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6 Reasons Why Your Cat Isn’t Interested in Playing With You

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Cats have remarkable hunting instincts that may be provoked by many variables. This behavior makes them a perfect pet for playtime, as they can’t resist toys or smells that trigger their predator prowess. But sometimes, they just seem to want nothing to do with playing.

There is a myriad of causes for this, which is why we’ve created a list to show you what may be the culprit. Here are six reasons why your cat isn’t interested in playing with you!


The 6 Reasons Why Your Cat Doesn’t Play With You

1. There Could Be a Medical Problem

If your cat is usually playful, but all of a sudden wants nothing to do with its favorite activities, there could be a big medical mishap. Your feline may have a disease that causes them to be sluggish or lethargic; it could possibly be its weight, a bad stomach, or even just body pains. Many of these should be looked at, and it’s best practice to bring your cat to the vet if its behavior seems out of the ordinary. However, keep reading our next reasons before you take a drive.

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2. Wrong Type of Toys

No cat is the same, and with that comes different preferences during playtime. Many cats prefer something that’s interactive with their owners, while others only consider something they can do on their own. The simplest solution is to find out what they like; try a handful of toys to see which they favor. That may be a laser, a mouse on a string, or a physical playground. Once you find what they like, it’ll be much easier to find other items that they may enjoy!

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Hepper Catnip Stick Toy 3

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3. They Have No Play Routine

In the case that your feline isn’t up for a game of cat-and-mouse, see if they change their mind during different times of the day. After all, you might just have a nocturnal cat. This can make it difficult to plan around, but if you keep a consistent schedule of when they are active, you can cater to their needs and make a plan every day during that time. If there is a clear pattern to their routine, they will be far more easygoing.

4. Their Environment Is Uncomfortable

One of the main reasons your companion doesn’t want to play is because they don’t feel safe at home. If it’s too cold or hot, or there is an unsettling aroma, they may opt to stay in an area that makes them feel at ease. But they also need an open space with places to scratch, climb, and hide. If they aren’t provided with these, their hunting instincts won’t be able to shine. Try to dedicate an area of your home so associate it with their natural behaviors.

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Tony and Cheetah playing on Hepper Hi Lo Cat Scratcher

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5. Patience Is Key

Although your cat may seem uninterested in the toys you offer, it could just be their instincts. Cats naturally don’t strike prey instantly; they take time before taking action. This means that it’s important to be patient and wait for them to become fixated on their ‘prey’ before giving up hope. In fact, some people will try to wave a stick in front of their face, but that’s not exactly the best way to go and it may make them irritated. Instead, be calm and try to do things from a distance so they have to come to you.

6. They’re Tired from a Long Day

Last of all, your furry friend is likely just tired and out of gas. It might just be that they’ve already climbed around and scratched their cat tree—at this point, they will want to rest for their next day of mischief! It’s important to realize these moments so that you can steer clear of any toy antics so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Find out which time of day they have the most energy; it’ll work wonders!

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Image Credit: Darkmoon_Art, Pixabay

divider-cat Conclusion

If your cat is uninterested in playing whatsoever, there is surely a problem. They’re meant to unleash their predator instincts so they feel successful and safe. Try our tips to see if they react differently; it could be a major medical issue or something as simple as preference. In the end, we hope these six reasons gave you a better understanding of why your cat might not be interested in playing with you!

Featured Image Credit: pasja1000, Pixabay

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