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How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost at PetSmart? 2023 Update

Puppy Vaccine

Often most pet owners will have their puppy get a vaccination shot several times in the first year of its birth. This shot immunizes these puppies from several fatal diseases that can be deadly such as rabies, parvo, and distemper. But how much do these shots cost? And how often do they need to be administered? You can expect to pay between $323.40-$407.40 annually depending on the package you choose.

As a puppy owner, you can be quite alarmed at the expense of these shots. In the interest of affordability, you might prefer PetSmart for the puppy shots. This brief overview explores the average cost of puppy shots at PetSmart in 2023 and other related questions.


Cost of Vaccination Shots per Puppy

PetSmart prices are displayed in US dollars. However, you can also see Canadian pricing on their website. Prices, offerings, and selection on the internet and in stores may differ and are subject to change. The fee comes in different payment packages for puppy vaccinations. These packages are as follows:

Early care package

  • One-time membership fee – puppy early care costs: $39.95
  • Monthly payment – puppy early care costs: $26.95
  • Annual cost – puppy early care costs: $323.40
  • Estimated 1st-year savings with all services provided: $499.52

Early care plus package

  • One-time membership fee: $39.95
  • Monthly payment: $33.95
  • Annual cost: $407.40
  • Estimated 1st-year savings with all services provided: $715.47

Is It Safe to Let My Puppy Out Without Vaccination Shots?

A puppy’s immune system is still weak before it gets its first shot. If you let your puppy out without vaccination shots, you expose it to fatal diseases like rabies, which can even spread to humans. Such illnesses are always a risk to puppies and unvaccinated dogs.

Other diseases, such as distemper and parvo, can also lead to fatalities in young puppies. Thus, it is crucial to have your puppy vaccinated and keep it away from other unvaccinated puppies.

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How Many Vaccinations Do Puppies Need?

At PetSmart, puppies typically receive four rounds of immunization shots within their first 16–20 weeks of life. The first shot is administered when the puppy is about 6–8 weeks old. At this age, the puppy will get a vaccination shot against distemper, parvovirus, and Bordetella, which is optional.

At 9–11 weeks, the puppy receives DHPP vaccines for adenovirus [hepatitis], distemper, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. You may also opt for other optional vaccinations for influenza, Bordetella, leptospirosis, and Lyme disease as per a veterinarian’s recommendation.

At 12–15 weeks, the puppy will get a DHPP rabies vaccine. At 16–20 weeks, the final shot gets administered. This shot will be against rabies. According to the puppy’s lifestyle, a veterinarian could recommend optional shots for influenza, leptospirosis, Lyme disease, and Bordetella.

divider-dog What Are Core Dog Vaccinations?

Core dog vaccinations are the necessary vaccines that all puppies should receive. They include, as mentioned above, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and rabies.

Puppy shots that are considered non-core dog vaccinations are those that might be recommended for your pet, depending on its lifestyle.

Benefits of Puppy Shots

The benefits of puppy shots are vast. They protect puppies from deadly diseases, help with the overall health and wellness of the puppy, and can even provide lifetime immunity from some fatal illnesses. Puppies that receive their vaccinations on the right schedule are typically healthier and have a longer life expectancy.

What If My Puppy Misses a Vaccination?

If your puppy misses a vaccination, it is not the end of it. PetSmart is more than happy to administer the shot at a later date. However, it is crucial to note that the earlier the administration of the shots, the better. A puppy’s immune system is still developing and is most susceptible to disease in its early stages.

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Can I Vaccinate My Puppy By Myself?

It is always advisable to have your puppy vaccinated by a veterinarian. This recommendation is due to various reasons as follows.

  • Vaccinations are complex procedures that need proper dosage and method of administration to protect the puppy from fatal diseases. A veterinarian can ensure that your dog gets vaccinated in the safest way possible.
  • The CDC states that the vaccine should get administered subcutaneously. It is not safe to take it orally or topically as this will not offer the desired protection to the puppy.
  • A veterinarian is more likely to have the latest vaccine stock and be up-to-date with the latest immunization schedules.
  • Puppies need to be evaluated for their health condition before they are vaccinated. Some puppies might not be healthy enough to get some of the shots. For example, a puppy with a heart murmur should not receive the rabies vaccine.
  • A veterinarian can also advise on the best way to keep your puppy healthy. This includes annual examinations, deworming, heartworm testing, routine urine, and fecal tests.

Vaccinations are essential in protecting your puppy from deadly diseases. They are also crucial to keep your puppy healthy by feeding it high-quality food, providing exercise and rest, and making sure to maintain the right temperature.

After How Long Do Shots Take Full Effect?

After the first round of puppy shots, it takes around 7–10 days for protection to take effect. This time is known as the waiting period. It is crucial not to take your puppy out during this time and keep it away from other vaccinated puppies. The second round takes around 14–21 days to take full effect.

The third round takes around 21–30 days before having a full effect on the puppy’s health. However, it is recommended that puppies receive both yearly boosters after their first year. If your puppy goes outside frequently, you will need the vaccine more regularly in a year.

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How Many Shots Do Puppies Need Before Going Outside?

Most veterinarians recommend that puppies wait until their final set of puppy shots at 16-18 weeks old. However, if the puppy has received proper immunization, it may be safe to be outside as early as 12 weeks.

After the first shot, puppies need to wait 7–10 days before going outside. At this time, the puppy can only move inside the house or compound. However, do not take the puppy out on walks.

After the second shot, the puppy should wait 14–21 days before going outdoors safely. At this time, you can take the puppy out for a walk. However, do not let it interact with other dogs yet.

Wait until the veterinarian has administered the third and fourth shot before allowing your puppy to mingle with others. After the waiting period, the puppy can interact with other dogs or go outdoors freely.

Remember that each puppy is different and that you should always check with your veterinarian for the best advice on when it is safe for your puppy to go outside.

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divider-dog Conclusion

All this information about puppy shots may seem overwhelming, but it is essential for your puppy’s health. PetSmart has several veterinarians on-site who are experienced and can provide all the services your puppy needs. Ensure to vaccinate your young dog at PetSmart and use their services to keep your puppy healthy.

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