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Why Do Parakeets Kiss Each Other? 6 Reasons

blue parakeets cuddling

Parakeets are popular pets in the United States, and they make an especially good pet for children. They are fun to watch and engage in several odd behaviors. One of the strangest behaviors you might notice looks a lot like they are kissing. It can happen between any two birds, and they don’t need to be of different sexes, leading many people to wonder if it’s actually a sign of aggression.

If you see your birds doing this and want to learn more about it, keep reading while we list several reasons your parakeets might kiss each other.

divider-birdsThe 6 Reasons Why Parakeets Kiss

1. They Like Each Other

Just like humans, your parakeets might be showing each other that they enjoy the company. Signs of affection are more common between males and females, but many same-sex birds form strong bonds that can cause them to engage in this behavior. It doesn’t always have to be a sign of love. It can also be a sign of acceptance that tells the other bird it’s welcome.

Image Credit: Uschi Dugulin, Pixabay

2. They Are Grooming Each Other

It’s very difficult for your parakeet to groom its face, and many times other birds it has a bond with will take over those responsibilities. As the other bird cleans and straightens the other one’s face, it can look a lot like kissing, but it’s a necessary part of grooming. You will even see a parakeet with a mate grooming other birds in this way.

3. They Are Learning About Each Other

Sometimes one parakeet my preen the face and kiss another because it is trying to become familiar with it. It’s a kind of bonding experience that often occurs when you add a new bird to the cage. As your birds adjust to their new mate, it’s common to see multiple birds appear to kiss the new arrival over the first week or two. Once the other birds accept it, the face preening will be much less frequent.

yellow green parakeet
Image Credit: BeStrongEnoughToLetGo, Pixabay

4. They Are Feeding Each Other

Many people may not realize this, but many birds, including the parakeet, feed their young by eating it first, regurgitating it, then placing it in the mouths of the baby chicks. This behavior can carry on after the birds are grown, and your bird may try to feed other adults in the same way. Feeding can look a lot like kissing since the two birds will have their beaks locked together.

5. They Are Courting

Feeding and preening each other between a male and a female parakeet can signify that the two birds are getting ready to mate. This behavior will continue for several days, and if the birds are compatible, mating will occur. You may also see them sitting together, frequently wagging their tail feathers, and you might even hear them purring.

parakeets chatting
Image Credit: Catalin Arcu, Shutterstock

6. They Are Fighting

Watch for one bird biting the beak of another. It might look like a kiss from a distance, but you will notice that it doesn’t appear too friendly up close. Raised wings and hostile sounding squawks and screams are another sign that your bird is not happy in the company of the other. If you see your birds getting hostile, we recommend separating them for a few hours until they calm down. If it continues to occur after several attempts at giving them time apart, you may need to look for a more permanent solution.

divider-birdcageOther Tips

  • If one of your birds is chasing the other around and hissing, it’s likely being aggressive and needs a timeout away from the other.
  • Parakeets that don’t want another parakeet to come near them will often try to fly off and scream. If your bird is doing this to you, continuing to approach it may cause high stress levels in your bird, and it may even attempt to bite you.
  • If your two parakeets are chattering softly, snuggling, and bobbing their heads, there is a good chance they are engaging in friendly behavior.
  • Stress and illness can cause one bird to become aggressive toward another, even if they had been friendly up to that point.

divider-birdsFinal Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons that your parakeets might be kissing. If it’s between a male and a female and you see some of the other signs, like sitting together, cuddling, and purring, there is a good chance that your birds are kissing and getting ready to mate. If they are not male and female, then one of the other reasons is more likely. In any case, your birds are not in any danger as long as you don’t see any of the aggressive behavior we discussed. You can usually curb aggressive behavior by splitting the birds up for a few hours so they can calm down.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this guide and found the answers you need. If we have helped you understand your birds better, please share this guide to why parakeets kiss each other on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit by LMPphoto, Shutterstock 

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