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10 White Dog Breeds (Big, Small, and Fluffy Dogs) with Pictures

Nicole Cosgrove

While all dogs are cuties, white fluff balls have something about them that makes them so compellingly irresistible.

When most people think about white dog breeds, they picture tiny, fluffy pooches such as the Chihuahua and Maltese. However, white dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes. The following are 10 of the most popular white dog breeds out there today.

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1. Samoyed

samoyed winter dog
Image Credit: А-r-e-s, Pixabay

The Samoyed is a large, white, and fluffy dog that looks like an overgrown Pomeranian.

Nonetheless, despite looking like a munchkin, the Samoyed is an incredibly strong-willed dog with boundless energy levels. Therefore, if you are expecting a couch potato, you will be disappointed.

This is because Samoyeds were bred to help hunt and tow sleds in the harsh Siberian wilderness. As such, the Samoyed’s long and fluffy outer coat is for keeping this doggo warm in Siberia’s subfreezing conditions, not for aesthetic purposes.

Since the Samoyed was bred to be a working dog, this canine is happiest when working or exercising, meaning it does not make a good apartment dog. However, with the right owner, Samoyeds make excellent family pets.

Nonetheless, you should know that Samoyeds are some of the most expensive dog breeds out there, with pups costing between $1,500 and $2,500 depending on the breeder.

2. Pomeranian

pomeranian puppy
Image Credit: BLACK17BG, Pixabay

Tiny, white, and fluffy, the Pomeranian can melt even the coldest of hearts. Couple that with their vibrant personalities, it is no wonder that Pomeranians are arguably the most popular toy dog breed in the world.

A Pom never stops being cute, as it weighs a maximum of 7 pounds as an adult. They also have an impressive lifespan, living up to 16 years.

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
Image Credit: Antranias, Pixabay

The Bichon Frise does not look real. With its fluffy, snow-white coat and round black eyes, it looks more like a stuffed animal than an actual dog.  It is not surprising that the Bichon Frise was bred as a toy dog for French aristocrats.

Their cheerful and affectionate temperament is another reason for their immense popularity. However, they are prone to mischief. Therefore, ensure to train your Bichon Frise properly to keep destructive habits in check. They also do not like being left alone due to how deeply attached they become to their owners.

The Bichon Frise’s attractive coat requires lots of maintenance. Therefore, be prepared to provide regular haircuts to this doggo.

4. Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees in the woods
Image Credit: HeartSpoon, Wikimedia Commons

When a breed has the term “Great” in its name, you know it is just built differently. Standing up to 32 inches tall and weighing up to 160 pounds, the Great Pyrenees is among the largest white dog breeds around.

This beautiful dog was bred to defend livestock against attacks from wolves and other predators on snowy mountaintops. As such, the Great Pyrenees is an excellent option for people looking for a white and fluffy guard dog.

Despite this breed’s willingness to jump into action, the Great Pyrenees is typically calm and docile, which is why it makes such a great family pet.

5. Maltese

white maltese
Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

The Maltese is an excellent fit for those looking for a hypoallergenic white toy dog since its long, straight, and smooth coat rarely sheds.

Like most tiny dogs, the Maltese is also unbelievably sassy and fearless, often trying to assert its dominance over every other animal in its household. Nonetheless, these little cuties have a fantastic temperament towards their humans.

6. Dogo Argentino

white dogo argentino
Image Credit: thereseb87, Pixabay

Contrary to popular opinion, a white coat does not automatically make a dog cute and cuddly, with the Dogo Argentino being proof of that. Also known as the Argentinian Mastiff, the Dogo Argentino is 100 plus pounds of muscled dog. This powerful breed was created to hunt big game and to fight off mountain lions and other predators.

The Dogo Argentino is ferocious but loyal, seemingly emotionless but extremely loving; it is a walking contradiction. As such, it requires a strong, dominant, and experienced handler. Therefore, avoid adopting this as a first-time pet parent, as it can be difficult to control.

7. Japanese Spitz

japanese spitz sitting on snow
Image Credit: Audrius Vizbaras, Pixabay

The Japanese Spitz is another white and fluffy goofball. Despite weighing a maximum of 13 pounds when fully grown, this doggo acts as if it owns the place. The Japanese Spitz’s fiery personality makes it great at training other dogs how to behave appropriately when they are still pups.

This breed is a walking ball of energy. As such, you will need to provide it with lots of exercise to prevent destructive behaviors. All in all, they make excellent companions.

8. Akbash

The Akbash is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, with some sources stating that its history dates as far back as 300 B.C.

The Akbash is native to Turkey, where it was bred to guard livestock. Like other guard dogs, the Akbash is loving and loyal to its family while being aloof or suspicious of strangers.

You should also know that the Akbash is an extremely strong-willed dog, making it difficult to train. Therefore, we would not recommend this breed to first-time dog owners, as it can prove to be more than a handful, taking control of any situation if you allow it.

9. Havanese

Havanese dog
Image Credit: ralfdeon, Pixabay

The Havanese come with the distinction of being the only dog breed native to Cuba. It is named after Cuba’s capital city, Havana.

While the Havanese is renowned for its fluffy, white coat, it comes in various colors, including red and fawn, and black and silver.

This breed has a lively personality, making it an excellent fit for active families.

10. Chihuahua

Chihuahua puppy
Image Credit: Manuela Federspiel, Pixabay

Our list could not be complete without mentioning the sassiest doggo on the planet, the Chihuahua. While Chihuahuas come in a variety of colors, the white Chihuahua is arguably the most popular variety.

Feisty, amusing, and with a dominant personality, the Chihuahua is the life of the party wherever it goes. Even though this small breed requires lots of attention, it makes a great pet even for first-time owners.



If you have a thing for white dogs, you will likely find the ideal breed for you from our list. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with a breed first before adopting one to avoid making a regrettable choice.

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