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What Is the Cost of Pet Insurance in Texas? (2024 Update)

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Accidents and illness happen to the best of us—even to our pets. And when our pets require vet visits due to an accident or illness, we want to ensure we can afford the care they need. The cost of going to the vet has gone up in recent years, and it’s not entirely uncommon for people to go into debt to pay vet bills or even have to make difficult choices about their pet’s healthcare if they can’t afford the required service.

One excellent way to avoid these situations is by purchasing pet insurance. With pet insurance, you can guarantee that your beloved animal companion can get care when they need it—particularly when it comes to accidents and illness. However, the cost of pet insurance can vary from state to state.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at pet insurance in Texas to find out the average costs for pets there. Here’s what to know about the cost of pet insurance in Texas!


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Why is pet insurance so important to have? As we stated above, a time may come when something happens with your favorite furry pal’s health, and if you can’t afford the cost of getting the health issue dealt with, you could be in for heartbreak.

Besides that, having pet insurance will save you money in the long run on vet bills. Because you’ll be paying a monthly premium and deductibles to cover costs associated with specific health issues while the insurance company pays for other costs, the savings will add up over time. And if you want even more coverage and savings, you can typically purchase add-ons that offer coverage for routine care to regular insurance plans.

And some pet insurance plans or add-ons will even cover costs associated with boarding, alternative therapies, and treating behavioral problems!

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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

How much pet insurance will cost you depends on a few factors—the kind of pet you have, the age of your pet, the coverage you want, and where in Texas you live. However, with the chart below, you can see the average monthly rates for dogs and cats (both large and small) in Texas (these rates are based on unlimited coverage, a $500 deductible, and an 80% reimbursement rate).

Pet Type Austin Houston San Antonio
6 mos. Chihuahua $18 to $31 $16 to $38 $17 to $38
5 years Chihuahua $22 to $38 $21 to $46 $21 to $46
6 mos. Golden Retriever $30 to $51 $28 to $62 $28 to $62
5 years Golden Retriever $41 to $62 $38 to $75 $38 to $75
6 mos. Domestic Shorthair $14 to $19 $13 to $26 $13 to $26
5 years Domestic Shorthair $16 to $22 $15 to $30 $15 to $30
6 mos. Maine Coon $16 to $21 $14 to $28 $15 to $28
5 years Maine Coon $20 to $24 $18 to $33 $18 to $33

Again, rates will vary depending on your pet’s age and type, as well as the amount of coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement rates you want to pay for, but the above chart gives you a good idea of what you’ll generally find. Just keep in mind that rates for dogs will always be higher than for felines.

If you’re looking for a few pet insurance companies to begin your policy search, we recommend:
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Luckily, there shouldn’t be much in the way of additional costs when it comes to pet insurance, as insurance companies tend to be up-front about prices in the pet policy you decide upon. If you get extra coverage to your pet policy in the form of an add-on, that would cost extra, but that too will be spelled out in your policy.

However, like with our insurance, pet insurance companies can deny claims, which means you could end up paying costs out of pocket that you weren’t expecting. To avoid this, read all the fine print on your pet’s policy, and if you still have questions about whether something is covered, contact your insurance company.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

The majority of the basic coverage plans you’ll come across will cover costs associated with either accident and illness (comprehensive coverage) or accident-only. Accident-only coverage will cover exactly what it says—just injuries from accidents, such as broken bones or bites and cuts. Comprehensive coverage will cover injuries from accidents, as well as illnesses such as upper respiratory infections or diabetes (although what illnesses are covered will vary by company).

But that means routine care such as vaccines, annual health exams, and spay or neuter aren’t covered. That’s where add-ons come into play. Most companies will offer some form of add-on that will cover routine care. Other typical add-ons include those that pay for exam fees, dental health, or even microchipping.

There will be some items that insurance companies don’t cover—with pre-existing conditions being a big one—so be aware of that.

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What Else Do You Get?

Once you know what health issues and care your pet’s insurance policy covers, you should also look at what else you’re getting. For example, what kind of customer service does the insurance company have? Are they easy to contact and available 24/7? You’ll likely need to contact customer care at least once or twice in your pet’s life, so you need to know they’re available to you when you need them.

Next, look at how claims are filed. Do you need to mail claims in, or can they be submitted online? And what kind of documentation (receipts, vet’s notes) do you need to file a claim?

Finally, ensure you know what kind of reimbursement you’ll get and how you’ll get it. You’ll choose the reimbursement rate you want before beginning your pet’s policy, and most companies will have more than one rate to choose from. But will those reimbursements be sent to your bank via direct deposit, or will a check be mailed? Or will the insurance company pay your vet directly, rather than having you pay your vet and then get reimbursed?

Other Questions to Ask When Buying Pet Insurance

Other than finding out how good a company’s customer service is, how claims are filed, and how reimbursements work, there are a few more questions you should ask when buying pet insurance.

  • What do I need to enroll my pet in a policy? Some companies may want vet records dating back years, while others may require your pet to receive an exam before enrollment. And some companies might only want records of your pet’s past couple of vet visits.
  • Will my animal’s breed affect its coverage or rates? Pet insurance companies won’t cover some breeds (mostly dogs). Other breeds may be covered, but their policies will cost you more. And some pet insurance companies will limit coverage for certain hereditary conditions associated with certain breeds.
  • Where can I see a vet? The majority of pet insurance companies will allow you to see any vet anywhere, but a few companies might have exceptions. And a good portion of companies will even allow you to see a vet in Canada, as well as the U.S., which is handy when traveling. A couple of companies even allow pets to be seen in other countries besides Canada and the U.S.

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The cost of pet insurance in Texas varies depending on what company you choose, the type of coverage you get, the kind of pet you have, your pet’s age, and where you live. However, average monthly premiums can range from $13–$75 for cats and dogs. To find the perfect pet insurance for your furry friend, you’ll need to decide what you want to be covered by a policy and add-ons, as well as look at what services you’ll be getting from the insurance company (such as customer service and availability when you need them). You’ll also want to find out what it takes to get your pet enrolled and if your pet will still be able to see its current vet after coverage begins.

Pet insurance is quite simple to sign up for, as you only need to visit a pet insurance company’s website to get a quote in minutes!

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