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What Do Crested Geckos Eat in the Wild & as Pets? Diet & Health Facts

A crested gecko resting on a leaf

Once thought to be extinct, the Crested Gecko was “rediscovered” in the early 1990s. Today, this lively lizard makes a popular pet. Family-friendly and low-maintenance, the Crested Gecko is a docile reptile that requires care while being handled. If you’re too rough with it, the Crested Gecko’s tail could fall off! Don’t worry – it’s doesn’t hurt them!

If you’re thinking about buying a Crested Gecko as a pet, it’s important to know what to feed it in order to keep your lizard happy and healthy. A well-balanced, high-quality pet Crested Gecko diet often will mimic what it eats in the wild, including mostly insects and some fruit.

So, what exactly do Crested Geckos eat in the wild and as pets? Let’s find out.

new gecko dividerInsects

In its natural habitat, the Crested Gecko will mainly dine on live insects. As pets, these reptiles can also enjoy a meal of bugs. You can feed your Gecko cutworms, locusts, crickets, silkworms, and butterworms. Moths, roaches, and spiders are also gross but good options. With whatever insects you choose to feed your Crested Gecko, ensure they are no larger than the distance between your lizard’s eyes. Never feed your pet Gecko wild-caught insects that might be contaminated with parasites or pesticides.

crested gecko eating mealworm
Image By: MattiaATH, Shutterstock

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In addition to insects, Crested Geckos eat fruits and nectar both as pets and in nature. Peaches, bananas, and apricots all make good treats.

dalmatian crested gecko
Image By: Noah Moralis, Shutterstock

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Fresh, clean water is essential for all living things, including your Crested Gecko. In the wild, Geckos will lick droplets of rainwater from leaves and other vegetation. Spray your pet’s enclosure with a water mister so it can lick the droplets from the sides of the tank. This also helps to keep humidity levels up. Keep a shallow bowl of water in the tank at all times. Change it daily.

Crested gecko cup
Image By: dkpierce916, Pixabay

How to Feed a Crested Gecko

While feeding a pet Crested Gecko isn’t rocket science, it does involve more than plopping a handful of crickets into the tank. You need to properly prepare your lizard’s food.

For starters, you’ll need to take good care of the insects you feed your Gecko. This ensures your pet is consuming quality bugs that are loaded with nutrients. Feed the insects a high-quality diet for at least a day before giving them to your Gecko. Feed the bugs pre-made gut load. Dark, leafy greens and whole grain are also excellent options.

Once the insects are ready for your pet, release a small number of them in the enclosure. Don’t add more bugs into the tank than your lizard can eat in 15 minutes. Leftover crickets can chew on your Crested Gecko’s skin and cause injury and irritation. Feed your pet insects during the night and up to three times per week.

Commercial food and baby food are also good products to feed your pet Crested Gecko.


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Crested Geckos make great pets for people of any age. It’s important to feed your reptile a balanced diet of protein and fruits. Fresh water should always be available.

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