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How Much Does AKC Pet Insurance Cost? 2024 Price Guide

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Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular as vet bills continue to rise. While this type of insurance is relatively new, there are many different options today. One of these options is sponsored and sold by the American Kennel Club (though they aren’t the servicer of this insurance).

While the cost of insurance largely depends on your pet and location, some plans tend to be more expensive than others. For a rough idea of how much AKC pet insurance costs, keep reading.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Only a decade ago, very few people had pet insurance. There weren’t that many options, and the options that did exist weren’t that good. However, pet insurance has gotten much better over the past few years. There is a lot more competition on the market now, which means that plans keep getting better and better.

Plus, premiums are much cheaper now than they once were. Therefore, even if you’ve never gotten pet insurance, now might be a good time to consider picking some up.

This insurance can help save you thousands of dollars in the event of an unforeseen illness or accident. Vet bills can get extremely expensive, and none of us want to be put in a position where we can’t pay for our pet’s care. Pet insurance helps ensure that your pet can get the care they need promptly. It also helps prevent cost from being the main factor in determining a treatment plan.

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How Much Does AKC Pet Insurance Cost?

How much AKC pet insurance costs depend largely on your pet and location. Vet costs differ depending on where you are. Cities typically have the highest costs, for instance. Therefore, most pet insurance companies will base your premiums on your zip code.

If you live in a low-cost-of-living area, you will probably pay less. Those in urban areas will likely pay more, as the company will have to pay higher vet costs.

The only way to know exactly how much AKC pet insurance will cost you is to get a quote. While you can get a quote without promising to sign up, you do have to put in much information. As you’d guess, these quotes vary greatly, which is why they need so much information.

The average cost seems to be around $25 to $55 a month for the average pet. You can adjust your coverage options to meet your monthly budget goals, as well. Here are a couple of examples to give an idea of the cost.

Siberian Husky

5 years $63.02/month
$250 Deductible
20% Coinsurance
Unlimited Annual Limit

Mixed Breed Cat

2 years $18.52/month
$500 Deductible
20% Coinsurance
Unlimited Annual Limit

Furthermore, there is a long list of add-ons you can include, as well. These usually cost between $10–$20 per month:

  • ExamPlus: Covers exam fees for sick and injured pets
  • HereditaryPlus: Coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions
  • BreedingCoverage: Coverage for breeding costs like pregnancy, whelping, and c-sections
  • SupportPlus: Coverage for after-death expenses, such as cremation
  • DefenderPlus: Provides coverage for some preventative care, including dental cleanings
  • Defender: Coverage for slightly few preventative care situations
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

AKC pet insurance won’t cover all vet bills right out of the gate. Typically, there is a deductible that goes with your plan. This is the amount you’ll have to pay before your insurance kicks in and starts paying. Therefore, you should have this amount of money saved up to ensure that your insurance can kick in.

You can adjust this deductible to fit your needs. However, remember that a higher deductible often means a lower premium, so you usually have to pick between a low deductible or a low premium.

Furthermore, pet insurance won’t pay for 100% of your vet costs, even after your deductible is met. Instead, insurance will pay a percentage of all costs. This percentage is adjustable. However, the higher the percentage you select, the higher your premium will be.

You should have extra money set aside to pay for your percentage of the bill.

How Can You Lower Pet Insurance Premiums?

Besides moving or choosing a different pet, there are a few more accessible ways to lower your premium. For instance, you can select a high deductible. Usually, this method works well for those who only want insurance to cover extremely high, unforeseen costs.

If you can save up to $1,000 for a deductible, then you can bet that your monthly premium will be lower. However, the chance of meeting that deductible is also relatively low.

You can also lower the percentage of vet bills the company will cover once your deductible is reached. This is a bit riskier move, as you never know how much your vet bill will be. However, if you’d like to increase the chance of the insurance coming into effect, you’re better off decreasing the reimbursement percentage instead of the deductible.

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What Does AKC Pet Insurance Cover?

AKC pet insurance covers accidents and illnesses. However, they also have a routine wellness care addon that provides reimbursement for regular vet care. Plans can be selected to pay up to 90% of vet bills once the deductible is reached. Therefore, you can save quite a bit of money if your canine has an accident.

Emergency medical services and testing to determine the diagnosis are also covered. Laboratory tests, surgery, hospitalizations, and most services related to having a sick pet are covered. Inherited diseases are even covered, though the plan does not cover preexisting conditions.

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AKC pet insurance usually only costs between $25 to $55 a month for a pet. However, you can change that premium a lot by changing your plan’s parameters. For instance, you can lower the reimbursement percentage or raise the deductible to lower the premium, if you choose.

Remember that a lower premium usually means you’ll pay more of the vet bill when it does show up. Therefore, you should plan on having some money set aside to make these payments, though you can rest assured that they likely wouldn’t be as much as they would be without pet insurance.

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