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Dr. Iulia Mihai

Veterinarian, DVM MSc

Graduated from the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Romania

Over 14 years of veterinary experience


Iulia is excited to share her experience and knowledge with pet owners around the world. She likes to educate people regarding nutrition, diseases, and behavior. Iulia has a strong affinity for veterinary parasitology, internal medicine, and laboratory.


Iulia Mihai has been a veterinarian for over 14 years. She is experienced in animal pathology and laboratory and has skills in the fields of clinical pathology, laboratory, microscopy, cancer, and imaging. Iulia also has experience with exotic animals, such as pet rats and ferrets. She is a vet writer when she is not working in the clinic.


Iulia graduated from the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania, in 2012 and has a Master’s degree in Small Animals and Equines Pathology. In 2013, Iulia started her Ph.D. in epithelial cancer in dogs and cats. Her research has been published in national and international veterinary journals. She is also certified in HAACP food safety system implementation. 

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