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What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast? 5 Vet Approved Ideas

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You are sitting down to a steaming plate of bacon and eggs. As you put the food up to your mouth, you see watching eyes. Your cat is dead staring at you, demanding that maybe they too can share in this breakfast delight.

So this raises the question, what can cats eat for breakfast? Are they able to eat the food on your plate? Is there something you can whip up on the stove for them? We want to clarify that food specifically designed for cats is always ideal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t delight in an occasional snack.

If you’re already making breakfast for the family, here are a few food items you can offer to your kitty and other things to look for.


Top 5 Breakfast Ideas for Your Cat

All kitty breakfasts should be totally cat-friendly and not really all-that-human food. But here are some ideas about what to offer.

1. Eggs

hardboiled egg
Image by: congerdesign, Pixabay

Your cat can absolutely eat eggs, permitting that they don’t have any known egg allergy. Eggs are packed with proteins and other excellent vitamins and minerals to nourish the cat’s system and soften their coat.

To cook an egg for a cat, you need to ensure that you don’t add any seasoning. Your cat should have only plain eggs, preferably scrambled. You can use the cooked egg as a topper for their existing dry kibble or give it to them in a standalone dish.

However, unlike some other animals, cats can’t eat raw eggs. Raw eggs can contain bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella, making your cat very sick and even warranting a potential vet trip.

Health Benefits of Eggs for Cats

Cooked eggs have tons of health benefits for your cat. If you look on the labels of most commercial cat foods, you’ll likely see eggs as an ingredient. It’s no surprise, as eggs are an animal-based delight, that they are a superfood for humans and animals alike.

  • Protein – Since eggs are completely animal-based, they are packed with just the right kind of protein your cat needs in their diet. A single egg contains up to 7 grams of protein.
  • Amino Acids – Your cats absolutely require the amino acids from animals to keep them in their healthiest state. Because eggs come from animals, they are packed with amino acids that benefit cats’ muscles, keeping their skin and musculoskeletal system working fantastically.
  • Taurine – Taurine is another compound found exclusively in animal products. Taurine is an amino acid that helps muscle function, vision, heart health, and a whirlwind of other perks.
  • Low Calories – It’s no secret that most kitties love snacking. Offering low-calorie, health-friendly snacks like eggs is ideal for starting the morning.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Eggs are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, and iodine.

2. Some Boiled or Dehydrated Meats

female hands cutting boiled chicken breast with knife
Image Credit: Tagwaran, Shutterstock

Cats are obligate carnivores, so giving them a delicious meat-filled breakfast will definitely strike their fancy. When serving meat to your cat, you should give them completely unseasoned slices.

Certain seasonings, especially common ones like garlic and onion, can be very toxic to cats. So, it’s best just to leave any additional ingredients off the menu.

You can also dehydrate pieces of meat, so your cat has a breakfast that will stretch a little while and give them a bit of a challenge to chew it—which is always a nice time for a kitty.

Health Benefits of Boiled Meats

Like eggs, boiled and dehydrated meat boosts protein, amino acids, taurine, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Also, cats’ teeth are built for ripping and shredding their meals. Giving them sections to shred is the closest thing they have to catching and eating their own prey.

3. Wet Cat Food

cat eating food from a bowl
Image by: Viktor Lugovskoy, Shutterstock

Your cat will not turn down a nice helping of canned cat food. Whether you choose to add it to their existing dry kibble or give it to them as a standalone breakfast surprise, your cat will love it either way.

Keep your eye on preservatives or artificial additives in these types of food. Also, you can try your hand at making homemade, wet cat food if you want better control over the ingredients. Just check any recipes with your vet first to make sure it fits your cat’s nutritional profile.

Health Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Since cats typically don’t get enough moisture in their diets, wet cat food helps them keep up with hydration. It also has high protein content and a savory flavor which can enhance appetite.

4. Broth

broth in a pot
Image Credit: ZAHRA22, Shutterstock

Instead of giving your cat a saucer of milk, which is very problematic for your cat’s digestive system, you can replace that with cat-friendly broth. Cats can sit and enjoy a bowl of broth by themselves, lapping it up over time. Or, you can use the broth to soften and enhance the flavor of dry kibble.

There are tons of commercial broths you can feed your cat. But you can also make your own broth at home—just don’t add any salt or seasoning. It’s inexpensive, and your cat will love it.

Health Benefits of Broth

Broth is an appetite-inducing animal-based liquid that gives your cat a kick of hydration. It also provides additional health benefits. Many commercial broths are crafted to impact target areas of health, like digestion, joint, skin and coat, and liver health.

5. Homemade Baked Snacks

giving russian blue cat a treat
Image by: DSchmidtArt, Shutterstock

You can get quite creative with several DIY recipes for cat treats across the web. You can choose a recipe that fits the flavor and consistency your cat most prefers. Since you are in complete control, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure before you serve them to your cat that the recipes are fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that are totally safe.

Benefits of Homemade Snacks

When you make your snacks for your cat, you are in full control over the recipe and portions. As long as you make sure every ingredient you use is kitty-safe and healthy for your buddies—you can get super creative, offering a variety of tastes.

You can also target certain health areas or use this sneaky method to administer medication or supplements.

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Cats should just have kitty foods—it’s plain and simple. However, certain foods we share, like plain, boiled meat, or eggs are excellent for cats since they are obligate carnivores. Just make sure there are no harmful seasonings or sauces.

You can help your cat enjoy breakfast beside you as you sip your coffee. Changing up tastes, textures, and target health can be a fun way to enhance your cat’s diet.

Featured Image Credit: AJR_photo, Shutterstock

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