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Pooch Selfie Dog Product Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion


Our Final Verdict

We give Pooch Selfie a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4/5
Usage: 4.5/5
Durability: 4/5
Value: 4.5/5


What Is Pooch Selfie? How Does It Work?

We all know getting the perfect photo of your dog is at best, difficult. Older dogs may not have enough energy to pay attention to a camera, while younger pups may be too energetic to sit still for a photo.

The Pooch Selfie is a cell phone attachment consisting of a clip and tennis ball. This clever device attaches near the camera on a cell phone or tablet, effectively drawing a dog’s attention to the lens. Equipped with an internal squeaker, it makes catching your dog’s gaze even easier.

As seen on Shark Tank, Pooch Selfie is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Like many people, founder Jason Hernandez and his wife love their dog like family. They want to have captured memories of their fur kid, Logan but found it difficult to get a photogenic image when they pulled out their phones. When Jason saw his wife struggle with this, he picked up Logan’s favorite toy, a tennis ball, and held it up to the camera lens. It worked like a charm, and thus the Pooch Selfie was born.

pooch selfie packaging

Pooch Selfie – A Quick Look

  • Easy to assemble
  • Enticing squeaker to grab dogs’ attention
  • Universal phone fit
  • Works with front and back cameras
  • Ball easily falls off of the clip mount

Pooch Selfie Pricing

There are several options to purchasing Pooch Selfie. You have the choice of buying a single clip and ball or opting for a twin pack. If you have a ball enthusiast, you might want to consider a Pooch Selfie combo pack. This package includes three additional replacement balls to account for those moments when one mysteriously disappears, courtesy of your pup’s clever hiding skills.

Pooch Selfie currently offers two color variations: a more traditional green and white as well as a vibrant pink option. You can find it listed at a highly reasonable price on various e-commerce sites. However, it’s worth noting that the best deal can be found directly on Pooch Selfie’s website.

Pooch Selfie Contents

poodle dog and pooch selfie in a box

  • A Pooch Selfie squeaky tennis ball
  • Phone clip to adhere to mobile phone
  • Three additional squeaky tennis balls (combo pack only)

Pooch Selfie Quality

As a one-of-a-kind smartphone accessory, the Pooch Selfie simplifies the process of capturing clear photos of your dog. The concept itself piqued my curiosity, leading me to give it a try. I mean, attaching a clip to your phone and grabbing your dog’s attention – how hard could it be? Well, as it turns out, not hard at all. The founders of Pooch Selfie have undeniably found a simple, effective, and enjoyable solution for capturing lasting memories.

Something else I’d like to note is that the squeakers in the balls appear to have slightly different sounds. I’m not sure if this is intentional or if I happened to get two different squeakers, but the pink ball produces a slightly higher pitch compared to the green one. For us, this was an unexpected bonus. Having two distinct sounds allows for employing different attention-grabbing techniques.

pooch selfie attached to the phone

Pooch Selfie Usage

I expected the Pooch Selfie to include usage instructions, but to my surprise, it simply stated, “Just clip on your smartphone.” Turns out, that’s all the guidance I needed. The device itself was self-explanatory.

The clip securely attaches to the sides of the phone, leaving ample space for both the front and back cameras to capture photos without any obstruction. The squeaky ball fits flawlessly between the arms of the holder, and with a gentle squeeze, the sound activates effortlessly. From there, it’s all about how user-friendly the device itself actually is.

Pooch Selfie Durability

The clip itself is crafted from durable plastic, similar to most quality phone accessories. Three rubber pads prevent it from sliding out of place, and the tight metal spring ensures a secure grip. I can even tip my phone upside down and the clip doesn’t budge.

As for the ball, it’s a standard tennis ball with the addition of a squeaker.  The moment my dogs saw it come out of the packaging, they were ready to play fetch. Or rather, chase, because they don’t quite get the whole bring the ball back thing. This might not be an issue with some dogs, but I could see Zeta tearing through it if I let her chew it for longer than five minutes.

poodle dog and pooch selfie

The Difficulty With Pooch Selfie

While there are so many positive aspects of using the Pooch Selfie, there was one that left me feeling more challenged than I had anticipated. The squeaker worked great for getting my dogs’ attention, but it also posed a challenge when trying to juggle many things at once. Getting their attention was one thing, capturing a photo with them by my side while also squeezing the ball proved to be a two-hand job. That being said, if I had just used the back camera to get a photo of Blanche or Zeta without corralling them near me, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been nearly as much juggling.

Is Pooch Selfie a Good Value?

In short, yes, the Pooch Selfie is a good value for what you’re getting. The clip alone is about the size and quality of other phone accessories for about the same price. But what makes it a great value is that it does exactly as it’s intended. It’s easy to use, grabs my dogs’ attention, and I got better photos with it than I would without.



Will this fit my phone model?

The universal fit ensures the Pooch Selfie will fit every mobile phone and tablet with ease

What if my phone has a case on it?

No problem! This will still easily fit over most phone cases. If you happen to have an extra thick case, you might need to take it off to fit the Pooch Selfie better.

What happens if my pup plays too hard with the Pooch Selfie ball?

Excessive play happens! The clip holder itself fits most standard tennis balls. So if you have any spare balls around for fetch, you can easily slip them in to use.

How many dogs can I take photos of at one time?

As many as you can. Just note that multiple dogs might get a little extra excited and want to start up playtime. But if a ball and a squeak can get their attention, then you can probably get them all in the same photo together.

taking pictures of the poodles using pooch selfie


Our Experience With Pooch Selfie

My poodles are usually so engrossed in bite-face or chase that it’s a challenge to capture their attention long enough for a good photo. Often, they end up as a blur.

When I opened up the package, Zeta was immediately intrigued. Being an avid ball player, she couldn’t wait to get her paws on it.

I snapped the Pooch Selfie on my phone very easily and went to work. Both dogs perked up as soon as they heard it squeak. They knew something fun was about to happen. The trickier part was getting them to sit beside me. I should have thought beyond the typical selfie stance and simply taken photos of them in front of me.

First, we tried photos indoors, but I think Zeta was too excited about a new ball, she didn’t understand what I was asking of her. I got a few photos and decided to try out in the yard next. That’s where things went a little hectic. With a few squeaks of the ball, they ran like lightning. Turns out, one-and-a-half-year-old pups don’t know what to do with their excited energy.

Once they ran out the energy, both Poodles were ready to sit next to me. Blanche was the first, sitting calmly and happily. A squeak of the ball, and she looked directly at the camera—until she decided she wanted her turn with the ball in her mouth.

Zeta came next. She saw what her sister was doing and decided that a selfie with mom wasn’t such a bad idea. There were a few times when it was difficult to get a photo, having to squeak the ball with one hand while hovering the thumb of my other hand over the shutter button. But I’m sure with some practice, I’ll be able to get that down to better science.

Overall, with a little patience for puppy energy, I managed to capture some truly wonderful photos, even when they became more accustomed to the sound. The Pooch Selfie is definitely a tool I’ll keep handy. With practice, I’m certain I’ll find an even better way to post my dogs in the future.

taking selfies with poodles using pooch selfie



All in all, I enjoyed playing with my dogs and the Pooch Selfie. It was easy to use and got better pictures than I would have gotten without it. I definitely think this is a fun addition to any dog owner’s bag of tricks. However, if you’ve got some energetic dogs like mine, you might want to run them tired first. Otherwise, you might end up with a game of keep away, with them turning your distraction tool into a toy of their own or a game of chase in your photo’s background. Once they settle, I guarantee you’ll capture some great memories

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