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What’s a Starbucks Puppuccino, & Is It Safe For Dogs? (2023 Guide)

dogs having puppuccino

Starbucks isn’t just delicious for us humans—your furry friends can enjoy it too! The Puppuccino isn’t listed anywhere on the official store menu or on the app, but the Starbucks Secret Menu includes it as a special dog-friendly treat that’s yours if you ask for it.

What Is the Puppuccino?

The Puppuccino (pronounced PUP-uuh-CHEE-noh) is a short cup or espresso cup full of Starbucks whipped cream. Dogs without dairy intolerances can enjoy a safe and delicious treat whenever you get your own morning coffee. And even better, the Puppuccino is always free!

How Do I Order a Puppuccino?

If you are going inside to order in person, you can simply ask for a Puppuccino when you order. Your barista will be happy to give you a cup of whipped cream for your pooch.

Because the Puppuccino is a Secret Menu item, it won’t show up on official menus. This can be a problem if you are ordering on the app. Luckily, you can usually ask for a Puppuccino when you are picking up your food. You could also try adding it to the notes or comments section if one is available.

How Much Does the Puppuccino Cost?

Starbucks provides Puppuccinos free of charge. But it’s good manners to order something else when you ask for a Puppuccino too. And a nice tip is never amiss either.

dog having puppuccino
Image Credit: Kimberly Surma Zaruba, Shutterstock

Is a Puppuccino Safe for My Dog?

A Puppuccino is safe for most dogs. It contains only Starbucks whipped cream, which is sweetened with a little sugar and vanilla. Too much dairy can give dogs tummy hurts, though, so don’t go overboard. One is plenty!

Final Thoughts

We love that Starbucks welcomes our canine friends in such a thoughtful way. We hope that your dog gets a chance to try the Puppuccino next time!

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Featured Image Credit: Staniela R. Nikolova, Shutterstock

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