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Will Pet Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions? 2024 Guide & FAQ

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Most of the time, we pet parents are too distraught to worry about things like finances when it comes to caring for our furry family member’s health, especially when they are dealing with a pre-existing condition.

Fortunately, there are pet insurance plans available on the market that are willing and able to cover your pet’s pre-existing conditions. By getting this kind of insurance coverage, you can save thousands of dollars throughout your pet’s lifetime. You may even manage to cure them completely. Let’s take a look at pet insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions.


How Pre-existing Coverage Works

The means and ways that a pet insurance company might cover pre-existing conditions will vary, but there is almost always a waiting period or other stipulation of some kind to contend with. For example, although the American Kennel Club offers pet insurance that boasts to cover pre-existing conditions, it does require a 12-month waiting period before said conditions will be covered, and some states in the U.S. don’t offer pre-existing coverage at all.

The way that pre-existing pet insurance coverage works depends on the company that offers the insurance. Each company has its own specific terms and regulations to be aware of. The only way to know if an insurance policy is right for your pet with pre-existing conditions is to read the terms and conditions of any policy that you consider investing in. If you don’t understand the text in any way, contact your veterinarian or a lawyer for a better understanding.

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Is Pre-existing Coverage Right for You and Your Pet?

It all depends on your pet’s specific health problem and how much pre-existing coverage costs. Some pre-existing policies cost as much as, if not more, than the treatment for the particular problem. For example, if your pet has diabetes, it might cost less to buy their medication than to purchase pre-existing insurance for them on top of paying for the medication.

Some pre-existing conditions may need to be approved before they are covered by an insurance policy. If you prefer to buy an insurance policy rather than save up to pay for veterinarian and care services out of pocket, it is important to make sure you know exactly what to expect before making your insurance policy investment.

Comparing policies is the best way to know if you are getting the coverage that you need.

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A Quick Recap

You can get insurance for your pets that cover pre-existing conditions, but there are a few waiting guidelines that you may have to follow and hoops that you might have to jump through before you can get those conditions covered once and for all. Until your insurance company starts to cover treatments and healthcare for pre-existing conditions, you will likely have to pay for said services out of pocket. So, it’s important to compare the pros and cons of pre-existing pet healthcare coverage. You might even find that paying out of pocket is the best way to go.

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