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What Is the Cost of Pet Insurance in Virginia? (2024 Update)

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Life in Virginia simply wouldn’t be the same without a faithful companion at your side to share it with. Whether you’re a lover of cats, dogs, or both, knowing that your sidekick is covered in the event of a medical issue offers you peace of mind while having fun with your beloved pet. To ensure their pets are well cared for, many pet owners in Virginia have decided to add pet insurance as part of their monthly budget.

If you’re a pet owner who is considering adding this type of coverage to your budget, knowing more about the costs involved is a necessity. Let’s learn more about pet insurance in Virginia so you can better understand the costs involved, a few of the coverages, and whether it’s time for you to provide your pet with a policy of its own.


The Importance of Pet Insurance in Virginia

If you’re like most pet owners in the beautiful state of Virginia, you aren’t sitting on a ton of extra money. You may have enough to fall back on if you miss a few days of work, but what about if your pet becomes injured or ill? Do you have enough in the bank to cover the costs without any help or without it putting you in a tough situation money-wise?

If you answered no, then you already understand the importance of pet insurance. This type of coverage reimburses you when your pet requires medical attention. When injuries and illnesses covered by your policy occur, you can rest easy knowing the money you’ve paid for your pet’s care will be returned to you so you can avoid issues with wiping out your bank account to ensure your best friend is happy and healthy.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance in Virginia Cost?

Like with any type of insurance coverage, the cost of pet insurance in Virginia varies according to the coverage and provider you choose. Let’s take a look at the average cost of typical pet insurance coverage in Virginia and the costs you can expect to pay with some of the current providers in the state.

Average Cost of Pet Insurance in Virginia

Type $5k in Coverage $10k in Coverage Unlimited Coverage
Average Cost for a Cat $16 $27 $37
Average Cost for a Dog $30 $56 $58

As you can see, on average pet insurance in Virginia is very affordable. Let’s look at the prices from some of the state’s leading providers so you can easily compare coverages.

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Insurance Provider Average Monthly Policy Cost for Cats Average Monthly Policy Cost for Dogs
Spot $22.50 $40.00
Pawp $24.00 $24.00
Figo $22.30 $44.19
Wagmo $25.03 $41.04

Additional Costs to Anticipate

The prices we’ve listed above are averages for each company. This doesn’t mean this is the exact amount you’ll pay. When selecting a pet insurance policy, lots of extras can come into play. Many companies only cover injuries which means you must add wellness or illness coverage. Some even offer dental and vaccination coverage. That is what’s so nice about working with a pet insurance provider that offers customization. Yes, you’ll incur more costs per month, but you’ll have the opportunity to choose the services you think you and your pet will benefit from the most.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

In most cases, pet insurance is paid by you monthly or yearly. After a waiting period that varies amongst the different providers, when your pet goes in for a covered injury or illness, you pay the veterinarian as normal. When you get home, you simply place a claim with the company. They will ask for all the relevant information they need to ensure the services your pet received were covered by your policy. If they are, they will reimburse you for the money you’ve already paid. Many companies even offer to make payouts within a few days of your pet receiving services at the veterinarian.

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What Does Pet Insurance in Virginia Typically Cover?

As we’ve previously mentioned, every pet insurance provider is different. Something that may be covered by Spot Insurance may not be covered by Figo. This is where discussing your policy in depth with your agent comes into play. Typically, you’ll find that most pet insurance companies steer clear of pre-existing conditions. This means if your pet has been previously treated for this illness or injury, or has shown signs of it before you purchased your policy, it won’t be covered.

You’ll also find that most companies offer a combined illness and accident policy. These are often called comprehensive coverage. When having this type of coverage you can expect most illnesses and accidents to be covered. This can range from mild cases of diarrhea or a broken bone to more intense diseases like cancer. Your policy will cover diagnosis, treatment, hospitalizations, and even surgeries if needed.

Keep in mind, when choosing your coverage, that comprehensive coverage isn’t the only policy on the table. You can purchase accident policies that only cover if your pet is injured. There are also wellness plans that can be purchased (if not included) that cover most of your pet’s care, including vaccinations.

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How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance in Virginia?

Choosing the right pet insurance provider in Virginia can be difficult. However, it mostly boils down to taking the time to compare what each company has to offer and their prices for coverages. When you find one that is a trusted company that provides the coverage you feel your pet needs at a reasonable price, this could be the company for you.

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As you can see, with the large number of pet insurance providers in Virginia, it is difficult to determine a set price for a policy in this state. Hopefully, this look at a few of the popular insurance providers and costs in your area can make your decision easier. The most important thing to keep in mind is the health and happiness of your pet. With pets needing routine and emergency veterinarian services, having pet insurance to help cover the costs is one of the most responsible decisions a pet owner can make.

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