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21 Chinese Crested Dog Mixes (With Pictures)

Chinese Crested dog

As far as unique appearances go, the Chinese Crested Dog certainly has one of the most interesting in the canine world. These little dogs are unlike any other, which is why so many breeders have decided to cross them with other popular breeds. The results are interesting, to be certain. We’ve managed to gather 21 different crossbreeds that involve the Chinese Crested Dog. If some of these crosses are new to you, it wouldn’t be surprising, but each of them makes an awesome pooch in its own right.

About The Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog II_Piqsels
Image Credit: Piqsels

Two varieties of the Chinese Crested Dog exist, known as the hairless and the “powderpuff” types. Hairless specimens are covered in smooth, dark skin with hair only on the feet, tail, and head. Of course, the hair in these areas is very long, giving the dog an instantly recognizable look. Powderpuff Chinese Crested Dogs look more like other small breed dogs, with long flowing coats that hang off the body and can even reach the floor. These dogs are often used for showing. You might not immediately recognize a longhaired Chinese Crested Dog though, as it’s really the hairless variety that sports the breed’s iconic look.


The 21 Chinese Crested Dog Mixes:

1. Chi-Chi – Chinese Crested x Chihuahua

Chi-Chi_Eric Isselee, Shutterstock
Image Credit: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

2. China Jack – Chinese Crested x Jack Russell Terrier

3. Chinaranian – Chinese Crested x Pomeranian

4. Chinese Crestepoo – Chinese Crested x Poodle

Parent breeds of Chinese-Crestepoo | Image Credit: Pixabay

5. Chinese Frise – Chinese Crested x Bichon Frise

6. Crested Apso – Chinese Crested x Lhasa Apso

7. Crested Beagle – Chinese Crested x Beagle

8. Crested Boxer – Chinese Crested x Boxer

9. Crested Cavalier – Chinese Crested x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

10. Crested Chin – Chinese Crested x Chin

Crested Chin_Pixabay+Shutterstock
Parent breeds of the Crested Chin | Image Credit: (Left) Chinese Crested, Pixabay | (Right) Japanese Chin, Alekcey, Shutterstock

11. Crested Cocker – Chinese Crested x Cocker Spaniel

12. Crested Havanese- Chinese Crested  x Havanese

13. Crested Malt –  Chinese Crested x Maltese

14. Crested Peke – Chinese Crested x Pekingese

15. Crested Schnauzer- Chinese Crested x Miniature Schnauzer

Chinese Crested and Miniature Schnauzer
Image Credit: Left – Veronika_Andrews, Pixabay; Right – ClarissaBell, Pixabay

16. Crested Tzu – Chinese Crested x Shih Tzu

17. Crestoxie – Chinese Crested x Dachshund

18. Crustie – Chinese Crested x Yorkshire Terrier

Crustie dog_RobertArt, Shutterstock
Image Credit: RobertArt, Shutterstock

19. Italian Greycrested – Chinese Crested x Italian Greyhound

20. Powderpap – Chinese Crested x Papillon

21. Pugese – Chinese Crested x Pug

About Chinese Crested Dogs

Chinese Crested Dogs are the perfect companions for anyone who loves to spend all their free time relaxing on the couch. These dogs are the opposite of active, which is part of why they’re crossed with so many breeds. If you’ve got a breed that exhibits a great personality but it’s just a bit too high-strung, mixing it with a Chinese Crested could result in offspring with the same desirable traits, minus a little bit of energy.

chinese-crested_Veronika Andrews_Pixabay
Image Credit: Veronika Andrews, Pixabay

These aren’t the types of dogs that get antsy if they don’t get enough physical activity. They barely even want to play. You’ll rarely see a Chinese Crested Dog frolicking around with the others, though they are very social dogs; they’re just not particularly active.

Chinese Crested Dogs don’t trust strangers easily. They’re naturally a bit aloof, but once you manage to earn the trust of one of these pooches, you’ve found a lifelong companion. These dogs love hard and form very strong bonds with their families, which is just one more in a long list of reasons why they’re a great choice for crossbreeding.divider-dog

Final Thoughts

The Chinese Crested Dog might just be the best breed for mixing. Their naturally low-key demeanor and lack of energy makes them ideal for crossing with breeds on the opposite end of the spectrum that have just a little bit too much energy. Plus, Chinese Crested Dogs have loving, affectionate personalities that many people are endeared to. But truthfully, it’s the unique appearance of the hairless Chinese Crested Dog that really makes this breed stand out. We’ve covered 21 Chinese Crested crosses on this list. Which one is your favorite?

Featured Image Credit: Veronika Andrews, Pixabay

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