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International Bull Terrier Day 2024: When It Is & How to Celebrate

spotted Bull Terrier sitting beside a woman near a wall

The Bull Terrier is widely loved for its affectionate personality and devoted loyalty, so it only seems right to give them a day out of the year for themselves. April 1st, AKA April Fools’ Day, was declared International Bull Terrier Day. Simply put, it’s an excuse to spread a little love to the Bull Terriers in our lives.


When Is Bull Terrier Day

As already mentioned, Bull Terrier Day falls on the first of April every year. This day might be known for pulling pranks, but you should also take the time to celebrate the Bull Terrier in your life—without the pranks!

bull terrier on green field
Image Credit: tratong, Shutterstock

About Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers were developed in the UK as fighting dogs, but they became family dogs after the unsavory practice was outlawed. Later, they came to America and quickly became a favorite dog among American icons like General Patton and Theodore Roosevelt and starred as mascots for beloved brands. These include Spud McKenzie, the mascot for Bud Light, and Bullseye, the mascot for Target.

Bull Terriers are notable as the only recognized dog breed that has triangular-shaped eyes, and their head shape gives them an appearance impossible to forget. Some find them ugly, while others love the unique Bull Terrier look. Finally, Bull Terriers come in a multitude of colors: brindle, fawn, red, tricolor, and white.

While originally bred as fighting dogs, Bull Terriers are sweet and develop close bonds with their families. They aren’t innately aggressive but they are a little possessive at times. As with all big dogs, socializing a Bull Terrier is critical for minimizing undue aggression and boosting sociability.

How to Celebrate International Bull Terrier Day

On April Fools’ Day, we can channel the same positive vibes into spending the day with our favorite Bull Terriers. To help give you some activities, we’ve put together a little checklist of things you could do to mark the occasion.

Ways to Celebrate Bull Terrier Day:
  • Take your favorite Bull Terrier to the local dog park to play with other dogs.
  • Take selfies with your Bull Terrier and post them on social media.
  • Bring your Bull Terrier shopping for a fun new dog toy.
  • If you have the means, consider adopting a Bull Terrier!
  • Post celebrity Bull Terriers on social media to tell friends about the holiday.
Image Credit: Georgiy Myakashiv, Shutterstock

Do Bull Terriers Make Good Pets?

If you’re considering adopting this breed thanks to the holiday, then yes, Bull Terriers make fantastic pets for active families who want a loyal, goofy, and loving companion. Their unique look and laid-back attitudes Make them suitable for first-time pet parents, but they may need some socialization to help mitigate their strong prey drives.

They’re not athlete all-stars, but Bull Terriers need an average amount of exercise to keep from getting bored. Like some other big dogs, they can get bored or anxious and tear up the furniture. If you want a goofy, loyal family companion, Bull Terriers are a perfect pick. And, even better, you’ll get to officially celebrate them every year!



Bull Terrier Day is April 1st, coinciding with the lighthearted April Fools’ Day. This holiday gives us a perfect excuse to give our most precious Bull Terriers some love, attention, and plenty of treats and toys!

Featured Image Credit: agil73, Shutterstock

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