12 Different Types of Plecos (With Pictures)

suckermouth catfish

Plecostomus are one of the most popular types of suckermouth catfish in the Loricariidae family. They are nocturnal and ideal bottom cleaners and algae eaters; keep in mind some have the opportunity to grow to 24 inches and prefer warmer tank temperature, so a heater is required. 1. Zebra Plecostomus View this post on Instagram … Read more

10 Popular Types of Tangs & Surgeon Fish Species (with Pictures)

Yellow Tangs

Tangs, commonly referred to as Surgeonfish are a species of marine fish. They prefer warmer water aquariums and feed on a diet primarily made up of vegetable matter. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that add an appeal to your aquarium. Although they are not very beginner-friendly, intermediates and those who have kept … Read more

Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin Goldfish

The Ryukin Goldfish (Carassius auratus) is among one of many varieties of fancy goldfish. They have become very popular over the last couple of decades since owning goldfish as an ordinary pet has become more of a trend. Coming to own one of these fish is not challenging since they have become common in pet … Read more

15 Types of Betta Fish: An Overview in 2021 (with Pictures)

rose tail Moon Betta

Few fish have captured the interest of so many people from around the globe than the Betta, or more correctly, the Siamese Fighting Fish. Its aggressive behavior with its flaring gills is striking enough on its own. However, selective breeding has taken this aquatic denizen into new realms of colors, types, and patterns that are … Read more

18 Popular Types of Gourami Fish in 2021 (with Pictures)

Kissing gourami

Gourami are one of the better-known aquarium fish, but there are multiple varieties and dozens of color morphs that many people are not aware of. Gourami are fascinating fish, considered labyrinthine fish due to their labyrinth organ, a lung-like organ that allows them to breathe air from the water’s surface. They can be shy or … Read more

16 Types of Koi Fish: Varieties & Colors (With Pictures)

Kohaku koi fish

The koi is a stunning looking fish, thanks to its beautiful color schemes and patterns. No wonder it’s such a popular pet. Koi fish are also known as Nishikigoi, which is Japanese for brocaded carp, as they are a species of the carp family. Their scientific name is Cyprinus rubrofuscus. While it is the Japanese … Read more

25 Popular Types of Tetras in 2021 (With Pictures)

congo tetras

Tetras come in dozens of varieties, each with its own individual touches. Tetras are schooling fish and a group of them brings a lot of life and fun to a tank. They come in a variety of sizes and temperaments, as well as a rainbow of colors. Let’s look at some of the most popular … Read more

60 Popular Types of Guppy Patterns, Colors, & Tails

Small fish that are generally no longer than two inches with females that outsize the males, guppies are wildly popular pets that can live up to five years in captivity, though most only survive two or three. You may not realize that guppies are named after the man who discovered the species: Robert John Lechmere … Read more

13 Types of Clownfish Species for your Aquarium (With Pictures)


The world may not have been so familiar with clownfish until after Finding Nemo. This may be the image for some, but for fish lovers—this species is nothing new. They have been a saltwater aquarium favorite for decades, adding color and spice to so many setups. If you’ve never had a clownfish before, you might … Read more

40 Types of Cichlids for your Aquarium (With Pictures)


There are over 1,300 species of cichlids—most of which dwell in Lake Malawi in Africa. But you can find them in other places too, like Madagascar, southern Asia, and even tropical parts of the Americas. They have become popular amongst aquarists because of their incredible personality differences, color variations, and environmental needs. If you’re thinking … Read more