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Dr. Meg Barnes

Veterinarian (BVSC MRCVS)

Graduated from James Cook University, Australia

Over 8 years of veterinary experience


Meg hails from Australia and currently lives with her family in Scotland. When not working she spends her time taking her clan out on the hills, writing, and consuming books. She enjoys the variety of general practice and the feeling that there is always something new to learn. There is never a boring day behind the doors of a veterinary clinic!


Meg has been in practice for seven years. She spent her formative years after graduating from university obtaining a wide variety of experience in rural Australia, with a focus on both small animal and equine medicine, before traveling and working in the United Kingdom. She has developed a keen interest in client education, learning over the years that once the patient has had the surgery or the medicine to "fix" an issue, it is ultimately awareness that improves patient outcomes. 


Meg graduated in 2015 from James Cook University, Australia. 

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