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Why Does My Corgi Sleep on Their Back? 3 Likely Reasons

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy sleeping in a basket

Dogs sleep in all sorts of different ways, and many Corgis sleep on their backs. However, so do dogs of other breeds. As far as we can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a link between the particular breed and back sleeping. Some dogs simply seem to have that preference.

Luckily, this sleeping position isn’t troublesome. Dogs seem to sleep on their backs for all sorts of reasons, but none of those reasons are linked with particular health issues (usually). Dogs may sleep in one position most of the time, or they could shake it up.

That said, there are several reasons a Corgi may choose to sleep on their back.


The 3 Reasons Why Corgis Like to Sleep on Their Back

1. They are Hot

Sleeping on their back allows dogs to expose their underside to the air. A lot of heat can be transferred via a dog’s almost-bare belly. The fur here usually isn’t as thick as on a Corgi’s back. Therefore, they may decide to sleep on their back if they are hot.

It’s similar to a human sleeping with one leg out of the blanket.

You may often find your dog sleeping like this in the warmer months. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is on the verge of having a heat stroke. Instead, they’re just too hot to snuggle up.

cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy lying on a fur blanket on its back
Image Credit: OlesyaPogosskaya, Shutterstock

2. Space Restrictions

If your Corgi is sleeping in a small area, they may sleep on their back out of necessity. This can occur when a dog tries to squeeze into a space that they really don’t fit. Some dogs like enclosed spaces, however, as they feel secure. This isn’t a sign that you need to give your dog more room or anything like that.

Instead, it may be that your dog prefers smaller spaces and is willing to sleep on their back.

3. Preferences

It may be their preference if your dog sleeps on their back all the time. Just like people, dogs have their own sleeping preferences, too. Therefore, some dogs will like to sleep in certain positions, even when there isn’t a clear “reason” for sleeping in that position.

Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with this preference. Dogs can choose to sleep in whatever position they want in most cases.

Happy Sleep puppy corgi dog
Image Credit: CWR, Shutterstock

divider-dog paw What Does It Mean When My Dog Sleeps on Her Back?

Corgis may sleep on their back for a range of reasons. However, it doesn’t typically mean anything. There aren’t any illnesses that are particularly associated with a dog sleeping on its back. You might want your dog to sleep on their back only if they have health issues, such as back problems.

However, most of the time, it isn’t usually a big enough deal to wake your dog up and make them change position.

For all these reasons, we don’t recommend that anyone get concerned if you find your dog sleeping on their back. There often isn’t a reason to get concerned, and it doesn’t really “mean” anything.

Is It Comfortable for Dogs to Sleep on Their Back?

Many dogs do like to sleep on their back. Often, this happens when the dog is hot. However, it may also develop into a preference for some dogs. Just like people have different sleeping positions depending on their preferences, dogs have different preferences, too.

Based on the fact that many dogs sleep on their backs, we can assume that at least some find it comfortable. If your dog is sleeping on their back, there is no reason to try and stop them.



Corgis aren’t the only dog breed that sleeps on their back. While many people report that their Corgis sleep like this, owners of other breeds also report this same thing. There haven’t been any studies on dog sleep position preferences, so we don’t know whether breeds are correlated.

However, we know that a dog sleeping on its back isn’t typically bad. Dogs may sleep on their back because they are hot or because they simply like sleeping on their back. Either way, this isn’t a concerning behavior.

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Featured Image Credit: Julie Vader, Shutterstock

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