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World Pet Memorial Day 2024: What It Is & How to Celebrate

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World Pet Memorial Day is a day to remember our beloved pets who have passed away. It gives us a chance to honor the special bond that we share with them and recognize the impact they had on our lives. This day of remembrance takes place every year on the second Tuesday in June. In 2024, it falls on June 11th. Let’s learn more about this holiday in this post.


History of World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial is a holiday that was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) that is celebrated on the second Tuesday of June every year. People across the world have pets, with the most popular being dogs and cats. Pets hold a special place in our hearts and are part of the family for most people. Losing a pet is difficult, no matter how long you had them. The AVMA wanted to create a holiday to remember all of our pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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Meaningful and Comforting Ways to Celebrate

Some people may look back on their pets on this day and remember all of the happy memories they shared, but they can also be left with a sense of sadness and grief. There are many meaningful ways to remember your pet on this day that can leave you feeling comforted to know that you still care about your pet and haven’t forgotten about them.

Bringing flowers to your pet’s final resting place or creating a memorial for them in your home are meaningful ways to honor their memory. You can also adopt a new pet, volunteer at an animal shelter, or donate to an animal rescue organization in your pet’s name.

Doing something kind in memory of your pet can help bring comfort and peace during this difficult time. It’s also important to talk about your pet with others and share fond memories. This can help bring joy instead of sadness for all the wonderful times you spent together.

Other Ways to Celebrate World Pet Memorial Day

Some pet parents may prefer a different type of celebration on World Pet Memorial Day, and that’s OK! Everyone mourns and processes in their own way.

Here are some ideas for fun ways to remember your lost pet:

  • Plant a tree or garden in your pet’s memory
  • Get a tattoo honoring your pet
  • Have an outdoor picnic with friends and family in your pet’s favorite spot
  • Make a photo collage to hang on your wall
  • Create and release sky lanterns with loving messages dedicated to your pet
  • Bake dog or cat treats that your pet loved
  • Hold a special ceremony or party at your home, like a pet wedding or a “we miss you” party.
  • Create ornaments or shadow boxes to remember them forever
  • Jog a marathon to raise money for your local animal shelter
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Tips for Dealing with Pet Grief

Grieving the loss of a pet may be an ongoing and years long process. If you’re dealing with grief from the loss of your pet, no matter how long it’s been since they passed, there are some things that can help during this process.

Here are some tips to help you process and navigate this difficult time:
  • Talk to people who understand and share your pain.
  • Join a support group or talk to a pet grief counselor if it helps.
  • Spend time doing things that make you feel good, like spending time with family or friends, going for walks in nature, or listening to music.
  • Create a lasting memory of your pet by making art, writing stories, taking pictures, planting trees etc.
  • Take care of yourself emotionally and physically; go out for lunch/dinner with family/friends or take part in activities you enjoy such as yoga or painting class.
  • Honor your pet’s life with a donation to an animal rescue organization in their name or by sponsoring an animal in need of a home.
  • Participate in World Pet Memorial Day activities and events or watch movies about pets that make you smile.
  • Visit your pet’s grave, if possible, to say goodbye or keep their memory alive.
  • Spend time with other animals; volunteer at an animal shelter or visit friends/family who have pets so you can continue to enjoy their company.
  • Make sure to express your emotions; don’t bottle them up inside or pretend they don’t exist.
  • Allow yourself some time off work/school if needed; take a few days off to focus on self-care and processing the loss of your pet in whatever way feels right for you.
  • Find ways to remember your pet every day; keep their favorite toys and treats around, light a candle in memory of them, or take part in activities they enjoyed on a regular basis.
  • Have hope for the future; recognize that there are still many wonderful experiences ahead and new furry friends to meet.
  • Take comfort in the fact that your pet will always live on through their memories and the love shared between you both.
  • Remember that everyone deals with grief differently and it’s OK if your process looks different from someone else’s – do whatever feels right for you!

How to Support Someone Who Has Recently Lost a Pet

It can be difficult to know what to say or do when someone has recently lost a pet.

Here are some suggestions for supporting those who have experienced this loss:

  • Reach out and offer your condolences; let them know you are there for them in their time of grief.
  • Listen without judgment; allow the person to express their feelings however they need to, and don’t try to push them into feeling better before they are ready.
  • Send cards or flowers if possible; a simple gesture can show that you care and make a big difference.
  • Do something kind in memory of their pet; make a donation to an animal rescue organization, volunteer at an animal shelter, etc.
  • Offer to help with practical tasks, like walking their dog or taking care of their other pets if they are not ready to do so themselves.
  • Avoid saying things like “it’s just a pet” or “they’ll get over it”; this invalidates the person’s feelings and can make them feel worse.
  • Suggest ways to remember their pet in a positive way, like planting a tree in their memory or making a photo collage.
  • Check in periodically, even if months have passed; a simple text or call can remind them that you are still thinking of them and their beloved pet.
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Different Ways to Volunteer on World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial Day is also a great opportunity to give back and help animals in need.

Here are some ways you can get involved:
  • Visit an animal shelter or rescue organization and offer your time; this could involve walking the dogs, cleaning kennels, playing with cats, providing transportation for the animals, etc.
  • Donate items like pet food, blankets, crates, toys, leashes, collars, etc., to local shelters or rescues.
  • Foster a pet that needs a temporary home; this can be especially helpful for those who want to honor their pet’s memory but are not yet ready for a permanent commitment.
  • Help spread awareness about World Pet Memorial Day by writing an article, posting on social media, or sharing with friends and family.
  • Participate in a memorial walk or event in honor of all the pets that have passed away; this is a great way to show support for those who are grieving.
  • Encourage others to donate to organizations that provide medical care, food, shelter, and other services for animals in need.

By taking part in World Pet Memorial Day activities and events, you can celebrate the life of your pet and honor their memory while also helping those less fortunate. Whether you choose to volunteer at an animal shelter or simply share stories about your beloved pet with loved ones – remembering our furry companions will always be something special we can do together.



No matter how you decide to honor World Pet Memorial Day, be sure to show love and compassion for those who have lost their furry friends. Celebrating this day is an excellent way to remember the wonderful memories that we shared with our pets and keep them close in our hearts forever.

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