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Will a Labradoodle Get Along with My Kids? Breed Socialization & Safety Tips

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As a parent, finding the perfect dog for your family is a big decision. We’ve all heard the saying that kids need a dog. The last thing you want is to be the one parent in your neighborhood who refuses to bring a dog home or even worse, brings the wrong dog into the home. Yes, there are dog breeds out there that don’t do great with children. Some are too large and other dog breeds are too delicate to be rough housed by little ones.

But what about Labradoodles? These dogs are known for being loving, loyal, and playful. Will a Labradoodle get along with your kids? Are they good family dogs? Luckily, for parents everywhere, the answer is yes. Labradoodles usually get along great with kids and make ideal family dogs. Let’s learn more about these dogs and how they do with children, so you’ll be able to decide if they are the right family dog for your household.


Labradoodles and Kids

If you think about it, Labradoodles are a lot like kids in their own ways. This dog breed is generally happy and full of curiosity, playfulness, and love. Doesn’t that sound a lot like a child? This is why this dog breed often makes a great family pet. You’ll also find that a Labradoodle isn’t aggressive or overly protective. What does this mean for a home with children inside? These dogs aren’t overly rough and don’t usually overreact in situations.

All of these ideal traits come from the personalities of the parent breeds. The Labrador Retriever has long been a beloved family dog. Poodles are highly intelligent and gentle, making them great with children in their own right. Combining the two breeds simply brings all these great characteristics together into a mixed dog breed that is good with kids.

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Image Credit: Dina Uretski, Shutterstock

Socialization Is Crucial

While certain dog breeds are considered family-friendly and good with kids, they still need to be properly socialized. Without good socialization, a dog isn’t sure how to act when people are around, or certain situations arise. If you plan on bringing a Labradoodle, or any dog breed for that matter, into your home around children, you should start socialization early. To do this, introduce your puppy to new people, pets, and children often. Yes, they will be a bit hyper in the beginning, but you can train them to behave how you want. You’ll also get the opportunity to see if the dog shows any signs of aggression or anxiety when placed in these situations. It’s important to work with your pup and calm those issues so that your dog can be trusted when other people are around.

As what is considered a family-friendly dog, Labradoodles do well with socialization. They learn quickly and often don’t show signs of stress in new situations. However, just like with any dog breed, it’s possible for them to not enjoy socializing with others or being around children. Keep this in mind when working with your dog to teach them the ropes of life in your home.

Always Supervise Your Children

Labradoodles do amazingly with children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave your children alone with them. Dogs are not babysitters. Yes, your dog may love your kids and want to spend all their time with them, but they are still animals at heart. Your dog can become stressed, scared, or even get hurt, which can make them lash out. This is why it’s best to always supervise when smaller children and toddlers are with your pets.

It’s also important for you as the parent and dog owner to teach your children how to interact with dogs. Pulling tails and ears or hitting dogs cannot be allowed. Any type of behavior that is too rough for the dog or can hurt it is dangerous. As we just mentioned, dogs may lash out if they feel they need to protect themselves. This can even happen with children the dog loves. Just as dogs need to be socialized, children do as well. While your dog is learning how to interact with people, teach your children how to treat your Labradoodle with respect.

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Image Credit: pixelheadphoto digitalskillet, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

Labradoodles are amazing dogs that make great additions to your family. If you’ve been considering one of these dogs, but weren’t sure how they’d do with your children, don’t worry. In most cases, Labradoodles do great with kids and can grow to be their lifelong best friends. You can easily make your family complete by bringing one of these beautiful dogs into your home.

Featured Image Credit: Dina Uretski, Shutterstock

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