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10 Best CBD Oils for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Hip Dysplasia is one of the most common orthopedic conditions in purebred dogs. It can get in the way of our beloved canine companions’ daily lives, hindering their ability to function normally due to the severe joint pain.

CBD oil is a well-known, effective treatment for conditions in dogs ranging from anxiety to pain management. Due to its calming and anti-inflammation properties, CBD may help your dog with its overall mobility and the pain of hip dysplasia. We’ve picked out 10 of our top choices for CBD for dogs. Check out our reviews of the leading products below!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Honest Paws Mobility CBD Honest Paws Mobility CBD
  • Features condition-specific CBD oil
  • Offers CBD oils in different concentrations for pet size
  • CBD is organic, third-party tested, and premium quality
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Simple Wag CBD Oil Simple Wag CBD Oil
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Offers CBD oils in different concentrations for pet size
  • CBD is organic, third-party tested, and premium quality
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    CBDfx CBDfx
  • Broad spectrum CBD (250mg-2,000mg)
  • Natural bacon flavor
  • Organic, Non-GMO, Human-grade & Vegan
  • Royal CBD for Pets Royal CBD for Pets
  • Organically grown hemp from US farmers
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction and MCT carrier oil
  • Full-spectrum oil
  • Spruce CBD Spruce CBD
  • 100% natural pet product
  • Third-party tested with available report
  • Spruce is made in the USA
  • The 10 Best CBD Oils for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

    1. Honest Paws Mobility CBD – Best Overall

    Honest Paws Mobility CBD

    Made For: Improve mobility, promote overall health, help stiff joints
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 120–1000 mg
    Dose: Based on the size of your dog

    It can be difficult to choose and tell which CBD oil is the best bet for your dog. Honest Paws is always a great place to start. With high-quality, organic CBD made specifically for dogs and designed to suit your dog’s specific needs, Honest Paws reigns supreme in our top 10 list. It differs from most CBD brands because they don’t produce products for humans.

    Because Honest Paws puts pets first, their CBD is tailored specifically for canine inflammation. This full-spectrum mobility oil is available in four concentrations, and we chose it as the best overall CBD for dogs with hip dysplasia.

    • Features condition-specific CBD oil
    • Offers CBD oils in different concentrations for pet size
    • CBD is organic, third-party tested, and premium quality
    • Certified by the National Animal Supplement Council
    • More expensive than many other CBD brands

    2. Simple Wag CBD Oil – Best Value

    Simple Wag CBD Oil

    Made For: General inflammation, maintain healthy joints
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 300–900 mg
    Dose: Give your dog 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10lbs of body weight.

    You might be thinking that a budget-friendly CBD is out of the question. Budget-friendly brands often have fewer active ingredients and are made from hemp, which is difficult to trace, but that’s not the case for Simple Wag’s CBD. Simple Wag uses organic, full-spectrum extract that fits right in line with more expensive competitors while still being budget-friendly.

    They also post their up-to-date batch testing and have a full USDA certification confirming their products and CBD quality. Like Honest Paws, Simple Wag is 100% dedicated to making CBD for pets, meaning they can devote all of their attention to meeting our dog’s needs. This CBD oil has no extra additives, and it also comes with different options for CBD concentration. If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD that won’t break your bank, Simple Wag’s CBD is the best value for your money.

    • Affordable Pricing
    • Offers CBD oils in different concentrations for pet size
    • CBD is organic, third-party tested, and premium quality
    • All products sourced from USA
    • Only offers one type of CBD to choose from

    3. CBDfx – Premium Choice


    Made For: Calming, wellness, joint relief
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 250 mg–2,000 mg
    Dose: Based on your dog’s size

    CBDfx is a company committed to the quality of its products and ensures that all its pet CBD products are third-party lab-tested and cruelty-free. They design their CBD products with full-spectrum organic hemp and MCT coconut oil, showing their attention to detail by using a carrier oil that is a dietary supplement in its own right.

    Unlike the previous manufacturers on our list, CBDfx got their claim to fame through the human CBD market, and they adapted their extraction to use a lower concentration offered in three sizes for dogs’ weight and needs. In addition to their hit formula, they even flavor their oil with natural bacon! As if the bacon and organic coconut oil weren’t enough of a hit, this CBD also contains turmeric and its curcumin component, which studies show produces anti-inflammatory effects. It’s not difficult to see why this is our premium choice of CBD oil.

    • Broad spectrum CBD (250mg-2,000mg)
    • Natural bacon flavor
    • Organic, Non-GMO, Human-grade & Vegan
    • More expensive than other brands
    • Reviews claim it stains surfaces

    4. Royal CBD for Pets

    Royal CBD for Pets

    Made For: Wellness, pain relief
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 250 or 500 mg
    Dose: 1 dropper

    Known for their outstanding CBD products for humans, Royal CBD is now using that same carefully crafted formula and process to make CBD oil for dogs. This company doesn’t cut corners to market to dogs; they still use American organic hemp and combine it with MCT carrier oil. Their full-spectrum CBD oil has no added ingredients, even for flavoring. Don’t let the lack of dog-friendly flavoring fool you; most dogs have no problem consuming the oil.

    Royal only offers three strength levels, but the available potencies are calculated for the weights of dogs. However, one thing we did not entirely like is that the serving size is listed as “1 dropper” rather than providing an exact dosage in ounces. Despite this, Royal CBD is still a solid placeholder on the list.

    • Organically grown hemp from US farmers
    • Supercritical CO2 extraction and MCT carrier oil
    • Full-spectrum oil
    • Dog-friendly natural flavor
    • Potencies specifically for pets
    • More expensive than other brands
    • Serving sizes not based on dog’s weight

    5. Spruce CBD

    Spruce CBD

    Made For: Relief
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 750 mg
    Dose: 2 drops per 20 Ibs of dog’s weight

    Spruce CBD is a reliable product for any pets seeking relief. If your dog suffers from hip dysplasia, it will experience increased joint pain and struggle with mobility. Spruce CBD is a lab-grade, full-spectrum CBD oil mixed with organic coconut MCT oil.

    Designed 100% for pets and made in the USA, Spruce doesn’t hold back on their CBD product. This is one of the most potent offerings on this list, and as it only comes in the high potency variant, dog owners must be careful with their dosage. This highly potent CBD can cause drowsiness if not too much is given. However, it will help decrease your dog’s pain and provide substantial relief.

    • 100% natural pet product
    • Third-party tested with available report
    • Spruce is made in the USA
    • It’s low in THC
    • No pesticides used to grow hemp
    • Highly potent product
    • This can lead to drowsiness

    6. Holista Pet

    Holista Pet


    Made For: Mobility, joint wellness, pain, inflammation
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 150 mg–3,000 mg
    Dose: 0.25mg of CBD per pound of bodyweight for a standard dose

    Holistapet offers high-quality and full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s designed to alleviate symptoms for a wide range of health concerns or can be administered as a daily supplement. Holisapet’s CBD is available in three dosages: 150 mg, 300mg, and 600mg. The recommended dosage for each is listed on their website, and we highly recommend using it as a starting point if you are new to giving your dog CBD.

    With Holistapet, you can guarantee you are getting a quality product because they provide you with third-party, certified lab reports to show that their products are pure and free from dangerous solvents or chemicals. However, we are not a fan of their US-only shipping policy and lack of flavor options for our furry friends.

    • Non-GMO, organic hemp
    • Infused with superfoods
    • Three formulations available
    • No shipping outside of the USA
    • Only one flavor of CBD oil is available

    7. Medterra


    Made For: Mobility, joint wellness, pain,
    Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Concentration: 300 mg–1,200 mg
    Dose: Based on dog’s weight

    Medterra claimed a spot on our list because they offer both CBD oil and specially designed treats for your dog. Not only do they offer varied CBD options, but they also offer three dog-friendly flavors: beef, chicken, or unflavored. Medterra’s range of CBD edible products are designed to target common health issues plaguing our canine companions.

    Medterra’s CBD product is an Isolate rather than a full-spectrum product; it only contains CBD and is completely free from THC. While any product with less than .3% THC is safe for pets to use, a product that completely removes the TCH psychoactive compound is a clear winner for any pet owner. However, Medterra is more expensive than most other vendors since they grow their hemp in the United States.

    • Wide range of CBD oils and dog treats
    • Organic, US-grown hemp
    • THC-free
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • New users may find it difficult to find the correct potency and formulation
    • A little bit expensive

    8. Nuleaf Naturals CBD

    Nuleaf Naturals CBD

    Made For: Reduce anxiety, improve mobility, pain relief
    Type: Full spectrum
    Concentration: 300 mg–1,800 mg
    Dose: Starting dose of two drops (6mg) per 25 pounds

    As with most of our options on this list, NuLeaf Naturals uses full-spectrum CBD and ensures all of their hemp and products are third-party tested. NuLeaf offers a potent blend of cannabinol, terpenes, and essential oils to create a solid CBD product. According to NuLeaf, each drop of their carefully crafted CBD oil contains 3 milligrams of CBD. This has a lower spot on our list because it is mainly designed for larger dogs, and we find its options for smaller dogs lacking. However, NuLeaf is certified by the U.S Department of Agriculture and is one of the only CBD oils for dogs boasting that certification.

    • CBD oil tinctures are available in high doses
    • Lab testing results are available for each product batch
    • Contains full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp
    • Only natural flavor available
    • No potency options suited for smaller dogs
    • Refunds are only for new, unused, and unopened products

    9. CBD Pure

    CBD Pure

    Made For: Relief
    Type: CBD Isolate
    Concentration: 100 mg
    Dose: 1 drop per 10 Ibs of dog’s weight

    If some oils are too potent for your dog, CBD Pure offers a 100-milligram potency blend that is great for small dogs. CBD Pure does not provide any stronger options. Their base product is a strong contender on our list, as it is sourced from organic American hemp and combined with hemp carrier oil. While we prefer our CBD to use MCT carrier oil, it’s still a close second.

    This isn’t a full-spectrum oil; CBD Pure’s product is an isolate with additional cannabinoids, and components of the hemp are separated after extraction. That means that CBD Pure’s product is lacking the necessary ingredients to boost the medicinal power of cannabidiol.

    While some people think that isolate is safer for their dog’s consumption, the minimum levels of TCH in full spectrum products aren’t enough to negatively affect your dog in any way. Despite this, we still think CBD Pure produced good CBD oil.

    • Sourced from organically grown US hemp
    • No unnecessary ingredients
    • Only one potency level, too low for small dogs
    • CBD isolate
    • Higher than expected price for a low-potency oil

    10. JustCBD


    Made For: Relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammatory
    Type: Isolate
    Concentration: 100mg–500 mg
    Dose: Based on dog’s size and needs

    With products made from organic and domestic hemp, Just CBD’s CBD oil holds the final spot on our list. Their hemp is third-party tested with COAs available on their website, and they also offer oil and treats if your dog is picky about their CBD delivery method.

    Their products come in chicken, beef, and bacon flavors and are also made for cats and dogs. According to their website, you can also give your canine companion the salmon and tuna flavors marketed toward cats. While their CBD offerings come in three potency levels, we have a serious issue with the type of CBD not being listed on the product page. In order to examine the ingredients, you have to pull up the full COA before you can find out that it is an isolate and not a full-spectrum product.

    • Affordable CBD oil
    • CBD oil is available in several flavors
    • COA available for each batch
    • Type of CBD used not listed on product page


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best CBD Oils for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

    If you’re in the market for CBD oil for your dog, you might not just be looking to relieve the effects of hip dysplasia. In order to shop with confidence, you need to know how to identify a high-quality oil that also meets all of your needs and criteria.

    Here are some things to look out for:

    Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum

    When choosing a CBD oil product, you want to distinguish between full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oil. Full-spectrum CBD is more likely to be organic and vegan, but it is also almost always more expensive due to the fuller ingredient profile. Full spectrum is typically better when dealing with pain management, anxiety relief, and overall wellness.

    Broad spectrum, on the other hand, is made from hemp extract and only contains small amounts of TCH. This is typically better if you want to avoid all possible psychoactive effects of CBD products.


    We mentioned an isolate in our list and felt the need to further distinguish between full-spectrum products and an isolate. Isolate is pure CBD extract that has been separated, or isolated, from all other cannabinoids in hemp. If your pet suffers from allergies or is sensitive to specific ingredients, an isolate may be better suited to your pet’s needs. An isolate, however, is not as effective at pain management and reducing anxiety.


    While an inexpensive CBD is alluring, sometimes you are truly paying for what you get. Cheap doesn’t always mean it is the best quality.  It is worth investing in a higher-quality CBD oil to eliminate doubts about the safety of the product you choose.

    man giving cbd oil to his dog
    Image By: Erin_Hinterland, Pixabay


    Some dogs will eat anything, and others are picky eaters, but making sure your dog likes the CBD product you choose is essential. Even if your dog is a notorious toilet bowl licker, it might not take the CBD you are offering. Most dog-friendly CBD products have various flavors to tempt the pickiest eaters. From peanut butter to bacon to beef, there is something for every dog to try.

    How Safe Are CBD Oils for Dogs?

    CBD is a relatively new product, both in the human world and the realm of pets. There isn’t much research on the effects of CBD products on domestic animals. However, there is enough research and studies to show that CBD oil is generally safe for pet and human consumption. It’s non-toxic to dogs as long as they receive the correct dosage.

    It is important to remember that CBD is not a miracle cure but can help alleviate some symptoms of pain and anxiety. Products on this list are meant to help manage pain levels, general discomfort, and symptoms of arthritis in dogs.


    Final Thoughts

    CBD is a great option for helping our furry friends. Whether your dog is suffering from anxiety, hip dysplasia, or other pain, CBD oil can help them live its life to the fullest. Not only has CBD been proven to decrease pain levels and inflammation in the body, but it has also been proven to reduce anxiety symptoms and increase your dog’s cognitive functions.

    Honest Paws mobility oil is our best overall choice for dogs of any size suffering from arthritis and other pain. If you still want to give your pup a helping hand without breaking the bank, we recommend Simple Wag’s CBD oil as the best value for your money. If money isn’t a concern, CBDfx makes an excellent pet-specific CBD oil that sacrifices neither flavor nor quality for its powerful formula.

    Featured Image Credit: Antonio Gravante, Shutterstock

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