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What Breed of Cat Is Garfield? Cartoon Felines Presented

Garfield the Cat Lying Down Jim Davis, Paws Inc. Paramount Global.

Garfield, the cat, is known for his love of lasagna and naps. He lives with his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and Odie, the dog. He’s undoubtedly a grumpy cat, but what breed is he?

No one knows for sure. Garfield’s creator has never publicly revealed if Garfield is a specific breed. However, many people speculate that Garfield is an orange Persian cat judging by his appearance.


Who Created Garfield the Cat?

Cartoonist Jim Davis is the artist behind Garfield. In the late 1970s, Garfield was a minor character in Davis’ comic strip, Jon. The cartoon initially ran in The Pendleton Times, a newspaper out of Pendleton, Indiana.

By June 1978, over 40 newspapers syndicated the comic strip, which Davis renamed Garfield.

How Old Is Garfield the Cat?

Garfield is a proud member of Generation X. His birthday is June 19, 1978. As a cartoon cat, Garfield really doesn’t grow older. We think he looks fabulous for being middle-aged.

What Is Garfield’s Favorite Food?

Unlike many other cats, Garfield’s all-time favorite meal is not tuna or chicken. He loves lasagna. This meal might seem random, but there is a good explanation behind his love for the Italian dish.

Garfield’s mother gave birth to him in Mamma Leoni’s Italian Restaurant. No wonder he loves lasagna so much!

Image Credit: Characters by  Jim Davis, Paws Inc., property of Paramount Global.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Why Does Garfield Hate Mondays?

That’s a good question, considering Garfield doesn’t have a job. It’s not as if his weekdays are any different from his weekends. Garfield’s life is all about naps, chasing the next plate of lasagna, and hating poor Odie.

His dislike for the first day of the week is baffling. Hating Mondays is just one of Garfield’s many human-like characteristics.

Does Garfield the Cat Have a Girlfriend?

Garfield has multiple love interests between the original comic strip and subsequent TV shows and movies. Arlene loves Garfield despite his cheapskate ways. Garfield’s idea of a “date” is to take her out to eat—out of trashcans! Garfield isn’t about to share lasagna with anyone, not even his girlfriend.

Arlene is pink with a long neck, and we have no idea what breed she is!

Garfield is also romantically linked to Penelope. Unlike Arlene, Penelope resembles a real cat, possibly a grey Persian. But we can’t trust Garfield’s affection for Penelope. She lives in an Italian restaurant, and we can’t be sure if Garfield is more interested in Penelope or lasagna.

Garfield and Friends Jim Davis, Paws Inc. Paramount Global
Image Credit: Characters by  Jim Davis, Paws Inc., property of Paramount Global.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Did Garfield Make Jim Davis Rich?

Jim Davis, Garfield’s creator, is worth an estimated $800 million. Garfield’s heyday was in the 1980s when he became a cultural phenomenon. America’s favorite grumpy cat had his own TV shows and movies. Many families had a tradition of watching A Garfield Christmas Special and Garfield’s Thanksgiving.

Merchandise like coffee mugs, T-shirts, and Alpo cat food featured Garfield. You can still buy Garfield Cat Litter today.

Who Did the Voice of Garfield the Cat?

Several actors have voiced the role of Garfield over the years. The most famous actor is Lorenzo Music, who played the role from 1982 until 2001. Other actors who voiced Garfield include Tom Smothers and Bill Murray.

Is Lasagna Safe for Cats to Eat?

Only cartoon cats like Garfield should eat lasagna. It’s not a dish you should regularly feed to your cat.

A tiny bit of lasagna won’t harm most cats. If your kitty accidentally licks your plate or nibbles on some lasagna set out on the counter, there’s no reason to panic. However, ingredients like cheese, onions, and garlic can upset your cat’s stomach. Regularly eating onions may cause your cat to develop anemia.




Creator Jim Davis has never revealed Garfield’s breed to the public, but judging by Garfield’s appearance, he could be an orange Persian. Lasagna is one of Garfield’s favorite foods, but it’s not a dish that real kitties should eat on a regular basis.

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Featured Image Credit: Characters by  Jim Davis, Paws Inc., property of Paramount Global.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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