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Where Is Wellness Dog Food Made? Manufacturing Location & Facts

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Oatmeal

Wellness pet foods are among the most popular trendy health foods you can get for your dog on the market right now. Their foods are well-loved, especially by cat parents who find their affordable grain-free foods perfect for their cats’ carnivorous needs. But as many conscious pet parents have asked, where is their food actually made?

According to the Wellness website, they manufacture all their food in a company-owned manufacturing facility in Indiana, U.S.A, making them one of many proud American-owned and operated pet food manufacturers.

Let’s take a look at some of Wellness’ manufacturing procedures so you can make an informed decision on what to feed your dog.

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Rigorous Quality Control

Wellness’ parent company, WellPet, has released a video detailing its quality assurance procedures. When the video was being made, WellPet was in the process of completing a multimillion-dollar expansion to their Indiana facility. This expansion brought the company’s flagship pet food brand, Wellness, into the Indiana facility with its sister companies, Eagle Pack and Holistic Select.

With the manufacturing process entirely under WellPet’s control, the quality control of Wellness Pet Foods increased to meet the company’s policy standards that weren’t possible to meet when an outsourced company handled the manufacturing. One of the primary features of the WellPet manufacturing facility is the in-building food testing laboratory, where all the batches of food—wet and dry—are tested against “a list of key nutrient indicators and tests negative for salmonella.”

Quality control doesn’t stop there either. WellPet also features rigorous food safety programs to ensure that your pets receive food that’s safe to eat right out of the bag!

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food, Turkey & Oatmeal

Incredible Food Safety Regulations

WellPet’s food safety regulations are also superior to typical chain pet food company facilities. They take “extra precautions” regarding the storage of ingredients, including temperature controls, monitoring, and routine testing for pathogens and nutrient integrity.

This commitment to providing a superior product from every angle makes WellPet’s company so well-loved and trusted by the pet community.

Scrutiny for Suppliers

WellPet also scrutinizes the suppliers that provide the ingredients they use as well. They prefer suppliers that demonstrate commitments to sustainable sourcing and quality ingredient choices. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice anything your dog needs for their necessary nutrition.

Wholesome Ingredient Choices

In addition to scrutinizing their suppliers’ ingredient quality and sustainability policies, WellPet also selects superior ingredients for the best possible to provide beyond-excellent nutrition to your pets.

WellPet never uses artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or other synthetic chemicals often used to improve palatability by pets. Their food is all-natural, and its deliciousness is derived from the ingredients chosen for the recipe!

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Final Thoughts

Knowing where your pet’s food comes from is part of being a diligent pet owner and providing them with the best possible care you can muster. For pet parents who want their pet’s food to be made closer to home, WellPet’s portfolio of food brands is a great place to start since they’re all made right here in the USA.

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