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Western PA Humane Society is Now Humane Animal Rescue

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For those in Pennsylvania, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society or WPHS has long been a place where pets and animals could be adopted, surrendered, or receive care. With several locations around the state, the WPHS offered an important service that has helped to save and improve many lives over the years. While those locations are still available to serve the needs of animals and pets, the WPHS is now operating under the new name of Humane Animal Rescue.


What is the Humane Animal Rescue?

The Humane Animal Rescue, formerly the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, offers many services related to pets and non-domestic animals. They’re affiliated with several facilities around the state of Pennsylvania where these services are offered, including locations in Pittsburgh and Verona.

What Services Does the Humane Animal Rescue Provide?

If you’ve used the services of the WPHS previously, then you can expect similar offerings from the Humane Animal Rescue.

Pet Adoption

Adoption is a great way to add a new pet to your family. It’s more affordable than purchasing a pet from a store or breeder. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to offer a second chance to a loving animal that’s desperate for a home.

Pet Surrender

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes, situations change, and pets that we hoped to keep forever aren’t able to stay with us any longer. In many cases, this becomes a major problem as people struggle to figure out what to do with the animal. Often, people make the wrong decision and release their pets into the wild, which can cause major destruction in such cases when the animal multiplies and becomes an invasive species. At the least, it’s an awful fate for a domestic animal that’s never had to survive in the wild.

But if you live in PA, you can take your pet to one of the Humane Animal Rescue locations and surrender it into their care. With luck, it will soon be adopted by a loving family that has the means to care for it and offer it the life it deserves.


The Wildlife Center run by the Humane Animal Rescue is a fully licensed clinic for rehabilitating wildlife. When animals are admitted into the Wildlife Center clinic, the goal is always to get them back into the wild as a healthy animal that’s prepared to survive.

If you happen to find an injured wild animal, the Wildlife Center offers an FAQ page to help you determine what course of action to take. Injured animals can be brought to the Wildlife Center for rehabilitation. They have a 65% release rate, meaning that nearly two-thirds of all animals brought to the center make a full recovery and get released back into the wild.

Dog Behavior and Training Classes

All dogs can benefit from behavior and obedience training. Luckily, the Humane Animal Rescue offers a wide variety of different training classes for you and your dog to take together. They span from basic foundational courses to therapy dog prep and sports classes. No matter what type of canine training you want to participate in with your pooch, you’ll find it with the Humane Animal Rescue.

Veterinary Clinic

The Humane Animal Rescue also offers a low-cost veterinary clinic for all pets, not just ones that were adopted through the rescue. They offer a range of services, including:

  • Annual checkups
  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Micro-chipping
  • Flea control
  • Heartworm testing
  • Blood testing
  • Fecal testing
  • Minor surgery


With two locations in Pittsburgh and one in Verona, the Humane Animal Rescue makes it easy for many PA residents to access their services.

The Wildlife Center is where you should go with injured wild animals. They’re located at 6000 Verona Road, Verona, PA, 15147. They can be reached by phone at 412-345-7300 ext. 500.

For other needs, you’ll want to visit the Animal Resource Centers. The East End location can be found at 6926 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15208. You’ll find the North Side location at 1101 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15233. Both share the same phone number of 412-345-7300.



Whether you’re looking to adopt a pet, surrender one, get veterinary services, or find aid for an injured wild animal, the Humane Animal Rescue has you covered, so long as you live in Pennsylvania. Previously known as the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, the Humane Animal Rescue offers the same great services for all PA residents.

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