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When Can Puppies Eat Wet Food? Vet Approved Facts & FAQ

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What food your dog eats will largely depend on their age. So, it’s crucial to provide your puppy with a high-quality diet as they get older, since they grow quickly at this time and it’s vital they get all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Depending on their breed, puppies can start eating wet food as early as 8 weeks old or a mixture of wet and dry food.


What Is Wet Dog Food?

The amount of water in food is the primary distinction between wet and dry foods. Wet food has between 60% and 84% moisture, while dry food contains between 3% and 12% moisture. Dry foods are typically packaged in large bags or cardboard boxes, while wet foods are often canned or sealed in pouches.

Wet dog food might be a good option for puppies with poor appetites, as the fragrance and texture are more likely to appeal to them. On the other hand, dry dog food has several benefits in terms of simplicity of storage, cost, and hygiene.

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Can My 8-Week-Old Puppy Eat Wet Food?

You can begin giving your puppy wet food when they are 6–8 weeks old. Puppies at this stage will be weaning and transitioning from mother’s milk to solid food. Since a puppy’s teeth are still developing, this type of food may be a better option. In addition, wet food is ideal for this period since it is frequently more appealing and less complicated for puppies to consume than dry food.

Then, if you’d like, you can switch from wet to dry food. When doing this, moistening the kibble with water to make it softer before giving it to your dog may be a good idea for some pups. Additionally, because dogs’ are often sensitive to abrupt dietary changes, switching should be made gradually, ideally over a 10-day period.

Choosing a Wet Food for Your Puppy

If you would like to give your little pup wet food, picking a complete, balanced and healthy product to support their growth is crucial. The AAFCO label should be on the can and it should state something like “for growing puppies” or “formulated for growth.”

Select a wet food designed especially for large breed pups if your pet is one of a large or giant breed. It should say something along the lines of “for the growth of large breed puppies” on the can’s back.

Additionally, you should choose a trustworthy company for your dog’s wet food, which can be done with the guidelines provided by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association on choosing pet food or asking your vet for advice.

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How Much to Feed Your Puppy

Dog owners frequently wonder what quantity they should feed a puppy. This is a challenging question because the proper portion to feed your canine relies on a variety of individual factors, including the age, weight, breed, and physical state, along with the number of calories in the meal they are now eating and the frequency of their meals.

There isn’t a product that works for all puppies due to the numerous variables involved. Instead, the ideal person to ask for advice on the exact quantity of food to give your pup to ensure that they will get the correct number of calories to support healthy development and growth is undoubtedly a vet. You can get a guideline to the amount to feed on the back of packets and tins. But remember they are just that, a guideline, and individuals may vary in their needs.

You can introduce some wet food to your puppy’s diet as long as they have finished weaning and are currently consuming solid food. Just begin with small amounts and monitor any digestive discomfort that may arise from dietary changes. Wet food is just as healthy for dogs as dry food, so if your pooch enjoys it and tolerates it well, you can give it to puppies safely.

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Wet food can be the ideal option to feed your puppy, particularly for young puppies that have just finished the weaning phase. Additionally, it might be the most practical choice for owners since you wouldn’t have to mash dry kibble into a sloppy consistency.

In the end, what matters more about dog food than its form is the nutrition and components it contains. Your puppy can develop into a healthy, robust, and happy dog with the help of either wet or dry food (or a combination of the two), as long as the food you select is complete and balanced for their age.

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