, manganese, and zinc content in each recipe work to boost the health of the dog’s cells to help their coat, skin, paw pads, skeletal growth, wound healing, cartilage, and even their reproductive systems.

    Prebiotics and Probiotics

    Part of what makes Victor Dog Food easy on the stomach is the prebiotic and probiotic ingredients. Not only do they help support the strength of your dog’s digestive health, but they also boost their immune health, which means your dog’s overall well-being benefits too.

    Selenium Yeast

    Absorbed into the bloodstream and stored for later use, selenium yeast supports your dog’s metabolism, cell regeneration, and immune system. As a natural ingredient, it’s the only source of selenium used in Victor Dog Food.

    Controversial Ingredients

    More than anything else, Victor Dog Food is determined to match the high-quality standards that it’s held since the company was founded. It has so far been successful, as shown by its no-recall history. A few of the products do contain ingredients that may concern certain dog owners.


    Not all the recipes by Victor have bloodmeal in them, but there are a few that use this ingredient to help boost the protein content of the formulas. Although the company’s quality assurance team tests the ingredients to ensure that they meet standards before using them in the final products, the presence of bloodmeal is worrying for many dog owners.

    Grain Free

    The recipes that Victor uses are either grain free or gluten free. Grain-free food has been linked to heart disease in dogs, although the FDA is still investigating the situation.

    • Easy to digest
    • Uses local, natural ingredients for better nutrition
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Scientific, nutritional formulas to support active dogs
    • Available in small or large bags
    • No recalls to date
    • Also supplies cat food
    • Most of the recipes contain bloodmeal, a controversial ingredient
    • Has been known to cause gastrointestinal upset in some dogs
    • Can be expensive


    About Bully Max Dog Food

    Focused on providing high-quality food to support high-performance dogs, Bully Max prides itself on meeting expectations without cutting corners. With the help of veterinary nutritionists, it uses specially designed, natural recipes to boost a dog’s health and muscle structure. It’s also one of the few dog food companies that can claim a pristine record when it comes to recalls. Bully Max hasn’t been recalled at all since it was founded.

    Where Is Bully Max Made Dog Food?

    Bully Max is an American company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each of its products is made in FDA-registered facilities in the U.S.A. The company also uses a triple-check system to ensure that its products meet its exacting standards for both nutrition and safety.

    What Are the Ingredients?

    Since the product focuses on helping to build muscle mass, many people assume that the company uses ingredients that are unhealthy for dogs. However, the recipes are approved by veterinarians and use 100% natural ingredients to ensure that dogs receive a healthy, nutritional diet. Unlike other performance formulas, the primary source of protein for Bully Max recipes is real meat.

    Who Uses Bully Max Dog Food?

    Although Bully Max originally aimed its products at Pit Bulls, it has since expanded its reach to other breeds, especially working dogs. The protein content in a Bully Max formula supports a dog’s muscle development and energy reserves, which makes it a favorite for army and police K9 teams. It’s also used for dogs that struggle to retain weight due to existing health conditions or recent injuries.

    • Approved by veterinarians
    • Promotes muscle development
    • Formulated for working dogs
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Natural ingredients to ensure a healthy diet
    • Designed to provide more energy with less food
    • No recalls to date
    • Expensive compared to most other brands
    • Most popular products are supplements rather than standalone meals
    • Limited selection of recipes

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    The 3 Most Popular Victor Dog Food Recipes

    1. Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula

    Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula

    Formulated with 88% meat protein, the Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula is designed to support the health of highly active dogs. Sporting breeds or working dogs that are always on the go can benefit from the extra protein and fat. The prebiotics and probiotics also help keep your dog’s digestive system working properly and make the recipe easy to digest.

    Although it’s cheaper than some other brands, it’s still on the pricey side due to the natural ingredients. It’s available in several bag sizes, which is great for multi-dog households but can leave a hefty dent in your wallet. The fiber content can also cause stomach upset in some dogs.

    • 5-, 15-, 40-, or 50-pound bags to support single or multi-dog households
    • Supports the health of dogs at all life stages
    • Prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health
    • Formulated to support the health of high-performance dogs
    • Causes gastrointestinal upset in some dogs
    • Large bags are expensive

    2. Victor Select Yukon River Canine Recipe

    Victor Select Yukon River Canine Recipe

    Dogs of all ages can benefit from the Yukon River Canine Recipe. Made in the U.S.A, it gets most of its protein content from real salmon. The recipe also includes sweet potatoes to help supply natural probiotics to boost your dog’s digestive health. There are several bag sizes available to suit small or large breeds and multi-dog households.

    While the salmon recipe helps avoid a few potential food allergies that your dog can suffer from, the recipe still contains chicken fat and peas, which can set off allergies.

    • 5-, 15-, or 30-pound bags to support single or multi-dog households
    • Fish-based protein recipe
    • Formulated for active dogs
    • Uses real salmon and sweet potato for a healthy diet
    • Contains chicken and peas, which can set off allergies

    3. Victor Purpose Nutra Pro

    Victor Purpose Nutra Pro

    With 92% of the recipe’s protein coming from real chicken, the Purpose Nutra Pro is a nutrient-dense recipe formulated specifically for highly active breeds. Like many of the brand’s other recipes, Nutra Pro is designed to be easy to digest and support your dog’s digestive and immune health. It’s also available in various bag sizes for convenience.

    The recipe is formulated with all life stages in mind, including puppies and pregnant and nursing dogs. Some users have reported that the recipe gave their dog gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and bad gas.

    • 5-, 15-, or 40-pound bags to support single- or multi-dog households
    • Suitable for dogs of all life stages
    • Promotes healthy digestion
    • Meat-based protein recipe
    • Causes diarrhea in some dogs
    • Gives some dogs bad gas


    The 3 Most Popular Bully Max Dog Food Recipes

    1. Bully Max High-Performance Premium Dog Food

    Bully Max 30 20 High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food

    Formulated for dogs of all ages, the 30/20 High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food helps promote muscle growth and helps your dog maintain a healthy weight. With a triple-check system in place, Bully Max has a pristine record when it comes to the quality of its food.

    The recipes use real chicken and natural ingredients to provide a balanced, nutritional diet. Along with the protein-rich formula, it also contains a large number of calories, so your dog can still benefit from less food at once.

    It’s expensive compared to Victor, though, and has been known to cause personality changes and certain health issues in some dogs.

    • Triple-check system to avoid food recalls
    • Uses real chicken as the first ingredient
    • Natural ingredients for a healthy diet
    • Formulated to promote healthy muscle growth
    • Expensive
    • Can cause personality changes in some dogs
    • Can cause health issues in some dogs

    2. Bully Max 2-in-1 Puppy Chews

    Bully Max 2-in-1 Puppy Chews

    Puppies grow quickly, and supporting their health as they develop is essential to keeping them in top shape. These 2-in-1 Puppy Chews are formulated for puppies to boost their growth and immune system with the included colostrum, a nutrient in a mother dog’s milk. Probiotics are in the recipe to promote digestive health, and the soft-chew formula makes the treats easy for puppies to chew.

    Designed to be added to your puppy’s existing diet, this recipe is a food topper rather than a standalone meal. It’s an expensive option, though, and has given some puppies diarrhea.

    • Formulated for puppies
    • Boosts puppy growth and immunity
    • Contains probiotics to support digestive health
    • Has given some puppies diarrhea
    • Expensive
    • Best used as a food topper rather than a full meal

    3. Bully Max Muscle Building Training Supplement

    Bully Max Muscle Building Training Treats

    With 100% natural ingredients, Muscle Building Training Treats give you the chance to combine your dog’s training with nutrition to boost their muscle development. Formulated for dogs of all ages, these can be used for all sorts of training sessions, whether you’re just starting or your grown puppy’s a pro. The treats are packed with Alaskan salmon oil to provide a healthy source of fat and omega-3 to support your dog’s health.

    While these treats can be added to a larger meal, they’re designed to be used during training sessions and can’t take the place of a healthy, balanced diet. They’ve also been known to cause stomach upset in some dogs.

    • Suitable for dogs of all ages
    • Promotes healthy muscle development
    • Soft chews are easy to eat
    • Designed as training treats rather than a meal
    • Can cause gastrointestinal upset in some dogs


    Recall History of Victor Dog Food and Bully Max

    Both Victor Dog Food and Bully Max take pride in meeting AAFCO requirements with quality ingredients and high-protein recipes. The products for both companies are subjected to extensive quality-control assessments before, during, and after manufacture. These efforts mean both companies have completely clean records when it comes to health and safety.

    According to the FDA and the AVMA, neither Victor Dog Food nor Bully Max has received any recalls for any of the dog food products offered. This goes to show how much hard work the companies put into making high-quality dog food.

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    Victor Dog Food vs Bully Max Comparison

    No brand review is complete without examining both companies side by side. Here’s how Victor Dog Food and Bully Max compare.


    Both companies focus on using natural ingredients and real meat in their recipes. Victor Dog Food’s range of recipes enables you to choose different flavors to keep your dog interested. Bully Max has a much smaller selection and fewer flavors to choose from. For the variety in taste, the win goes to Victor Dog Food.

    Nutritional Value

    Both Victor Dog Food and Bully Max use high-quality, natural ingredients and meat-based protein to create their products. Protein is what helps boost your dog’s muscle health and support their energy levels.

    While both companies use similar high-protein formulas, the variety that Victor Dog Food offers in its available products gives it a slight edge over Bully Max. You can better tailor the recipe that you choose to your dog’s needs.


    Neither Victor Dog Food nor Bully Max is cheap. The quality that both companies aspire to meet gives them an edge over their competition but adds a hefty price tag.

    Bully Max is the more expensive of the two options. Like Victor Dog Food, it offers multiple bag sizes to cater to the number of dogs in your home, but the smaller bags are pricier by volume. Overall, the winner goes to Victor Dog Food. The large bags can still be a hard hit to your bank account but are much better value.


    When it comes to the number of recipes that each company offers, it’s another win for Victor Dog Food. It has over 20 recipes, each designed for a wide range of working dogs with all manner of dietary requirements and activities.

    In comparison, Bully Max has only a handful of products designed to be suitable as standalone meals rather than supplements to support an existing diet. Bully Max also doesn’t offer cat food for multi-pet households, which can make shopping for your pets more time-consuming.


    While Bully Max is a firm contender for first place with its no-recall history and ability to help boost the muscle growth of your dog, when it comes to overall performance, Victor Dog Food wins. Its wider range of products, in both wet and dry dog foods, gives it a foothold over Bully Max. But both companies are good choices if you want reliable food quality and safe recipes for your dog.

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    Although the overall winner of this comparison is Victor Dog Food, Bully Max puts up a fair fight. Both companies take pride in exceeding the standards and quality of other brands. The attention to detail for both Victor Dog Food and Bully Max is evident in not only their products but also their unblemished safety records.

    In the end, Victor Dog Food wins due to its wider selection of recipes and better value for money for the average dog owner. For a high-protein diet for your working dog, though, either company is more than capable of keeping your dog healthy.

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