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Where to Buy a Pet Mouse? (2023 Overview of the Best Places)

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Once considered only a pest, mice have had a major comeback in popularity. With their small size and sweet personalities, pet mice (sometimes called ‘fancy mice’) can be the perfect pet. But once you decide to get a pet mouse, finding where to buy the best mouse can be trickier. Pet mice can be bought in many pet stores across the US, or via online retailers. Both options have pros and cons, so it is important to weigh what is most important when buying a pet mouse.


Buying a Pet Mouse From a Pet Store

One of the easiest places to look for a pet mouse is your local pet store. Buying a mouse from the store has many advantages. If you buy a mouse from the store, you can meet it before committing. You also have the opportunity to see what your mouse’s living environment was before buying. The biggest drawback to buying a mouse from the pet store is availability. If you don’t have a pet store nearby, or if your store doesn’t stock mice, online sources might be your only option. In addition, most stores don’t keep many varieties and breeds of mice.

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What Stores Carry Pet Mice?

You can buy a mouse from a large chain store or small shop. Sometimes Petco and PetSmart stock pet mice but availability varies greatly between stores. It is best to contact your local PetSmart or Petco to find out if they sell live mice and other rodents. If you have a different chain or independent shop near you, you can call and ask if they stock pet mice as well. Another option is to search for rescue mice available for adoption in your area.

Buying a Pet Mouse Online

If you can’t buy a mouse at a pet store, you can also order mice online. Online shopping has the benefit of greater variety. Buying a mouse online might also be helpful for those in more rural areas without a pet store nearby. However, there are some ethical questions to consider when buying live animals online. Unlike pet stores, you might not get a chance to inspect your mouse before purchase. Online shopping can also make it easy for breeders to hide poor conditions. Be especially wary of prices that look too good to be true—this often means the mouse won’t be properly cared for.

Where Can You Buy a Pet Mouse Online?

There are many places to buy pet mice online. The Fancy Mouse Breeders’ Association contains a directory of mouse breeders across the United States. Visit a breeder’s page to find out their shipping radius. Pet Finder allows you to search for animals available to buy in your area, including mice. If you would prefer to find a rescue mouse, Adopt a Pet helps you search shelters in your area. Each of these sites is a great resource when buying a pet fancy mouse.

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Image Credit: level17-design, Pixabay

Can You Keep a Feeder Mouse as a Pet?

Feeder mice are bred to feed to snakes and other carnivorous reptiles. They are often available at pet stores for only a few dollars. That price can be tempting, but feeder mice are unlikely to make good pets. Unlike “fancy mice”, feeder mice are usually weaned at a younger age and kept in larger colonies. This makes them more susceptible to disease and more likely to be aggressive. Although it is not impossible to tame a feeder mouse, a mouse bred to be a good pet is a much surer bet.divider-rodent

Last Thoughts

If you want to buy pet mice, there are so many options! Whether you choose to buy from a pet store or look for a mouse online, finding a pet mouse doesn’t have to be a hassle. Pet mice are now available in most pet stores that sell small animals. There are many websites that can be used to find mice for sale in your area or across the United States.

Featured Image Credit: auenleben, Pixabay

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