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What Breed of Cat Is Mrs. Norris From Harry Potter?

In the “Harry Potter” books and films, Mrs. Norris is a cat that belongs to Mr. Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is described in the story as being unusually connected to her owner and alerting him of bad behavior among students. With dust-colored fur and yellow lamp-like eyes, Mrs. Norris takes her job seriously. While we know that her magic powers don’t translate to the real world, her cat breed does. Mrs. Norris is a Maine Coon and was played by three different Maine Coon cats in the “Harry Potter” movies.


The “Dog Cat”

One of the most notable features of Mrs. Norris’s personality is that she displays “dog-like” behavior. She accompanies her master everywhere, is extremely loyal, and even fetches or retrieves objects for her owner.

But Maine Coon cats do this in real life. They are intelligent, playful, and doting toward their owners. For this reason, the breed often gets nicknamed the “dog cat.”

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Image Credit: Light Hound Pictures, Shutterstock

History of the Maine Coon

It is told in legend that the Maine Coon cat breed was a hybrid result of a cat and a raccoon. This certainly would account for the cat’s extra-large size! Other stories say that the Maine Coon was bred by French Queen Marie Antoinette. In reality, no one really knows where the breed originated from.

In North America, Maine Coon cats have been bred since the 1960s. Their breed standard was recognized in 1983. They are now a popular pedigreed cat around the world.

Special Features of the Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats have thick fur and large paws that are designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. They are superior hunters, and many owners use them as “working cats.” They use their paws to move food from the ground to their mouth, a feature that’s unique among cats.

This cat breed is energetic and enjoys freedom. Their size and weight demand special equipment inside the house. A regular cat tree won’t hold them, and they also need an extra-large litter box and a bigger area to lounge in than most domestic cats.

Breed Profile

Size:  Length up to 120 cm, height up to 40 cm
Weight: Females — 4.5–6 kg, Males — 5.5–9 kg
Body Shape:  Muscular, wide, elongated body, bushy tail
Eye Color:  Green, copper
Fur:  Longhaired, long belly and leg fur, thick undercoat; comes in all colors except golden
Personality:  Gentle, social, playful, intelligent, affectionate



Mrs. Norris was played by Maine Coon cats in the “Harry Potter” movies. This is a unique breed among domestic cats. Their size and extra-large personalities make them almost dog-like in their behavior. They are the perfect breed to represent the pet of the Hogwarts supervisor.

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