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Why Do Cats Like to Sit on Plastic Bags So Much? Facts & FAQ

cat sitting in plastic bag

Cats are peculiar beings and sometimes do things that make us laugh or scratch our heads. Life can be amusing with these creatures, and every day can make for a new habit a cat may acquire out of the blue, such as sitting on plastic bags. If you’ve ever noticed your cat having an interest in this activity, have you wondered why your cat likes to sit on plastic bags? The short answer is that they likely simply like the crinkly sound and feel of the plastic.

The answer may sound simple enough, but what is it about the crinkly sound and feel that draws your cat’s attention? Read on below to find out more.


My Cat Loves the Plastic Instead of What Came in the Plastic. What Gives?

Suppose you just bought your cat a brand-new scratching post. Instead of showing interest in the post itself, your cat opts to play with the plastic bag the post came in. Why is this?

Cats are curious animals and love to investigate the world around them. When something comes along that moves with a breeze and makes a funny sound when touched, your cat is going to investigate. Plastic bags are unlike most objects your cat is exposed to and finds interesting, such as a cardboard box or knocking an object off the counter.

A plastic bag seems to have a mind of its own in your cat’s eyes, and the thrill of the sound and the bag’s movements will no doubt spark your cat’s desire to play with the unusual item. 

black shorthair cat sitting in plastic bag
Image By: guruXOX, Shutterstock

Why Does My Cat Like Laying on a Plastic Bag?

The simple answer is that they love the feel of the plastic, and it makes them feel snug and secure. When outdoors, most cats like to lie on leaves and love the crinkly sound they make and the plastic sort of mimics this sensation and sound, which draws your cat’s interest. Your cat could also be marking her territory by laying on the bag, especially if you have other cats in the home.

Should I Let My Cat Play with a Plastic Bag? 

Here’s where it can get tricky and unsafe. Cats are especially drawn to plastic bags from the grocery store because they can smell whatever food was in the bag. Because of the smells, your cat may want to chew on the bag rather than play with it. Many plastic bags are coated in smells that will definitely ignite your cat’s curiosity.

In short, a plastic bag is not safe for your cat to chew because it could present a choking hazard or even cut off the airway from getting tangled up in the bag. The bag could also have an unsafe chemical of some sort from an item that was inside the bag, which could make your cat sick.

cat smelling plastic bag
Image By: luckat, Shutterstock

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Happy, Healthy, and Safe

We all know that plastic can be a suffocation hazard, and it’s best to keep plastic bags away from your furry kiddos for safety reasons. Always throw the bags away or put them in a place that is out of reach for your kitty. Ensure you keep plenty of cat toys around for your kitty to play with, and always feed a complete and balanced diet. Your veterinarian can help you choose an appropriate cat food for optional health if you’re unsure what to feed your beloved fur baby.divider-cat


While watching your cat go berserk over a plastic bag may be fun, it is best to keep them away from your kitty for safety reasons. Your cat could choke if she chews on the bag, it could be coated in an unsafe chemical, or your cat could suffocate. Instead, provide safe cat toys, and keep plastic bags away.

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