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What Is Lamb Meal in Dog Food? Is It Good for Dogs?

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Do you know what’s in your dog food? Like, what’s really in there? If you’ve never put much thought into what you feed your dog, the nutritional labels on dog food might seem like a jargon-loaded headache. Luckily, if you’ve wondered about the use of lamb meals and other meat meals, you can rest easy because meat meals are nutritious for dogs.


Meat Meals: What Are They?

Meat meals are an end product after meat has been rendered, dehydrated, and ground to make a powder. They are a source of animal protein commonly used in pet foods. Meat meal must not contain added blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide, manure, stomach, or rumen contents. This means that they are usually derived from the meat and organs of animals that are less popular for human consumption such as offal or cuts of meat not used in human food production. Rendering is a process to separate protein and fat content of meat.

If a product states that it contains a named, specified meal such as lamb meal, then it must be made from lamb. It cannot contain another protein type. The broader term meat meal is more open to interpretation and is why we recommend specified meat meals.

Meat meals tend to have higher-than-average protein contents because the meat meals are essentially concentrated protein. By removing the water you are increasing the amount of protein per ounce.

Are Meat Meals Safe for Dogs?

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Meat meals are safe for dogs to eat.  They are a source of protein that provides vital nutrients to our canine companions. Using meat products not used in human foods due to our preferences increases the sustainability of dog foods.

Is Lamb Meal Healthy for Dogs?

Lamb meal can be a healthy ingredient for dogs, provided your dog does not have an allergy to lamb or have other special dietary needs. It is a useful way to increase the protein content of food and often will help to keep the price of the end product down.

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We hope we’ve put your mind at ease regarding the safety of lamb meal. It is a common ingredient in dog foods and is often used in foods for dogs with sensitive skin. It comes down to personal preference at the end of the day as to what ingredients you are looking for in your dog’s dinner.


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