7 Best Cockatoo Toys 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

cockatoo relaxing

If you own a Cockatoo, then you’re probably on the constant hunt for new and engaging toys to occupy and stimulate your feathered friend. There’s no telling whether your bird will even give the time of day to any particular new toy. If they do, there’s a good chance they’ll have it shredded to bits … Read more

9 Types of Cockatiels That Make Perfect Pets

cockatiel on branch

Cockatiels are an instantly recognizable type of bird. Their impressive plume protruding from the crown of their head instantly differentiates them from other bird species. Their sweet nature and easy-going temperament make them extremely popular as pets. Over the years, as their popularity has exploded, the color variations of Cockatiels have become much more diverse, … Read more

13 Best Budgies to Have as Pets (With Pictures)

Dark Green Budgie

The Budgerigar, or Budgie for short, is the third most popular pet in the world, right behind dogs and cats. If you’ve ever held one of these adorable birds, then you know exactly why. Not only are they beautiful avian specimens with bright and vibrant colorations, they’re also loving and affectionate pets that make excellent … Read more

Top 8 Green Parrots to Keep as Pets (With Pictures)

two green budgerigars on a rope

There are many species of parrot, but few as striking and magnificent as green parrots. Though all are smart and social creatures, green parrots are actually a variety of species and come in many different sizes, accent colors, and temperaments. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most common types of green parrots that are … Read more

20 Best Parrots to Keep as Pets (With Pictures)

Jenday Conure

When most people think of keeping birds as pets, the first birds that come to mind are parrots. Many people envision their parrot speaking with them, copying their words. However, only a few out of the 350 known species of parrot can even learn to talk! Parrot is a very vague term, given that there … Read more

15 Stunning Conure Parrots to Keep as Pets (With Pictures)

conure parrot on branch

Conures are a large group of diverse birds that fall under the category of parrots. For parrots, they’re small to medium-sized, generally between 10 and 20 inches in length. Many Conures are extremely loud, others are quiet and docile. They come in a variety of bright colors, spanning nearly every color of the rainbow. But … Read more

Top 14 Amazon Parrots to Keep as Pets (With Pictures)

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot on a Playgym

Amazon parrots are known for being some of the most intelligent birds on the planet. In fact, all of them have the natural ability to talk, mimicking the words of human languages, which makes them wildly popular as pets. Plus, they have affectionate, goofy personalities that make them very entertaining. Unfortunately, not all of the … Read more

Best Bird Cage Covers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

POPETPOP Universal Bird Parrot Cage Cover Washable

A bird cage cover is an important item to consider when buying furnishings for your new bird. Covering the cage signals that it’s time to sleep and helps mimic nature. It also protects them from ambient light, especially UV rays that can be dangerous to their health. Choosing among the many brands can be time … Read more

7 Best Budgie Toys 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

budgie playing with toy

While many pet owners have a dog or a cat, others have found the immense happiness that comes from having a pet bird. These little featured bundles of happiness sing and talk and generally give you joy every day. If you have a pet bird, you know how much joy they can bring to you … Read more

10 Best Parrot Toys 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

parrot playing toy

If you own or have ever owned a parrot, you’ll know how much they love to chew. This chewing is nothing to worry about and is a normal and healthy part of their natural routine. A parrot’s strong beak can quickly make short work of almost any soft toy, especially larger parrots like Macaws. The … Read more