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100+ Viking & Norse Cat Names: Great Options (With Meanings)

Viking & Norse Cat Names

When you bring a new cat into your family, one of the first decisions you have to make is its name. There are so many great options out there, and it can be tough to choose just the right one!

The Vikings and Norsemen were some of the most legendary seafarers in history. They traveled far and wide, exploring new lands and trading with other cultures. Their sagas tell of epic battles, daring escapes, and thrilling adventures. If you want to give your cat a strong title, you can look into Viking and Norse history for ideas.

The term Norse is used to describe Scandinavians who lived between the 9th and 11th centuries and did not engage in seafaring, adventuring, or colonizing. The term Scandinavian is used to describe people who live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, or Finland today. The term Viking is used to describe a type of warfare that was practiced by the Norsemen who traveled long distances by sea, raiding other countries.


Naming Your Cat

Naming your cat is a complex process that involves many important factors. The first step is to choose a name that is both unique and meaningful. You’ll want to consider your cat’s personality and character, as well as their appearance. Once you’ve settled on a name, it’s important to make sure that it is easy for your cat to understand. You’ll also want to practice saying the name aloud so that your cat becomes familiar with it.

There are a variety of cat personalities, but no matter what your cat’s personality is, we have a Norse or Viking name to suit. The Norse and Viking cultures were known for their fierce warriors, and many of the names chosen for cats reflect this. If you have a particularly feisty feline at home, a Norse or Viking name may be the perfect fit!

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Female Goddess Names

If you want a name right out of Norse mythology, this list is perfect for you. We’ve listed the names of goddesses from Norse mythology that would also make wonderful cat names. You may find a name for your feline among these divine options:

  • Brising – Inspired by the Brisingamen necklace associated with Freyja.
  • Eir – The goddess of healing and mercy.
  • Freyja – The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  • Frigg – The queen of the Aesir, associated with love and fertility.
  • Fulla – A goddess who is a handmaid to Frigg.
  • Gerd – A frost giantess who married Freyr, the god of fertility.
  • Gullveig – A mysterious figure associated with magic and rebirth.
  • Hlin – A lesser-known goddess associated with the protection of people.
  • Hnoss – The daughter of Freyja, her name means “treasure” or “jewel.”
  • Idun – The goddess of youth and keeper of the golden apples.
  • Mjolnir – Thor’s legendary hammer.
  • Nerthus – A Vanir goddess associated with fertility and the earth.
  • Saga – A goddess of wisdom and history.
  • Sif – Thor’s wife, linked to fertility and the earth.
  • Sjofn – A goddess associated with love and passion.
  • Syn – A goddess associated with protection and judgment.
  • Var – A goddess associated with oaths and agreements.
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Heroic Female Norse Cat Names

The Vikings were known for their battles and heroics, perhaps more so than any other culture out there. Here are some names from that tradition, whether they are traditional Valkyrie names or inspired by battle-related words.

  • Alva – A name meaning “elf” or “supernatural being.”
  • Astrid – Meaning “beautiful, loved.”
  • Bodil – Meaning “remedy for battle.”
  • Brynhildr – A legendary Valkyrie associated with heroism.
  • Edda – Referring to the collection of Norse poems.
  • Estrid – Meaning “beautiful goddess.”
  • Freydis – A combination of Freyja and “goddess.”
  • Geirahod – A Valkyrie whose name means “spear-fight.”
  • Goll – A Valkyrie name meaning “tumult” or “uproar.”
  • Herfjotur – A Valkyrie associated with the host of the slain.
  • Hervor – A Valkyrie name meaning “warrior.”
  • Hilde – Meaning “battle” or “war.”
  • Hildr – A Valkyrie associated with battle and conflict.
  • Ingrid – A name meaning “beautiful” or “fair.”
  • Mist – A Valkyrie whose name means “cloud” or “mist.”
  • Ragnhild – Meaning “battle advice” or “battle stronghold.”
  • Rothr – A Valkyrie name associated with fame.
  • Sigrdrifa – Another name for Brynhildr, meaning “victory-bringer.”
  • Sigrid – A name meaning “victory” or “beautiful victory.”
  • Skeggjold – A Valkyrie associated with shields or battle.
  • Thyra – A name meaning “Thor’s warrior.”
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Nature-Inspired Norse Female Cat Names

The Norse were also very close to nature. Many of their sacred objects and traditions are based directly on the natural rhythms of the earth. Therefore, you can also find plenty of nature-based names to name your feline after, too.

  • Bergrisar – Mountain giants in Norse mythology.
  • Dagr – Meaning “day.”
  • Eldur – Meaning “fire.”
  • Fjord – A deep, narrow sea or lake between high cliffs.
  • Frosti – Meaning “frost” or “cold.”
  • Geysir – Inspired by Icelandic geysers.
  • Glitra – Meaning “gleam” or “sparkle.”
  • Gran – Meaning “spruce tree.”
  • Gulltoppr – Meaning “golden mane,” a horse in Norse mythology.
  • Huldra – A mythical forest creature.
  • Isa – The rune for ice.
  • Lif – Meaning “life.”
  • Looma – Inspired by Norse craftsmanship.
  • Nott – The personification of night.
  • Runa – Meaning “secret” or “whisper.”
  • Sculda – Meaning “she who sees the future.”
  • Silfr – Meaning “silver.”
  • Skadi – A giantess associated with winter.
  • Skald – A Norse poet or bard.
  • Skog – Meaning “forest.”
  • Sól – The sun goddess.
  • Storma – Inspired by Norse storms.
  • Svea – Meaning “Swede” or “Sweden.”
  • Vana – Inspired by the Vanir gods.
  • Veavirki – Meaning “craftsmanship.”
  • Yggdrasil – The world tree in Norse mythology.
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Male Gods and Mythological Figures

For male cats, we’ve also provided a list of Norse gods that you could name your feline after. In fact, most of the Norse mythological figures were male, so this list was a bit easier than the one above! You should find plenty of potential options to choose from here:

  • Baldr – An alternate spelling for Baldur, the god of beauty.
  • Baldur – The god of beauty, love, and happiness.
  • Beowulf – A legendary warrior from Old English literature.
  • Bjorn – A name meaning “bear.”
  • Draugr – A Norse undead creature.
  • Einar – A name meaning “lone warrior.”
  • Eirikr – A Norse name meaning “eternal ruler.”
  • Fenrir – The monstrous wolf in Norse mythology.
  • Forseti – The god of justice and reconciliation.
  • Freyr – The god of fertility, prosperity, and peace.
  • Fulltrui – Meaning “protector” or “supporter.”
  • Gerd – A frost giantess who married Freyr, the god of fertility.
  • Grimnir – An epithet for Odin, meaning “hooded” or “masked.”
  • Gunnar – A legendary hero in Norse sagas.
  • Hakon – A name meaning “high son” or “noble.”
  • Heimdall – The guardian of the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.
  • Jormungandr – The Midgard serpent.
  • Loki – The trickster god, known for mischief and cunning.
  • Magni – The son of Thor, associated with strength.
  • Njordr – A Vanir god associated with the sea and fertility.
  • Odin – The chief of the Aesir, associated with wisdom and war.
  • Svartalfar – Dark elves in Norse mythology.
  • Sigurd – A hero who slays the dragon Fafnir.
  • Thor – The god of thunder and lightning.
  • Tyr – The god of war and justice.
  • Ullr – The god of archery, hunting, and winter.
  • Vani – Inspired by the Vanir gods.
  • Vidarr – A god associated with vengeance and protection.
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Heroic Norse Male Cat Names

There are many names that mean something heroic in the Norse language. Many of these work great for cats. Here are some to try:

  • Andvari – A dwarf associated with treasure.
  • Arnbjorn – A name meaning “eagle bear.”
  • Astridr – A name meaning “beautiful, loved.”
  • Austri – Meaning “east” or “eastern.”
  • Erlendr – A name meaning “foreign” or “stranger.”
  • Gunnarr – A name meaning “warrior” or “bold warrior.”
  • Hakon – A name meaning “high son” or “noble.”
  • Hrolfr – A name meaning “fame-wolf” or “wolf of glory.”
  • Ivarr – A name meaning “bow warrior.”
  • Leifr – A name meaning “descendant” or “heir.”
  • Mikill – Meaning “great” or “big.”
  • Ormr – Meaning “snake” or “serpent.”
  • Ragnar – A name meaning “warrior” or “judgment.”
  • Sigmundr – A name meaning “victory protection.”
  • Thrainn – A name meaning “power” or “strength.”
  • Vigfus – A name meaning “battle strong.”
  • Viggo – A name meaning “war” or “battle.”
  • Vilhjalmr – A name meaning “will-helmet” or “hardy warrior.”
ragdoll cat lying on the floor
Image Credit: Peredniankina, Shutterstock

Male Nature-Inspired Cat Names

Just like in the female section, here is a list of male cat names that are based on Norse nature words and concepts. These names mean everything from storm to fire, so you should find something fitting of your cat’s personality and appearance.

  • Ask – The first man, created from a tree by Odin and his brothers.
  • Bergthor – A name meaning “Thor of the mountain.”
  • Bifrost – The rainbow bridge connecting Asgard and Midgard.
  • Blar – Meaning “blue.”
  • Brunr – Meaning “brown.”
  • Eik – Meaning “oak tree.”
  • Eldr – Meaning “fire.”
  • Erlingr – A name meaning “descendant” or “nobleman.”
  • Falkr – Meaning “falcon” or “pale color.”
  • Fjord – A deep, narrow sea or lake between high cliffs.
  • Flekkr – Meaning “spot
  • Frosti – Meaning “frost” or “cold.”
  • Geirr – Meaning “spear.”
  • Geysir – Inspired by Icelandic geysers.
  • Glaci – Meaning “glacier” or “ice.”
  • Gra – Meaning “gray.”
  • Gulr – Meaning “yellow.”
  • Havardr – A name meaning “high guardian” or “sea guardian.”
  • Hvitr – Meaning “white.”
  • Isarn – Meaning “iron.”
  • Rauðr – Meaning “red.”
  • Rokkr – Meaning “dark” or “twilight.”
  • Solvi – A name meaning “sun” or “sunbeam.”
  • Steinn – Meaning “stone.”
  • Stormr – Meaning “storm.”
  • Stripi – Meaning “striped.”
  • Svart – Meaning “black.”
  • Vetr – Meaning “winter.”
  • Vindr – Meaning “wind.”
  • Ymir – The primordial giant in Norse mythology.
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Unisex Norse Cat Names

Of course, there are some names that aren’t particularly male or female. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, one of these names may work for you:

  • Alvis – All-wise or all-knowing.
  • Baldur – God of beauty, love, and happiness.
  • Bryn – Referring to armor or mail.
  • Einar – Lone warrior.
  • Frey – Lord or master, associated with Freyr.
  • Frost – Inspired by cold and frosty elements.
  • Geir – Spear.
  • Huginn – One of Odin’s ravens, meaning “thought.”
  • Kari – Wind.
  • Magni – Strong or mighty.
  • Muninn – The other of Odin’s ravens, meaning “memory.”
  • Runa – Secret or whisper.
  • Rune – Secret or hidden lore.
  • Sif – Associated with fertility and the earth.
  • Sigr – Victory.
  • Skadi – Giantess associated with winter.
  • Solveig – Sun strength or strong in the sun.
  • Thora – Thunder or thunder goddess.
  • Vidar – Associated with vengeance and protection.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are looking for a distinctive and interesting name for your cat, consider a Norse or Viking name. These names are sure to make your cat stand out from the rest. Not to mention, they are perfect for animal lovers who are interested in Norse mythology. Our list has hundreds of unique names for your new feline friend, so consider one of these options. Be sure to choose a name that suits your cat’s personality and is easy to say and spell. Thanks for reading!

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