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Where to Buy a Chinchilla? (Plus Overview of the Best Places)


Are you in the market to buy a chinchilla but have no idea where to start? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You can get a chinchilla through a chinchilla breeder, a rescue, or a retail or online store. Adopting a chin through a breeder or rescue is the best choice, but sometimes that’s not possible, depending on where you live.

We encourage you to search for a breeder or rescue. Pet stores may not care for the chinchilla correctly or may give bad advice; however, we feel any chinchilla deserves the right to a safe and healthy life, so if you see a chin in a retail or online store that needs a loving home, go for it.

Below, we’ll take a look at both retail and online stores that sell chinchillas.


Retail Stores



Petco is a well-known retail pet store. They occasionally have chinchillas but only one to four at a given time. When they do get them, they usually go fast. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300.



PetSmart has chins for around $150. Their description of chinchillas seems to be knowledgeable, but do your own research before buying.

Pet Supermarket

PetSuperMarket may have chins occasionally. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. You may want to call them to see if they have any available.

These retail stores are nationwide and reputable; however, you can always check your local retail pet stores to see if they have chinchillas available.


Online Stores

Golden Exotic Pets

Golden Exotic Pets is an online store that sells chinchillas. This store is located in Detroit, Michigan, but they will ship via air if you don’t live anywhere near there. They breed exotic pets, and a deposit is required. They are fully licensed and in good standing with the USDA for selling and breeding exotic pets.

Exotic Pet Reserve

Exotic Wild Reserve has chinchillas that range anywhere from $250 to $500. All animals come with a certificate that complies with the Cities Permit System, and the animals are also microchipped. They ship via air and offer a 100% live arrival guarantee.

The Exotic Pets Home

The Exotic Pets Home sells chinchillas for around $100, as well as reptiles and other exotics. Private breeders are their suppliers. is another option. This is a live auction where you can find rare hybrid colors. You’ll have the chance to inspect any chinchilla before bidding. They seem to be very knowledgeable about the care of chins and they breed to produce high-quality and rare hybrids.


Final Thoughts

There are some drawbacks to getting a chinchilla through an online store. While it’s not unethical, you will be left with some unanswered questions. For instance, does the chin have any inherited medical issues? Were the parents healthy? How is the chin treated at this online store? Does the staff understand the requirements of chinchillas? Are the chins’ cages clean? Have the chinchillas been socialized? Does the particular chin you’re considering like people?

While we feel it’s best to look for your chin in person, we understand that sometimes it’s not feasible. If you choose to buy from a retailer or online store, do your own research so you can make the best-informed decision you can possibly make. If you buy online, check to see if the store uses breeders to acquire chinchillas.

We hope this helps you in your search for your future chinchilla. Good luck and happy searching!

Featured Image Credit: tahanadakila, Pixabay

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