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Yappy Personalized Pet Products Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Yappy a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 5/5

What Is Yappy? How Does It Work?

Yappy is an online shop that sells a wide selection of personalized dog and cat items. It was founded in 2018 by John Smith and is based in Manchester, England.

You can find all kinds of personalized products sold by Yappy. Yappy sells many home décor items, like pillows, blankets, and wall art. You can also find unique products, like personalized books, games, and gift-wrapping paper. Many of the products are also functional or practical, so they’ll likely be appreciated and used frequently.

Yappy is a great place to do gift shopping if you’re looking for meaningful and thoughtful gifts. Just remember to keep your expectations realistic when choosing your pet illustrations. The site offers over 420 unique illustrations of cats and dogs, and its collection includes many popular mixed-breed pets. Most pet owners will have an easy time finding their pet’s breed, but the illustrations are static, so you can’t add any special markings or unique coat colors that your pet may have. The gifts may also feel a little less unique if you have pets of the same breed and color, and you might have to pick the same drawing for them.

yappy picture puzzle book and dog bandana

Yappy – A Quick Look

  • Over 1,000 kinds of unique gifts
  • Over 420 unique illustrations of breeds
  • Convenient shopping experience
  • Limited customization options on pets

Yappy Pricing

When you compare Yappy’s personalized items with similar non-personalized items, Yappy’s products are priced a little higher than the average prices of similar items. However, its prices are fairly competitive with other retailers that manufacture personalized gifts. Yappy also offers periodic discounts and sales, so there are plenty of savings opportunities. The products are also well-made with high-quality materials that will last a long time.

What to Expect from Yappy

The first thing you’ll do on Yappy’s website is select a drawing of your cat or dog. The website will ask you to provide your pet’s breed. Then, it’ll list several different drawings of the breed with varying colors and facial markings. Once you select the drawing that most resembles your pet, you can start shopping for products.

Yappy can take between 3-5 business days to process and ship your order, and then it can take another 3-8 business days for the delivery to reach your address. The shipping and delivery times vary from item to item. Yappy conveniently provides the shipping information on each product’s page so you know when to expect your delivery to arrive.

Yappy currently ships within the UK and to the contiguous US and has separate websites for the UK and US.

dog sitting near picture puzzle book while wearing yappy's bandana

Yappy Contents

Membership Required: No
Physical Storefront Locations: None, online shopping only
Number of Breeds: Over 420
Gifts for People: Yes
Gifts for Pets: Yes
Type of Pets Available: Cats and dogs


Yappy has a curated collection of high-quality items that are made to last. Sometimes, personalized items can look and feel cheap, especially if they have low print quality. However, Yappy’s products have creative and trendy designs, and the images print clearly and vibrantly. They don’t look gimmicky or cheaply made, and many of the products are practical items that you’ll use regularly.

yappy's picture puzzle book


Despite being a relatively young company, Yappy has a wide selection of items that you can personalize. It sells the typical items you’d expect, like personalized mugs and keyrings. You can also find some more unique products, like custom aprons, clocks, games, and blankets.

Yappy sells gifts for people and pets and even offers a wide variety of personalized cards and wrapping paper. So, you can easily get all your shopping done in one place.

Convenient Shopping Experience

Online shopping can be challenging at times because you don’t have the item physically in front of you. Yappy doesn’t have any physical storefront locations, but it does an excellent job of helping its customers visualize its gifts. Once you create your pet’s profile, the website generates a “shop” for your pet. When you view the products through your pet’s shop, you can see all the items with your pet’s drawing and name on them.

Some of Yappy’s gifts will allow you to print your pet’s photo on them. When you create a shop for your pet, you can save your favorite photos to the shop so that you don’t have to keep uploading a photo every time you want to purchase an item. You can save all your pets’ shops by creating a free account.

dog wearing yappy's bandana

Limited Customizations

Yappy currently has over 420 breed selections to choose from, and you can also find popular mixed breeds, like Labradoodles and Puggles. It’s pretty easy to find a drawing with the same face shape as your pet. However, the selection of coat colors and markings is fairly limited. So, if your pet has a unique facial marking or coat color, there’s a chance you might have to settle with a more generic drawing.

Is Yappy a Good Value?

Overall, Yappy is a good value for most pet owners, especially if you have a purebred cat or dog. It sells high-quality products, and you can choose from a wide selection of items to give a thoughtful and meaningful gift to a cat or dog owner. When it comes to personalized pet products, you’ll find some of the best options with Yappy.

Yappy also has thousands of positive reviews from customers and high ratings on review sites, like and Trustpilot, and many reviews comment on the quality of the items and an excellent customer service experience.

dog looking at yappy's picture puzzle book



How can I get in touch with Yappy’s customer service?

Yappy has a live chat feature on its website that lets you connect with a customer service representative. The chat feature is available on weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM. You can also email Yappy’s Customer Care Team at [email protected].

Does Yappy accept returns and exchanges?

Yappy has two types of items—tailor-made and in-stock items. Tailor-made items can’t be exchanged or refunded, so it’s important to double-check your order before submitting it to ensure that everything is correct.

In-stock items may be exchanged or returned if they’re returned within 14 days of receipt. You can request an exchange or refund by sending an email or using Yappy’s live chat feature on its website.

Does Yappy sell gift cards?

Yappy currently doesn’t sell gift cards, but it appears that there are plans for developing gift cards. Yappy recommends checking back on its site periodically for updates on the availability of gift cards.

dog with yappy's bandana sitting near the picture puzzle book

Our Experience with Yappy

I had a very positive experience with Yappy. I approached its products as a skeptic because my experience with personalized gifts mainly consists of low-quality printing and mediocre designs. I received Yappy’s picture puzzle book and dog bandana and was pleasantly surprised by how well-made both products were.

The book pages were printed on thick, high-quality paper, and the images were all clear and vibrant. It had small drawings of my dog hidden in the pages, and I was impressed with how well she was hidden and incorporated into the illustrations. The scenes on each page were drawn very well and had many intricate elements in them. The book was beautiful even without the personalized elements, so seeing drawings of my dog inside made it feel extra special.

The bandana was made with durable material that was also soft and comfortable for my dog. It was stitched very well, and it doesn’t look like it will fray or tear any time soon. The image and lettering were also printed clearly. My dog wears this bandana every time we go out on our morning walks. It’s been keeping her warm, and the knot has never come undone on its own.

Regarding the pet illustration, I was fortunate enough to find a fairly accurate illustration of my dog in Yappy’s collection. My dog is a Cavapoo with a cream coat, and I found a white Cavapoo illustration that looked pretty similar to her. If I had to be nitpicky, I wish I could’ve made a minor adjustment to the illustration. My dog has streaks of tan on her ears, and it would have been nice to have been able to customize the illustration to add her tan ears. However, I didn’t mind because the overall illustration looked very similar to my dog.

When shopping through the rest of Yappy’s catalog, I found many items with fun and modern designs. I also like that I could shop for nice pet gifts so that both the pet and owner can receive gifts together. I will definitely keep Yappy in mind when searching for gifts for pet parent friends in the future.



Yappy provides unique and meaningful products and gifts for pet parents and their pets. It has an expansive catalog of items that all kinds of people and pets will love, and the website design provides an easy and convenient shopping experience.

Yappy is a relatively young company, but it has an impressive reach and consistently provides excellent customer service. We look forward to seeing how it’ll continue to grow and share even more thoughtful and personalized gifts with many more pet parents.

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