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What Breed of Dog Is in Finch? Famous Movie Dogs!

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Goodyear is the adorable canine companion of one of the last survivors on earth in the movie “Finch.” The role of Goodyear is played by Seamus, a rescue dog from the Redwood Pals Animal Shelter in California. According to the Redwood Pals, Seamus is most likely an Irish-Terrier mix. The exact breed is not known for sure, however.


Seamus the Shelter Dog

According to Redwood Pals, Seamus was found on Route 36 in Humboldt County, California. It was a cold and snowy day. The male terrier mix and a female border collie were taken to the Redwood Pals Animal Shelter in Humboldt County. Seamus was covered in ticks and mud and very hungry and cold.

Both dogs were temperament tested, and Seamus did not pass because of aggression issues with other dogs. The shelter worked with him, but he was not being considered for adoption by anyone. The shelter deemed him unadoptable.

With quality time and attention from the folks at Redwood Pals, his true loving personality started to emerge. They began to put his photo out to the public so they could find him a home. Eventually, he was seen by a Hollywood trainer. She quickly went to the shelter and adopted little Seamus, and he was off to LA. Little did he know he would one day star in a movie with Tom Hanks.

Seamus was once a dog with malnutrition and a failed temperament test. He was considered unadoptable, and now he is a famous movie star—maybe more famous than Tom Hanks!


Irish terrier
Image Credit By: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Seamus plays Goodyear, the canine companion in the movie “Finch.” He is characterized by Finch as “his own dog” and cares for his owner and his owner cares for him. Finch’s character builds and teaches a robot, Jeff, to care for his dog. His other challenge is to get the dog to learn to trust the robot. And he eventually does accomplish the goal and growth is achieved by the non-human characters in the film. A twist on the usual movie where a dog helps a human achieve growth.

The Movie “Finch”

Tom Hanks plays Finch, an inventor and one of the few survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. With death slowly creeping in, Finch builds a robot named Jeff to care for his dog Goodyear after he is gone.

The threesome head out on a dangerous journey with many challenges. The challenges are nothing compared to the difficulties with Jeff, the robot, and Goodyear, the dog. Goodyear knows Finch is looking out for him, but he is having concerns about the robot, Jeff.

It is an adventure story with a man, a dog, and a robot.

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It seems that even a dog can lift itself up from the ashes with a little help from his friends. Without the care and compassion of Melissa Ryan of Daly Dog Care and Mara Segal, owner of Redwood Pals Rescue, who knows where Seamus would be today? An Irish-Terrier mix that was cold and hungry is now loved by so many around the world.


Featured Image Credit: Radomir Rezny, Shutterstock

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