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Will a Basset Hound Be Good With My Cat? Socialization & Training Tips

Male Basset Hound

If you own a cat and are considering purchasing a Basset Hound, you are likely wondering whether they will get along. While it’s impossible to say for sure, these animals should be good with each other in most households. However, keep reading as we explain how to introduce the two and the signs to look for to see if they are getting along.


Understanding the Basset Hound Breed

The Basset Hound is a popular dog breed with short legs and droopy ears. They are friendly, loyal, and gentle toward their owners and make great family pets, but breeders created them to hunt small game, like rabbits, so they have a strong prey drive. These small dogs usually stand 14 inches at the shoulder and weigh 40 to 65 pounds.

Understanding Your Cat’s Personality

Before introducing a Basset Hound to your car, you’ll need to understand the cat’s personality. Some cats are naturally social and outgoing and will be accepting of a new family member. Other cats can be territorial and resistant to sharing their home with other pets. The type of cat that you have will impact the likelihood of the two animals getting along and being able to share the household. If your cat is extremely territorial, trying to bring home another pet may create stress and uneasiness for both.

Introducing Your Basset Hound to Your Cat

If your cat is social, you can try introducing a Bassett Hound to them to see how the two get along. It’s important to start slowly and carefully, with the first meetings being in a neutral space to help reduce territorial behavior and give both a chance to get to know one another in a safe environment. Supervise the first several interactions, looking for signs of aggression or fear from either party, and separate them immediately if you see any. Finally, be patient and take things slowly; it can take several weeks or even months before the pets adjust to each other.

tabby kitten kissing basset hound puppy
Image By: Ermolaev Alexander, Shutterstock

Signs That Your Basset Hound and Cat Are Getting Along

Playful Behavior

Playful behavior is a sure sign that the two pets are getting along. This behavior can include playing with toys and even chasing each other around the house, which might seem aggressive, but there will be a lack of screeching, whimpering, and other such noises. However, playful behavior can quickly turn into a fight, so it’s important to watch them closely the first few times and separate them if you notice any problems.

Mutual Grooming

Cats and dogs will groom each other as a sign of affection, so if you notice your Basset Hound and cat engaging in this behavior, there is a good chance that they’re becoming friends.


Another sign of affection for both cats and dogs is cuddling, and it’s a sure sign that your cat and Bassett Hound are forming a strong bond if you find them sleeping together in the same bed or within close proximity of each other.

Peaceful Coexistence

If several days go by without any disputes or signs of aggression, there is a good chance that your Bassett Hound and cat are working out ways to cohabitate and are likely getting along well.

bassen hound kissing cat
Image By: Szilvia Pap – Kutasi, Shutterstock

Tips for Maintaining a Harmonious Relationship

  • Both your Basset Hound and cat should have their own spaces to retreat to when they need alone time. The animals will usually choose these locations themselves, but you can help by placing cardboard boxes, beds, and other items around your home for them to select.
  • Feed your Basset Hound and cat separately to avoid any competition for food. If one is continuously stealing the other’s food, it can create stress at mealtimes, which might lead to fighting and inappropriate eating.
  • Ensure that both your Basset Hound and cat get playtime and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. If both get plenty of your attention, they are less likely to fight among themselves.
  • Make sure your Basset Hound and cat receive regular veterinary visits to ensure that there are no problems that might make them feel uncomfortable and unhappy and less likely to get along with the other pet.



Introducing a Basset Hound to your cat can be a wonderful experience if done carefully and thoughtfully. Understanding your cat’s personality, introducing them slowly, and looking for signs that they are getting along can help ensure a harmonious relationship. With patience, time, and effort, your Basset Hound and cat can become good friends and provide you with years of joy and companionship.

Featured Image Credit: Dr. Alan Lipkin, Shutterstock

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