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Why Does My Dog Sleep With Me & Not My Husband? Reasons & Factors

well behaved dog looking at his owner while sleeping

It’s not unusual for the canine in the household to select a particular human in the home to be their person. Usually, but not always, their nighttime cuddle buddy will be their “chosen” person. If your dog consistently chooses to curl up with you night after night instead of your husband, it might simply result from a special bond formed.

However, the explanation is sometimes not as simple. There are frequently a few other less obvious reasons that you’re the one dusting dog hairs off yourself in the morning, leaving your husband hair-free and rejected!


Primary Caregiver

If you are the one who primarily looks after your dog, feeds them, and takes them for walks, you’re the one your pup has come to depend on. If that is the case, it wouldn’t be surprising that they can mostly be found wherever you are, including your side of the bed at night.

Dogs are predictable and honest. The person who most often meets their needs and demonstrates dependability (ultimately for their perceived survival) is the one they are most likely to become attached to. They are usually very transparent about showing their attachment.

Sure, your husband may give Rusty the odd scratch and cuddle or occasionally take him for a walk. However, these gestures are more likely to be received by your dog in the spirit of friendliness rather than in an air of grateful devotion.

woman sleeping on sofa with dog
Image Credit: Jep Gambardella, Pexels

You’re a Better Sleeping Partner

You may have noticed that your dog appears to exhibit the same devotion and love for you and your husband. You may share the dog caring duties equally and shower your pup with buckets of love and attention. And, yet, your beloved pet still chooses to sleep with you every night.

This might be puzzling, but the explanation for your dog’s preferences could be simple. You’re probably just a more comfortable bed buddy! You may remain still during the night and don’t disturb them. Perhaps you take up less space than your husband, leaving more room for your hound. Maybe your dog dislikes getting too close to your hubby because his snoring or restlessness wakes them.

It could be that your body temperature is more comfortable for your dog than your husband’s. In general, men tend to generate more body heat than women.

Your Dog Prefers Your Company

Just like people, dogs have unique personalities that result in them having sometimes inexplicable likes and dislikes. Your dog and you might just “gel” better than your dog and your husband do. It’s not an indictment on him at all. For reasons unknown, your dog might prefer you!

In humans, it’s often correlated with them possessing similar personality types, and it’s the same with dogs. Perhaps your dog and you are both quieter and more introverted.

Little girl sleeping with dog in bed
Image Credit: Yuliya Evstratenko, Shutterstock

Associations Have Been Formed

Your pup may have learned to associate you with all things enjoyable. Maybe you’re the one who allows them to share the sofa, gives them a good belly scratch, or spoils them with treats. Your hubby, on the other hand, may be the disciplinarian, scolding them for muddy paws or banishing them from the sofa.

You Smell Better!

In part, this ties into certain associations that have been formed. If you are the one that your pup has formed positive associations with, then they will also associate your smell with those positive experiences. As a result, they will tend to gravitate towards you because the way you smell makes them happy through association.

Dogs have an acute sense of smell that is far superior to ours. They are more sensitive to all the odors in their environment. Dogs dislike the smell of alcohol, cigarettes, and citrus-scented products and sometimes even react negatively to foul body odor. On the other hand, they enjoy vanilla, coconut, and ginger aromas.

woman sleeping with her dog on the couch
Image Credit: 12122, Pixabay

Hubby Is Not As Attentive

Your dog’s preference for your company, both in general and as a sleeping companion, may simply result from your being the one that gives them the most love and attention. In that case, they most likely respond to positive reinforcement and pleasant associations.

Although it’s unlikely, your dog may be scared of your husband. If they are a rescue, they may have experienced a past trauma from a man. This may make them fearful of all subsequent men they come across. So, if your husband hasn’t (unintentionally) made a concerted effort to bond with your dog, that fear may persist. Unfortunately, even if he does make an effort to connect with your fur child, there’s no guarantee that the nervous behavior will cease.

Self Appointed Protector

Cuddling up to you in bed at night might be your dog’s way of acting as your protector. Domestic dogs retain much of their natural pack instinct. In the wild, dogs will sleep huddled up, back-to-back, for safety.

Your dog may inherently understand that you are weaker and more vulnerable as a woman. Or, this realization hasn’t even figured in their logic, and they are acting protectively because you are “their human.” They may be protecting you from all potential threats, including the larger male human sharing the bed with you! They may perceive that your husband does not need protection as a strong male.



The reasons your canine prefers to sleep with you that we’ve discussed in this article are not finite. It’s more than likely that their sleeping habits are related to a combination of reasons. A dog’s individuality and sometimes peculiar personality quirks endear them to us so much. Their decision to sleep with a certain person is one that we need to accept with humility. It’s easier to accept if you are the chosen person while your poor husband is relegated to a night devoid of canine cuddles!

Featured Image Credit: Igor Normann, Shutterstock

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